A Bridge Too Hard to Cross


Aiden's POV

I slowed down to a trot once I'd gotten far enough. In my moment of anger I forgot to grab an extra pair of shorts, and now I couldn't really phase back until I got some. I felt someone else phase and whipped my head towards the direction I thought it came from. I stood still for a moment and waited to hear a familiar voice.

'Aiden? I thought you were patrolling with Kayla later on.' A minute later, Koldencame out from behind some trees and stopped a few feet away from me. I turned my head as a gesture for him to get his ass over here.

'No clothes? And here I thought our Alpha would be prepared.' He huffed out a laugh and shook his head. It had been one of those moments, and the moment called to jump out of the window unprepared and phase. I didn't want to go back home though, not right now at least. I couldn't face my dad after what he'd already told me.

'You and your dad had a fight.' Being able to share our thoughts with one another, Kolden caught some of the mental pictures floating around in my head. Before it got too far though, I changed my thoughts to Ava. Kolden growled slightly as I thought of his sister in her bikini.

'I can't help it, she's my imprint.' I tried to convince him and he shook his head as a reply. I still hadn't told Ava I imprinted on her. Kolden swore he wouldn't say anything to his sister unless I told him to.

Not that I would ever give him permission to do that.

'Come cool off at my place; I'll get you some clothes to wear.' I followed him back through the forest; I'd been over to Kolden's house a million times. We all kind of grew up together; our parents had done the exact same thing. Embry's house wasn't that far from ours, being a wolf and all might have a say in that. In reality it was twenty minute walk from my house to Kolden and Ava's house. We sprinted through the trees; it felt amazing to be running again.

When we reached his house, Kolden phased back and got changed. He opened the door and told me to wait outside. A second later someone came out of the house, and I thought it was Kolden until I looked up. Of all the people to see right now, he wasn't one of them.


He stood maybe less than a foot away from me, just staring. I fought the urge to growl at him, I wasn't as angry at him as I was at my own father. He took a few steps towards me and bent a little to stare me in the face. He was trying to figure out what was wrong with me; I usually tackled him to the ground whenever I did see him. It was the horrible truth I'd just learned that was stopping me from doing just that.

"Yo, what's wrong?" He asked as concern started to dance over his eyes. I took one careful step away from him. I wasn't angry at him intentionally; in fact, I was mad at him because he was involved. He stood back up and gave me a curious gaze, telling me he knew something was wrong. Looking at him now, I saw a difference that I'd never noticed before. The knowing that he was with my father's imprint made my insides twist painfully just by looking at him.

"Don't tear out of these, man," Kolden came back out with a smirk on face with a pair of shorts. I took them in my mouth and trotted off behind a few trees. I calmed myself down enough with one solid picture of sitting beside Ava in class. I was now thankful I shared classes with her. I pulled on the shorts and came back out from behind the trees.

"Come inside." Seth said with his regular smile as the three of us walked into the Call household. The inside was all hardwood, with a living room a lot like the one back at the house. We walked out of the living room and into the kitchen where Embry was. He looked up at me and smiled, but it faltered as soon as he saw I wasn't going to return it. I sat down at the table in between him and Kolden, with Seth leaning against the counter.

"Care to share what's gotten you so angry?" Embry asked carefully as I felt myself calm down a bit. I thought for a good minute before I actually started to talk.

"My dad told me the real story about how he and my mom got together." I told him calmly, probably more calmly then a person in my situation should be. Both Seth and Embry looked at me with faces that screamed awkward. I guess I couldn't really blame them, I didn't take the news that well either. Why should I? My father had more than enough time to tell both Kayla and I about what really happened.

"Listen Aiden, I get that you're angry and all but, you have to understand the circumstances at the time." Seth started to defend. I turned my gaze to him and stared him right in the eye. The way he was looking at me was his way of trying to get me to understand.

"The circumstances at the time, oh yeah, you mean how my dad knocked up my mom and left his imprint behind. You know her, don't you?" I forced myself to control my anger and tried to not shake. Seth was looking right through me, not taking to heart anything I was saying to him. Embry looked as if he had no idea what to say; I didn't even know what to say next. My anger was starting to simmer down as my brain started piecing together everything I'd heard in the past few hours.

"I get where you're coming from, but Jacob would never have left Leah to care for two children by herself. Yeah, it might seem selfish, but he only did what he did because he cared Aiden." Embry spoke, training his eyes onto the phone on the counter. Suddenly Seth's phone vibrated in his pocket and he took it out. From the look on his face I could already tell my dad was calling him.

"Yo man," He said and I could just hear my dad's voice on the other end. Something about me going missing randomly.

"I'm leaving." I pushing back the chair and nearly stomped out of the house. Kolden ran out after me and blocked me from moving.

"You need to talk to him, Aiden." He said and held my gaze. No I didn't; I didn't have to do anything, I was Alpha and he couldn't tell me what to do.

"I'm the Alpha of this pack, and I won't talk to my father unless I want to. Now move." I felt myself use the Alpha command on him and instantly regretted it as soon as he moved out of the way. "Kolden –"He gave me a small smile before letting me leave. I took off, not bothering to phase into wolf form. I knew where I wanted to go, and if I went there as a wolf, I might have a lot of explaining to do afterwards. I stopped running as I nearly came to the edge of the trees. I could see her sitting on a fallen log, laughing with some other guy.

I felt myself start to shake just looking at him.

'No, not here; he's only a classmate, you know him from your English class and he wouldn't mess with your girl.' I thought over and over again to calm myself down. Ava wasn't my girl; we were just friends right now. It couldn't hurt to get a bit closer just to make sure he wasn't bothering her. I crept silently through a couple trees and peeked out behind one of them.

"—really awesome." Eric said and I watched as Ava moved farther away from him. Discomfort radiated from her and I had to bite back the urge to lunge for his throat.

"It sounds amazing Eric, but I've…made plans for that weekend." She got up and distanced herself from him. He stood up as well and came closer to her. I knew what Eric did to cute girls like Ava. They were more or less pawns to him that he could throw away once he was tired of them. He'd tried this same game with Kayla a few months back and was rewarded with a broken nose.

"Too busy for me, that's impossible. No one is too busy to hang with me." He pushed on and took another step towards her. She backed up again and stood her ground, obviously annoyed now.

"Yeah, in fact, someone else already invited me to hang with them that weekend." She said defensively, trying to throw him off. I wouldn't mind throwing him off, off a cliff that is.

"Oh really? Who?" He urged and by the sound of his voice he wasn't happy about being turned down.

"Aiden." My heart hammered when she said my name. "He invited me to…have lunch with him." She finished off and I felt my eyes widen and my desire to run after her grow stronger. Eric looked up with a smile before laughing at what Ava had said. She turned and started to walk away but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Aiden? Aiden Black? Is that some kind of joke?" Eric was still laughing as Ava tried to get out of his grip. There was another reason many girls never said never to Eric; he was prone to forcefulness is the situation called for it. She tried to wiggle out of his hold but he only tightened his grip on her arm. I couldn't stand here and watch him treat her like that.

"Let go of her, man!" I shouted and ran towards them. Eric looked up at me and smirked, trying not to laugh again. In the few seconds that he was distracted, Ava freed herself and came to stand beside me. I felt something cool against my back and remembered I was shirtless and it was the middle of winter.

"You do know that it's winter, right Black?" Eric mocked and gestured towards my lack of clothing. While being angry at my dad, I'd forgotten all about putting on at least a sweater.

"Yeah, I was calling Ava's phone and was concerned when she didn't answer. I didn't really have time to throw on a lot of clothing." I tried my best to shiver and made a move to wrap my arm around Ava. She leaned into me and her eyes widened. To her I was boiling hot; I just hoped that she wouldn't say anything about it.

"Obviously, when you change your mind about who you should be going out with…."He glared at me. "Call me." Eric said and turned to walk away. I waited a few minutes to make sure he was completely out of earshot before talking.

"Sorry about barging in, but he's a creep." I said and Ava nodded, still attached to my side. It didn't matter, she could stay there forever and I wouldn't have a problem with it.

"You do know you're burning, right?" She asked and we began to walk away from the main area of the beach. I laughed and nodded, offering to walk her back home. We walked along the forest path and talked about stuff we were planning on doing in the New Year. She was going to be taking some trip with Kayla across the border for shopping.

"You girls will go to any length for clothing, won't you?" I asked as we neared her house. By the looks of it, Seth was still there and I already knew Kolden and Embry wouldn't have left.

"We found some great deals on the best outfits you can buy." She retorted with a smile that made me want to kiss her right there and then. I held myself back, it would be really weird if I suddenly leaned in and kissed her. She had no idea about the imprint yet and I still couldn't think of a way to tell her about it. The timing had to be perfect; there couldn't be a lot of people around to question it.

"I'm going to have to sit through the show when you guys get back, aren't I?" She nodded enthusiastically.

"You, Kolden, and Nathan of course," She added and I groaned mockingly. She slapped my arm and I pretended that it actually hurt. I'm glad she didn't punch me; I would have a lot of explaining to do if she ended up breaking her hand.

"Is that your dad?" I looked up at saw my dad standing in front of the door with Kayla. He didn't look angry or disappointed about me running off. I slowed down my pace and stared at him, not sure what I he wanted me to do.

"Aiden…"He trailed off and I looked between him and Kayla. The look on her face told me that he'd told her everything that had happened this morning. Remembering what he'd told me made my anger rise until I felt like I was about to explode. Embry came outside next and I saw Ava run happily to him. My dad took a few steps towards me and I took a few steps back to distance myself from him. I still hadn't forgiven him for what he'd done; maybe I never would.

"Aiden, calm down." He ordered and somehow that angered me more. After what he'd done, he was trying to tell me what was right?

"Or what?" I nearly spat as my anger sizzled, ready to blow at any given second. If I was going to phase, I couldn't do it here. Not in front of Ava, not in front of Kayla either. I didn't want to punish them, there was only one guy I wanted to hurt right now and that was my father. The very thought about how he and my mother kept up this lie about them being a happy couple and married before having us frustrated me.

"You know what Aiden." My dad said calmly, attempting to make me feel the same. I felt myself shaking and tried to stop it. My father took a few more steps closer than I wanted him to. I felt my heart pound and the shaking grew worse. A short distance away I heard Kayla shout at me to get control of myself, but she'd said it too late. I felt myself shift into a wolf and before I knew it, I lunged at my father.

"Aiden…" A softer voice spoke, one that could only belong to someone who was scared.

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