A Bridge Too Hard to Cross



I opened my eyes and was met by near darkness. I already knew I was in some kind of room; the cold, hard floors and walls were evidence to that. What I did not know was the reason I was here in the first place. My head swam with a million thoughts as I struggled to think back on the last few hours. Ava crossed my mind more than her fair share of times; but so did a few more things.

We were out at some kind of restaurant. She was smiling and I knew I had to be doing the same thing. Bits and pieces of the events before that ran through my mind. The last thing I could force myself to remember was pain; but it had been different from any other time I had gotten hurt.

I tried my best to push myself into a crouching position; but I heard the chains jingle at the small movement. Testing it out, I pushed myself a little more until I felt a severe pain in my legs. I fell back down and managed to roll up my pants a bit. Feeling up, there did not seem to be any rough patches of skin.

How long had I been just sitting here?

The clicking of heels focused my attention somewhere in front of me. I heard a click as the lock turned before light began to spill into the room. The sudden brightness forced to me cover my eyes. A feminine laugh rang trough the room.

"Finally you are awake. You are of no use if you are asleep." Her voice was clear, edged with what sounded like some kind of eastern European accent. Her heels clicked against the floor as she strode closer. My senses kicked into overdrive as a familiar scent reached my noise.


"What the hell do you want?" I tried to muster more edge into my voice; but all that came out was a few words from a throat that had not seen water in a while. The words scratched my throat, causing me to cough.

"Stupid mutt." I felt water trickle down my throat not even a few seconds later. She probably poisoned it, but my body could fight that off later.

"Now," The woman rose, walking to a corner of the room and flicking on a light. "There are many ways that this can go." In the new light, I saw that she was roughly Kayla's height, with blood red eyes and long blonde hair.

"I am not answering to the likes of you." I spat and watched her throw back her head and laugh.

"Little pup, your empty words do not scare me. Now, what I want is very simple. You see, your cursed father killed one of my own coven sixteen years ago." Her lip curled into a scowl as she thought back on something. "My coven and I have made it our personal mission to kill someone who means a great deal to him. We thought about your mother, but then we decided to take his children; or at least one of them." Her lips curled up into a sneer as she knelt down in front if me.

"So your plan is to make my parents suffer by killing me?" I asked, glaring at her, as she got closer.

"That is part of it young pup. I just want to see the reaction when your parents lose both of their children." She stood back up and began to walk away.

"Leech." I spat as she was nearing the door. She stopped for a second, obviously taken a back by that one word.

"I would watch that mouth if I were you. If not, then we will have to sew it shut." She left with those words, locking the door not even a few seconds later. I was so frustrated that I tried yet again to free myself from the chains. My only reward was various cuts along my wrists that I already knew would heal. I let my head fall back against the cold wall and closed my eyes.

How was I going to get myself out of this mess?

Jacob's POV (Next Day)

It was almost two in the afternoon when Leah came up behind me. I looked up from my mess of possible straggles and smiled up at her.

"You know that the pack and the Cullens will be here soon, don't you?" I had gone back to looking at my plans when I felt her hands working my shoulders. I set down the paper I was holding and let my head fall back to look at her. Her dark, curly hair was half up today. She put on a brave face, but I could see the lines of worry through her mask. I turned around in my chair and stood up to face her. Her arms wrapped around herself as she bit her lip. Quickly, I wrapped my arms around her.

There was not anything to say anymore. The only thing I could do that would help was to keep planning. After a few minutes, she pushed away and tried to compose herself again.

"Since the kids are at school, we should probably get to combat tonight. We can be ready sooner that way." I nodded and leaned against the desk.

"Yeah, of course." She nodded and left the room. I rubbed my eyes and looked at a picture on the far wall. It was of the four of us when we had all gone to Vancouver for part of the winter. What I would have given to know that he next time I would have looked at the picture that my own son would be missing. I walked across the room and grabbed the picture off the wall. I felt tears feel my eyes with both sadness and rage as I looked down.

"We will find you Aiden, don't you worry about that." I set down the picture and walked out of the room.

Leaning against a tree, I watched as my daughter squared off with Renesmee. It was close to six and we had been working on combat for the past two hours. Since the older pack had already had practice fighting with vampires, I was more focused on training the new pack.

"She's good." I looked away from them to Rosalie, who was standing with her arms crossed. We had dropped our guns shortly after Aiden and Kayla had been born; not really seeing a point in it anymore. I nodded slowly as my eyes returned to the fight.

"Yeah, she is."

"You have no idea which one I'm talking about, do you?"

"I was hoping along the lines of Kayla, but I'll agree that Renesmee is a pretty strong fighter." She laughed, an actual laugh, and shook her head.


"Nothing," She looked away for a few seconds, composing herself before turning her eyes on me. "Kayla…she's strong, she can fight off a few vampires and then some. She gets that from her mother." I was about to interject when she silenced me. "Now Aiden, oh, he is most defiantly all you Jacob."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" I turned to her with raised brows.

"It means," She began to walk away. "It means he'll survive whatever they put him through." She nodded and kept walking. I stood there for a few seconds, dumbstruck at the words. My attention was brought back to the fight when I saw someone hit the ground from the corner of my eye.

Kayla had Renesmee pinned to the ground, breathing hard and trying not to laugh at her aunt. I tried not to laugh as Renesmee pushed Kayla off and got to her feet. Dirt stained her pants and I could already hear Alice's disapproval.

"Alright, so basically," I started walking to the middle of the backyard. "That was completely awesome, but I hope that at least some of you were watching." Some of the younger pack members turned to me as I spoke. My eyes locked with Leah's for a fraction of a second, but it was enough to get her talking.

"Alright, now our pack has battled with a group of vampires before. It will not be as easy as it is during these practice fights. These vampires don't know you, and they don't care what they do to you." Everyone was silent as she spoke, clearly aware of her authority on the matter. I had almost forgotten the newborn fight, and about all the pain, I had gone through to protect Leah.

"My mom is right. Real vampires will want to tear us to shreds. We need to stay on our guard." Kayla spoke to her pack.

"That means we'll be doing the same thing tomorrow. It is nearly six; you all have homework to do. We'll meet up here straight after school tomorrow." Leah concluded, addressing the younger pack. Everyone started to leave and I saw Kayla watching the forest with careful eyes.

"Kayla." I called, but she just stood there as if she could not hear me. Her head snapped to the left and she stared intensely for a good minute before coming back to realty.

"Yeah dad?" Her voice shook a little and both Leah and I looked around us. I could not sense anyone else but us. Leah shook her head and walked over to our daughter; wrapping an arm around her and taking her inside. I took a few more steps, and then a few more after that. Looking behind me, I walked into the forest and looked around. Everything seemed to be as it should be, I shouldn't have been worried at all.

Except for the dark tree with the piece of white nailed to it.

Keeping my senses on high, I walked to the tree and ripped the letter off. It had the bittersweet smell to it, already telling me it was from them. Instead of reading it, I ran back to the house. Inside, Kayla was helping Leah prepare dinner.

"What's wrong babe?" Leah turned around, her eyes falling to the paper in my hand. She put down the package of chicken and walked over. I placed the note on the breakfast bar and we both looked at it.

Dear Jacob and Leah,

I would not think for even a second that your combat tactics are as full proof as you believe they are. You killed one of ours. You ripped a part the coven. Well, let us see how you feel when you lose those who mean everything to the both of you. You shape shifters will be like animals going to the slaughterhouse.


Leah took a few steps backs, falling against the wall. She looked up, tears in her eyes. I reached out a hand, but she spun around and punched a hole straight through the wall; small parts falling to the floor.

"This woman has never seen a nature film, has she?" Leah laughed darkly and shook her head. "Then I guess she has no idea what happens when you mess with a wolf's pups."

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