A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Love Confrontation


"What do you mean you two had a fight?" I asked later that evening as I got into bed. Jacob sighed as he got in beside me and turned off the light. When I'd gotten home from work, I was met by an Aiden and Jacob who didn't seem to want to talk to one another anymore.

"I had to tell Leah, he would have hated me even more if he found out from the others." He started, already starting from the beginning before I had the second to ask. I leaned on him and waited to hear to the rest of this. "Then, he got really angry about it all and said a few harsh things no worth repeating. After that, he went up to his room, phased and left. I only found him because Seth gave me the tip." He ran his fingers through his hair as he tried to figure out how to end it. "He imprinted on Ava and I couldn't just lie to him about what happened with us. She did kind of ask him out next week so I let him go; I figure that it might do him some good to get out there." I nodded my approval and moved closer to him. His hand rubbed my lower back in a comforting motion.

"Have any of the Cullens said anything about the activity lately?" I changed the subject, needing to know the answer to this on nearly a daily basis.

"Yeah, Jasper said he picked up a second scent a few miles away from the house. Alice still hasn't had any visions."My heart picked up a few beats and Jacob tried to bring it back down.

"So none of them know what they want?" I pushed back the tears I wanted to let out at this. Jacob shook his head and I buried my own into his chest. I couldn't believe this was happening, it had been nearly fifteen years since that attack and now they were back again.

"Shh, don't worry too much" His hand cupped my chin and brought my face up to his and pecked me on the lips. "The others are helping out by running extra patrols." That was somewhat comforting but it did little to ease my nerves. They'd already tried once to hurt my children, and they would be dammed if they tried this shit the second time around. I drifted off to the rhythm of Jacob's hand on my back and the sound of his breathing.


"Table for two?" The waiter asked as he grabbed up two menus. I nodded as Ava and I followed him to a booth near the back. We sat down and I was already feeling more than a hundred percent better. I'd kind of started talking to my dad again; at least enough to say that I was making an effort to forgive him. He took it as improvement and slipped me a few twenties before I left the house for my lunch date.

"When I asked to go for lunch, I didn't think you'd take me to a place this nice." Ava smiled and took a few seconds to look around. In all honestly, I'd asked my mom and Aunt Renesmee where a good first date should happen. They both recommended this restaurant just inside Forks and I had to admit, they knew how to pick the perfect place. It wasn't dull nor fancy, full, nor empty, and just kind of perfect.

"Well, first impressions are mostly everything." I said, looking over my menu at her. She had her dark curly hair down and draped over her shoulders. Since it was just a casual lunch, she's worn a purple short sleeved shirt that had a ruffle going down the middle of it, and black skinny jeans. Even though it was winter, it wasn't that cold yet and I got off with wearing a sweater instead of a coat I would later sweat in.

"I guess," She said. "If they are, then yours is by far the best I've seen so far." I smiled at that as the waiter came back and took our orders. I was suddenly very glad that my dad had given me cash today. While waiting, we just talked and I even listened more than spoke during that time. I'd already decided that I was going to tell Ava I'd imprinted on her as soon as the date was over. I couldn't just go on like this and not have her know; it wouldn't be fair to either of us

"I can't believe school starts up again next week. I was actually getting used to sleeping in everyday." She said as we ate. I had to admit; even I felt the same way.

"Yeah, plus, exams will start in almost two weeks; it's like we never left." I rolled my eyes as we continued eating. The afternoon went on and pretty soon is was two and we were out the door. A light snow had started when I handed Ava her helmet. My dad had let me use one of the motorcycles, which was much to my mom's disapproval. The roads were pretty clear and I'd gotten here safe enough, so I really had no fear of getting home.

"Did you want me to drop you off?" I asked as she got on. She nodded as she buckled her helmet and I got on in front of her. Turning the key in the ignition, we sped off down the road. Traffic was surprisingly light and we rarely came across a red lot as we neared her house. I mentally kicked myself for going so fast; not really wanting to be in such a rush with all of this. I killed the engine when we'd pulled up outside her house and let her get off first. After taking off her helmet, she fought to re-tame her long, dark hair again. Taking off my own helmet, I quickly went over what I wanted to say in my head.

"Thanks for today Aiden." She smiled again and I returned it.

"Ava," I called to her before she walked away. She turned back, raising a brow and I knew that it was now or never. "Uh…I kind of have something to tell you."Pausing again for a few seconds, I tried to get my thoughts together. "Do you remember those legends we all heard at the bonfire a while back?" She nodded again. "Do…you also remember about what they said…about us being spirit warriors and having the ability to shift?" Again, she nodded.

"Yeah, Billy was talking all about that. If you ask me, I think it's still kind of cool what the third wife did." She said, giving me time to calm down about something that should be natural.

"Last week you said I was burning." She stared at me, so I lifted my arm towards her and gestured for her to feel my hand.

"It's still burning." She whispered more to herself than to me. I nodded and let my hand fall to my side again. "Aiden…?" She took a tentative step towards me.

"Well, uh, you see…those legends…"I coughed. "They weren't fake." Before she could say anything, I quickly rushed on; knowing I was about to sound like an idiot. "Yes, we can well, we can shift into wolves. I can, so can Kayla, and so can the others."

"You're lying. Aiden, this stuff isn't possible. Kayla already explained that to me after I thought I saw you as…as a wolf." I could tell she was trying extremely hard to think of a logical explanation to my body temperature. She could think about it for the rest of her life and still not come up with a better one than what I'd just told her.

"I'm not lying Ava. Those legends are very true." I knew this was the one part I had to get right, the one part that actually mattered in all of this. "Another thing that is true is the imprinting." Her face remained blank, but her eyes were clouded with disbelief and fear. Scaring her was the last thing I wanted to do right now. "When I became a wolf," She opened her mouth to protest but I held my hand up. "Please let me finish. As I was saying, when I became a wolf and I saw you…I imprinted on you." There, it was done. If she wanted to run from it or call me a monster or say that I was nothing but a liar then so be it. She stood there while snowflakes sifted down all around us. I shoved my hands awkwardly into my pocket and watched her face for any change of expression. She looked as if she were in deep thought and refused to meet my eye.

I couldn't blame her for trying to figure this all out. Kayla had told her that she'd just imagined the whole wolf thing last week. I would have been freaking out in my head if someone had just dumped this on me. Not only did I just spill that I was a werewolf, but I also told her that she was soul mate. News like that wouldn't have been easy for anyone to handle.

"So let me get this straight: you are a werewolf…and I'm your imprint?" I nodded, hoping she didn't think it was too crazy. She stayed where she was, thinking to herself again and I waited. In fact, I would wait for as long as it took for her to finally accept this. "So that means that you chose me to be with you." I nodded again, a smile appearing on my face. We were silent again for a few more minutes before a small smile appeared on her face. Within a few seconds, my arms were around her in a hug. She wound her arms around me and things finally felt a hell of a lot better than before.

"So, we're all good then?"

"Yeah…boyfriend." She laughed as I let her go. I watched as she opened the door and waved before going in and closing it. Putting my helmet back on and feeling as light as air, I got on my bike and rode away from the house. My own wasn't that far, but I didn't feel like going anything over the speed limit after that. She'd accepted it all and having her know what she was to me felt awesome. Well, it kind of felt more than that, but there wasn't a word for it.

Snap! Snap! I slowed down a bit and peered through the trees on the other side of the road. I would have thought it was some woodland creature, except for the smell. I knew it to be vampire from hanging around the Cullens. Not wanting any kind of confrontation today, I tried to speed up, but to no avail. Before I could even try, something jumping onto my back and I felt the bike jerk forward; flipping me off and sending me crashing into the ground, and rolling a few meters away. The bike was on its side and I didn't see any damages so far.

Getting on my guard, I looked all around me. The road was deserted and no one else but me was around. Well, to humans that would most likely be the case; to me, I knew much better. Another sound from my left and I immediately jumped back as one of my attackers revealed himself. He gave me the once over before going on the attack. I managed to grab him by his shirt and whipped him straight back into the forested area. He got up within seconds and was charging again. Just when I was ready to grab him, he changed his footing and got a blow in between my shoulder blades. Recovering from that, I hardly saw the second one charge out from my other side before her weight was on me and shoving my face into the dirt.

Flipping over, I grabbed at her arm and tore into it; hating the taste that filled my mouth. She screeched and jumped back. The other man was soon joined by a second one and they were both coming at me. I managed to flip one of them and barely had enough time to bite into the other one. Breathing hard, I saw no trace of any of them anywhere. Everything was quiet and that made my fear spike as I tried to think where they'd be hiding. Quickly turning around, I saw a blur before she crashed into me again, bringing me straight to the ground. One of the guys grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me up; slamming back into the ground a few times to make me stop struggling. The world spun a little as the third man came up and stepped on my stomach, making me groan.

"Aiden Black…just who we were looking for." The man drawled, staring at me with hunger in his eyes. "Well, we were hoping to bag your sister...but you'll do just fine for what we need." I tried to get up, but felt the man's show press onto my chest. Leaning close to my face he dug in his pocket for something and, before I could even shout, struck me with a few crushing blows to the head. The last thing I saw was the grey sky as snow continued to fall; growing smaller and smaller as blackness took its toll.

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