A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

You have Got To Be Kidding Me

Leah's POV

"So you found out about this yesterday?" Leech doctor asked me. Yes, I was upstairs in a room with him because I needed to know how pregnant I was.

"Yeah, how could this have happened though? I mean I thought I wasn't able to have kids," I told him. I mean I really needed to know how in hell I could have gotten damn pregnant. Also to possibly think of more reasons to give Jacob shit.

"Well, I'm not even sure how but it would seem that you weren't fully menopausal as you thought" he told me. I shot him a confused look. Was their diverse types of menopausal or something? My god this just gets more and more dam confusing by the second.

"So I'm having a kid" It was a statement. It was also just a joy that below Carlisle and I was Jacob chilling with Renesmee doing anything possible to please her. I didn't hate Renesmee but I was just concerned for what would happene when she found out that her Jacob ended up messing around with another girl.

"Well, no Leah you're not having a kid" he said. Wait what! Was he ok? I mean the test showed up bloody positive. Was the test wrong?

"Leah, are you okay?" Leech Doctor asked I nodded slolwy comeing back to reality.

"I'm fine, just get on with what you're going to say," I said, getting some of my attitude back. I heard a chuckle from the doorway and looked to see mind reader.

"I prefer Mr. Mind Reader," He said, walking into the room. Did I forget to tell him how annoying he was? He just rolled his eyes at my thought.

"So what were you going to say about me not having a kid after all?' I asked, Carlisle. Damnit! I'd said his name. Looking over at Mind Reader I saw him trying to suffocate a smile.

"Yes, as I was saying Leah, your not having a kid, you're having a set of twins" He told me. I stopped breathing. Literally even Mind Reader looked worried. When I finally got my breath back, I must have looked a sight.

"Twins? Are you kidding me!" I raised my voice. No this was not happening. Jacob was even deader now, not even a leech could save him.

"Haven't you already told him about it?" Mind Reader/Edward asked. For a mind reader he sure wasn't the brightest bulb in the closet.

"Of course I haven't told him yet, he has Renesmee he doesn't need someone like me telling him that he knocked me up with his kids." I said, I swear every time I had to explain this to someone I wanted to kill them.

"No need to go and light me on fire, I was just asking" Edward, yes I will call him Edward for once, replied.

"Yeah, yeah that's what everyone says," I mumbled.

"So how long?" I asked, sighing.

"Looking at it, I say the regular nine month thing, so I really hope you're planning on telling Jacob soon because I think that when they start to show he'll notice" Carlisle told me, in that doctor voice I thought only happened on T.V.

"I'm telling him tomorrow, oh and Leech Doctor" Carlisle looked at me. "Do you happen to know how to remove parts from people?"

"Yes, why?" He asked, Edward was laughing now.

"Cause I think I'll be bringing in Jacob, to get some parts permanently removed," I said getting up; the smell of bloodsucker was making me want to rip my throat out. Walking down the stairs, I took a glance at Nessie. She looked back at me and smiled her almost perfect smile.

"So, Leah what where you doing up there?" Jacob asked, oh so he noticed me. What a glowing commendation!

"Nothing, just something I needed to talk to Carlisle about" I said now only a couple more steps away from the door. I heard Jacob get up and walk over to me. Now I felt as if I would explode into tears or into a wolf, whatever came first I really didn't fucking care.

"Leah, are you sure you're ok? You seem to look kind of pale" Jacob told me, oh had my color changed. Well I wouldn't have noticed.

"Maybe I'm becoming a vampire" I shot back at him, when this guy going to let me leave. Sheesh he really was like a lost puppy.

"Ha-ha very funny, but you sure you're ok?" he asked. I wish I could have told him that no I wasn't ok. No, because I was now pregnant with Jacob's kids. No, because my life had to the one that was stopped. That would all have to wait until tomorrow however.

"I'm fine, just don't forget about First Beach tomorrow night okay," I told him and he nodded. When I finally out of sight, I started to cry. Yes world, Leah Clearwater has finally had fucking enough already.

Jacob's POV

Okay, now everyone I know is acting odd. I went back over to Nessie, okay maybe not everyone but most people.

"Jacob's what's wrong?" Nessie asked I sighed and shook my head; I had no answer to give her. I swear I was probably giving Edward a headache with the amount of things on my mind.

"Not really, after a while I don't really feel a thing" Well speak of the vampire here was the one and only Edward Cullen.

He chuckled and shook his head.

"You think everything is funny don't you?" I asked him, a slight smile creeping on my face.

"No, not everything just your view on things, they show not a care in the world, and they are fairly clean" He said, just as Emmett walked into the room.

"Is he complaining again?" Emmett asked I nodded.

"Edward, it's not my fault you're a mind reader, so if you don't like what you hear maybe you should pretend it doesn't exist and then maybe, just maybe it might go away," Emmett told him.

I watched Edward's face turn into one where I just knew Emmett was thinking of something dirty. I heard Nessie laugh, and I couldn't help but do so myself.

"Emmett, I swear I will tell Rose about this and trust me you won't be getting what you're thinking for a long while" Edward threatened Emmett. Man they sure were better then T.V.

Edward looked at me and the looks in his eyes they looked almost saddened.

Something was telling me that something was up. Moreover, I wish it wasn't.

Leah's POV

"Seth I swear if you don't back up I will spill this water on myself and yell and scream until it stops," I said harshly to my brother. I was making pasta and he was like right behind me the whole time.

"I'm hungry," he said.

"And I'm pregnant with fucking twins, so deal with it cause I have bigger issues here then you" I spat at him. It was then I remembered I forgot to tell him about me having backed away, wow clever. Looking at him, I swear I thought he stopped breathing. How long would it take his brain to finally process this simple information?

"Twins? Please tell him that you're joking about this Leah" Seth said, I shook my head.

"No, it's not joke and it gives me all the more reason to give shit to Jacob tomorrow night when I tell him, I swear Seth…"That's where I stopped, the slick acid crawling it way up my throat. I made a dash to the washroom and emptied the contents of my stomach in the sink. I felt like I was going die. Maybe then, Jacob would feel guilty after what he had done to me.

I felt Seth's hand holding my hair away from my face, man I felt sorry that he had to watch it stopped. After I washed up, I went back to the kitchen. Figures Seth was already there eating pasta.

"No worries I felt like being nice today, so I saved you some," He told me. I shook my head.

"Eat." He commanded.

"No, I'm not hungry, now leave me the fuck alone" I said going over to the couch and to watch some T.V. Stupid mood swings, though I wish I have one with Jacob tomorrow night.

Thinking of that brought a smile to my face. I wonder what will happen when the rest of the Cullen's find out about this.

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