A Bridge Too Hard to Cross


Aiden's POV



"Well…how about now?"

"Still no Aiden,"

"Ok…how about now?"

"Fine! You two are free to go." Kayla and I exchanged a quick glance before running off to the presents underneath the tree. Sure, we might be fifteen but that does not mean in any way that we don't get excited for Christmas. Our mom and dad wanted us to open the gifts after breakfast, but I don't think either me or Kayla could have waited till then. Both our parents sat down on the couch behind us, just waiting for the faces of surprise they would soon see.

"An Xbox 360? With Call of Duty!" I nearly tackled Kayla to the ground in a hug. I had wanted both of these things since school started. I heard it was one of the best consuls around. Plus, what a good time to just relax and play it, we were on Christmas break.

"Yeah Aiden, we are so going halves on that," I turned around to see my dad smirk at me before getting punched in the arm by mom. She shook her head and returned his smirk right back to him. I felt about a hundred and twenty pounds attach itself to my side, grabbing me in some form a hug.

"You bought me The Mortal Instruments and the bag I was looking at." She said in an excited rush of words. I nodded while trying to pry her finger off me. She eventually let go, but only to open the other gifts. We acted more like five year olds on Christmas. Something about the holiday made you feel happy and excited.

We finally opened all the presents and loaded them into separate hampers. That way, we wouldn't end up losing something, which, with us could happen. I brought my hamper up to my room and put it on the bed, my Xbox was downstairs still because dad and I were going to play it soon. I went over to the window and sat down on the seat below it. It was snowing outside, the ground covered in a thick white blanket of white fluff. I was happy that we were having a white Christmas here in Forks. I stood back up and walked out of the room. I could already smell bacon from the kitchen.


I walked back into my room and closed my door. I'd just woken up and was trying very hard not to crawl right back into bed. Instead, while waiting for breakfast, I went to sit back on the seat under my window.

I pressed my forehead against the coolness of the window pane. I had the undeniable urge to jump out of the window and run to Ava. I still hadn't thought of a way to tell her about the imprint, not something I thought to be prepared for. Not something many people were prepared for.

I got up from my seat under the window then headed downstairs to the kitchen. My dad was busy making breakfast when I went to sit down at the breakfast bar. He looked up from the pan of sizzling sausage and gave me a curios glance.

"Come to talk to me about the imprint?" I swear he was a mind reader sometimes. I placed my head in my hands and sighed.

"Dad, how did tell mom about the imprint?" At this, my dad put down the spatula and turned to look at me. For some reason, he was never really into talking about these kinds of things.

"I didn't." He said with a voice so low I was surprised I even hear it. What was he talking about? Did mom not know about the imprint?

"What are you talking about; you mean mom doesn't know you imprinted her?" Yeah that was probably it. Maybe dad just didn't want to tell her about it, maybe he wanted her to believe in true love. He sighed before placing his palms on the surface of the breakfast bar.

"She doesn't know because I never did." My eyes widened until my brows couldn't raise anymore. If he hadn't imprinted on her, then why did he end up with her. Mom is a werewolf too, she can't have kids.

"Dad," I tried to ask the question that would flip my world upside down. If I didn't know, I'd be living in a lie. But how could I possibly take the answer? What could have possibly happened for him to leave his Imprint? "W-why? Why did you leave her for...Mom?"

"I can't really talk about that right now, maybe when you're olde-"

"DAD! What's the difference! I'm frozen at your maturity level!" I pushed, "What does it matter if you tell me now or not! I know you, Dad. If you can't tell me now, you never will. Are you forgetting? I just imprinted. I'm not stupid! I know it would have been hard."But I have to know."

He sighed. I could see the hurt in his eyes, and almost regretted pressing it so hard. But I had this sickening feeling, one that told me his answer was going to throw everything off... it was going to change my world. I was right.

"Fifth teen years ago, there was a misunderstanding between me and your mother. We weren't exactly in our... right frame of mind, and we made a decision that wasn't the smartest at the time." he paused; I denied the truth coming to mind.

"We got... uh... well, we weren't exactly sober, and things happened... and..."

"You knocked Mom up and left your Imprint and responsibilities behind."

"Is that what happened?"He tried to speak, I wouldn't let him. "I knew there had to be a reason. I was hoping for a good one, but what can you do? God damn, what can you do!"

"I guess there's no other choice when some girl you probably didn't even care for is pregnant with your mistake, is there! Damn, you might as well forget everything that ever meant something to you."

He was silent for a moment. "Aiden, that's not how-"

"That's exactly how it went! Are you telling me you would have left your imprint anyway? Are you really going to try to lie to me! Don't pretend it was love, Dad! It was responsibility. You don't just... lose an imprint!"

"Aiden, don't you think it hurts enough?" He asked. I realized then his eyes were watering. Truth is I didn't. We were silent for a few minutes, but none of us moved. This wasn't over yet.

"So," I said, planning on apologizing, but what came out of my mouth next was the exact opposite. It would pierce his heart more than the whole conversation had already. "Who was the lucky lady?"

"He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

"You know the Cullens?"

"Y-yeah. What do they have to do with this?"

"Well, I'd imprinted on Renesmee" My eyes widened in something much worse than shock. Up until this point, Kayla and I believed Renesmee was Uncle Seth's girlfriend. No wonder I never really saw her. No wonder she never wanted to stay long. That look in her eyes, that wasn't boredom, it was hurt. I wondered how different my dad's life would be if this never happened.

"If you hadn't knocked up mom, you'd be having kids with Renesmee." I thought aloud, staring right into my father's eyes.

"Aiden, I was with Renesmee for fifteen years. I loved her more than you could ever know. I made a mistake, and I owned up to it. I've been living with this constant pulling of the imprint for the past fifteen years. Do not pretend even for a second you know how I feel." He stopped for a second. "I made one bad decision all those years ago."

"Yeah, and look what came out of it." I stood up and pushed the stool back in with such force I was surprised it didn't break. I was part of the bad decision he'd made all those years ago. I stormed up to my room, nearly breaking the door as I slammed it. I heard it open up again and whipped around to see who it was.

"Aiden, what's wrong?" Kayla asked looking confused, and maybe a little scared. I shook my head. "Well, what are you doing then?" She asked, taking another step into the room.

"Planning my escape route, why? You want in?" I asked looking towards the window. I went and opened it. I knew what Kayla was going to say. She was going to convince me to stay. Right now I needed to clear my mind a little.

I jumped out the window and phased.

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