A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Past Becomes Present


I am a complete idiot. I looked over at Kolden and saw his razor sharp teeth as he growled at me. Kolden was a year older then us, and he was also very protective of his sister Ava. I'm sure the last thing he wanted to hear was that I'd imprinted on her.

'Got that right.' I could sense the anger in his words. I took a step away from him just in case he tried to lunge at me.

'You're the Alpha, you shouldn't fear me. Plus, I'm not that angry. Yet,' Sure I was the Alpha but, I still didn't feel like it yet. Probably would take a while before I felt all big and important and all of that. A sound that sounded like laughter came from Kolden.

'Oh, and what the hell is so funny now?' I cocked my head to the side and narrowed my eyes. I swear we would need to get this guy checked out for a personality disorder. One second he is furious with me, and half a second later he is laughing at me.

'Listen. You might be our Alpha, but do anything to Ava...I will have to hurt you.' He warned, and even though he was trying to sound serious I could hear the last bits of laughter in his thoughts. I shook my head and broke out into a fast run, pounding my paws into the dirt underneath them. The only thing I was concentrating on was running, seeing the blur of green around me.

'I would never hurt her Kolden. I'm more interested in making sure that she never has to get hurt, by anyone.' I pushed my legs faster, determination driving me to go faster; I sensed Kolden was trying to keep up with me. I barked out a laugh and kept running as if my life depended on it.

'Yeah I know what imprinting means. Oh and when you crash into a tree or rock, I am going to laugh at you.' He said, as we kept running keeping our focus on making sure nothing unwanted was lurking around.


"So, you think he'll like it?" I asked my mom. We were in the kitchen wrapping the final Christmas gifts, and since Aiden and dad went out this was the perfect time to wrap their gifts.

"Half the time, I think you know your brother better than I do. Plus, I know he's wanted that console for the last two months." I smiled it was actually true. For the past three months I'd been saving up money for Christmas shopping. When I went shopping a few days ago, I picked up a Nintendo Wii, plus Call of Duty. In total I spent about three hundred and twenty five dollars on my brother, he better have gotten me an amazing gift this year.

"We might not get him away from the TV. Once he starts playing it." I turned to look at her and we shared one silent moment before bursting out into laughter.

"Hopefully your dad won't get into that, someone is going to need to shovel the driveway." She smirked before going back to wrapping up dad's gift. She was right, it had started to snow last night and when I got up in this morning, it was still snowing and there was a lot of snow covering the ground. Funny, how the weather keeps changing from being ten degrees one day to negative two the next.

"All done," I held up the wrapped gift. I walked around the breakfast bar and into the living room, and placed it under the huge tree we'd gotten. There were already a million presents shoved under the tree, all from family friends and our friends. We'd even gotten presents from the Cullen's who lived a little whiles away from us. I turned and walked down the hall to my go up the stairs and into my room.

I knew Ava had no idea that Aiden had imprinted on her. He didn't tell her yet, only because he was still trying to figure out some way to say it. Sheesh, not even I would know how to tell a person that I'd just imprinted with them. That left a dwindling thought in my mind; about the talk the four of us had had two nights ago. After my mom, I was the only female shape-shifter in my pack, which means I might never imprint. The point of an imprint was to find the one person who gave you the strongest chance of passing on the wolf gene. If I was suddenly menopausal I wouldn't be getting pregnant anytime soon, which means I'm really of no use right now.

I sighed loudly before deciding to fall onto my bed. How would Ava react when she finds out? All of us had been friends since we were little kids and only our parents thought we would get together. I heard the door open and close and knew that Aiden and my dad were home. Minutes later, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Aiden?" I called as the footsteps came closer to my bedroom door.

"Yes?" His voice came from outside my door.

"Could you come in here for a second?" My answer was the turning of the knob as he opened the door and walked into the room. I patted the spot beside me on my bed, giving me a confused look he sat down next to me.

"What's up?" He asked taking a seat next to me. Even thought this is none of my business, Aiden was my brother so I had every right to ask him about this.

"Aiden, when are you going to tell Ava about the imprint?" I asked. He tensed and looked straight at the wall, his fingers gripping my bed sheet.

"Soon, I just need some time to get used to this myself. I also need to find a way to tell her." He said still staring at the wall across the room. I remembered that when Aiden told dad about the imprint, he looked almost like this. Though, for some reason dad got a bit sad at the word as if something bad had happened.

"As long as you tell her bro," I said.

(Unknown Male Vampire)

"Are you sure these are the same people who nearly killed Leo?" I asked gazing at the semi lit house. I was standing behind trees, wondering if what Cassandra was saying was true.

"I'm sure." She had her eyes narrowed at the sight of the house. It had been nearly fifteen years ago that Leo had come here and attacked one of the shape-shifters. When he'd come back he reported it was a female, and that she was pregnant.

"Have you seen the wolf children?" I asked her. By now at least a few new wolves would be running around.

"I've seen at least six of them. Two of them belong here, they are twins. One boy and one girl, it seems the female wolf gene has carried on." I nodded well then, this was going to make our job much easier.

"We'll attack soon. First we must take the important things away from them."

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