A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Jar of Hearts


Well this wasn't what I had in mind when I went out to find Aiden. In fact, I thought it would have turned out much better than this. Off to the side I could see Kayla had grabbed Ava and gotten her out of Aiden's way.

"Aiden, just calm down." I took a step closer and was rewarded with a growl. After I'd explained the whole situation to Kayla, she told me about how Aiden had imprinted and wanted advice from me about how to tell Ava. I locked eyes with him and saw that it only made his eyes thinner. He growled again and I shook my head at him. I knew he wanted me to get away from him, to leave him alone for the rest of eternity but he would have to face me sometime.

"I'm not going to tell you again Aiden. Phase back right now." I said sternly and watched as he took a step away from me. Despite being the Alpha of his pack, he knew he still had me and his mother to listen to. I watched as he shook his head in defeat and eyed Kolden, probably telling him to grab him some clothes. While he trotted off to one of the bushes, I turned to Seth who seemed to be avoiding eye contact with me. He'd tipped me off about Aiden coming here and probably felt bad about it now.

"He'll get over it you know." I said and stood beside him.

"Maybe you should have saved that talk for another day." He replied and I knew he was right. I should have just given him the advice he wanted and let him go. I was stupid and even though he'd eventually forgive me, these were going to be a difficult next few days. Not to mention that I'd have to explain to Leah about why our son is acting like he hates my guts.

"I know it all just came out. I didn't think he would take it that badly." Saying it out loud made me feel even worse.

"So you're going to tell my sister about all of this?"

"Better to tell her myself than for her to hear from someone else."

"What about Aiden?" Seth asked and I felt a new rock fall onto my shoulders. As mad as I had been about what he'd gone and said to me, I'd been more worried when I figured out he left.

"He's my son Seth, I'll figure out a way to make this better." I looked up and saw Aiden walking towards us, still looking angry but calm enough to keep from phasing again.

"Aiden!" Ava stepped away from Kayla and grabbed Aiden's arm. The anger vanished from his face and the effect of an imprint took over. He was suddenly happy and looked at Ava as if she was his world, which she was now.

"I was wondering…this Saturday, if you're not busy…"She trailed off and looked Aiden right in the face. "Did you want to grab lunch somewhere?" I turned to Seth and mirrored his smirk. Aiden looked at me, his face just begging to let him go. Normally, a parent would ground their kid after they ran away. However, this was his imprint and he needed a break.

"I don't see why he can't" I shrugged and Aiden turned back to Ava, probably smiling. She smiled and went with Kolden inside. Saying bye to Embry and Seth, the three of us got into my car and drove back home. The car ride was quiet, with Kayla in the back seat and Aiden sitting beside me. The drive back was short, but it felt like hours had passed when I'd pulled up in the driveway. Leah wasn't home yet, good at least that gave me some time to think of an explanation.

Aiden and Kayla go out quietly and went straight inside as soon as they heard the click of the lock.

"What the—"I said as I almost walked straight into Aiden.

"I'm still mad at you." He said, his voice cutting the words like ice.

"I never suspected you weren't." I said casually and went straight to the couch. "You will have to stop eventually though, that is, if we're going to be living in the same house." I flipped through channel after channel, not really caring what was on.

"So that's it? You're going to act all causal as if nothing happened?" He came around to block the TV. I looked up at him with my best poker face. He stared down at me and I knew I'd have to say something.

"Would you rather I yell at you for running off like that? Because I can, I have enough anger and disappointment over that to do so." I replied, bits of sarcasm leaking into my voice. He stared at me without speaking, obviously not sure of what to say. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, trying to figure out a way to fix this. Aiden still stood in front of me, and the look on his face told me he wasn't moving until he got a straight answer from me.

"Just promise me something." I turned off the TV and looked him in the eyes.


"Just promise me that you…won't run off like that again, alright?"

"Maybe, when I get over the fact of what a liar you are." He said and I heard him go upstairs and close his door. I was half surprised he hadn't slammed it; then again, if he did he might have broken it. When Leah got home I try again to talk to him. If was anything like me or Leah then I knew better than to go and try to calm him down. Whenever he felt like forgiving me was up to him this time.


Instead of knocking, I went straight into my brother's room and slammed the door. He looked up from his where he was sitting at the desk.

"Knock much?" He asked, bemused by the expression on my face. Despite the fact that both him and our dad were mad at each other, I was still a little ticked he'd run away like that.

"You're not that mad at him are you?" I sat on the edge of his bed and watched as he thought this over. I was a bit mad that we'd never known about why our parents got together, but I wasn't as pissed as Aiden was.

"Not as much as before…but I'm still mad that he hid this from us for so long. He and mom probably never thought to tell us." He spat and clenched his fists. Sighing, I made a move to give him his space but he stopped me before I could get off the bed.

"Doesn't it anger you even a little?" He asked, holding onto my wrist to keep me where I was. He let go and I thought about his question. I should be as angry as he is, I should resent my parents for keeping this from us. However, I couldn't bring myself to do that. I was irritated that they thought they could keep this secret forever, but…not angry enough to push them away all together.

"A little bit." I mumbled and looked for anything to distract my eyes. Aiden's grip tightened on my wrist and he was shaking a little. "Aiden!" I wrenched my fist out of his grip and pushed him back.

"Sorry Kayla…I didn't mean that, it's just…I have no idea." He sighed and sat back in his chair.

"It's fine." I mumbled and suffered through the silence that ripped through the room like a tornado. Aiden turned around in his chair and turned on his laptop. I wanted to sneak out of the room and go downstairs; anything to just be out of his room. I couldn't force myself to move though; something was holding me there as the internal battle raged on inside my brother.

I stared at his back for what felt like hours. I could barely see his screen from my angle, but I could hear his fingers tapping wildly on the keyboard. Whatever he was doing, he was obviously talking to someone else about it instead of me. That left a small, but very noticeable, pain in my chest; knowing that he trusted someone else with his problems instead of the one who understood him more than he did.

"Don't leave." The typing stopped and I heard the screech as his chair spun back around. I was almost to his door and thought he hadn't even noticed me leaving, but he obviously did.

"Well I can't just sit here while you talk to someone else you know."

"I'm not talking to anyone; why are you suddenly so defensive?" He stood up and took the few steps needed to stand in front of me. Was I being defensive? I just stated that if he was busy I could go off and do something else for a while. I could still sense the anger rolling off him and partially onto me.

"I'm not being defensive." I said. "I just don't get why you're angry." It was almost as if I could see his rage spike again and saw him clench and unclench his fists. I knew he was thinking about going out again and phasing to avoid hurting me. But the one thing he didn't see was that any physical injury would be better than watching him run off again.

"Well we can't all be as impassive as you, now can we?" His voice held a sharp edge that belonged to the beginning of a fight.

"I'm not impassive, I'm just not as mad as you are by this."

"Oh really? Because I couldn't tell that this didn't affect you at all!" He smiled sarcastically locked eyes with me.

"I never told you it didn't affect me. Yeah Aiden, it does hurt to find out you were the result of a drunken night; but there isn't anything we can do about that. Would you rather that Mom and Dad hate one another?" I asked and let my own voice with venom.

"Would you rather be lied to for the better part of your life?"

"I would rather be lied to than have parents who can't stand each other."

"You don't get it do you? They didn't like each other very much in the first place! Dad left his imprint…if he can leave then what's going to stop me from doing the same to Ava one day?" He shot back and left me speechless. After a minute of silence on my part he scoffed, "That's exactly what I thought. You don't understand at all…"He mumbled and turned away from me, walk to the other side of the room. I stared at his back as I felt my own rage bubble.

"I don't understand?" I said and took a few steps towards him. "I understand everything perfectly well Aiden. Yeah, Dad left Aunt Renesmee; but he did it so that Mom wouldn't have to raise us all by herself." Disagreeing like this was foreign to the both of us. Usually the argument ended within a few minutes and we were laughing by the end of it. I couldn't even see the smallest glimmer of light at the end of this depressing tunnel.

"They still both lied. Excuse me if I need a little time to get over that." He spat and I could see the shaking starting in his shoulders and making their way down his legs. Whipping around, I could see his jaw was clenched and he was holding back the wolf as best as he could. I heard a growl as the shaking increased; which should have scared me, but left me with a burning instinct to do something to keep him human.

I punched him straight in the jaw and watched as he smashed into the wall.

"Kayla." He said when he was more in control. I'd just punched my brother and, even if it was for the right reason, I felt bad about it.

"We can talk later bro." I forced the words out of my mouth so they sounded monotone and detached. Turning on my heel, I left his room for the sanctuary of my own.

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