A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Come Away To The Water


I had no idea how long I had been sitting here. All time was lost as I sat in the dark, empty room. The female vampire, whose name was Cassandra, was only keeping me alive so she could finish me off in front of my parents; wanting to see the look on their faces when she killed me. She had come in twice yesterday to give me something to eat and drink, and came another three times to let me use the washroom. All three times, I tried to bust my way out of here, only to be grabbed and smashed into the nearest wall.

I had not phased, not being able to generate enough anger to do so. I tried a few times, the result being that I would hurt myself. Right now, there did not seem to be an easy way out of here. I mulled this over when I heard the familiar click of the lock. The same light shone in from the hall and I just stared at her. Today, two male vampires flanked her, both looking at me as if I were the next meal. I did nothing but stare back at Cassandra while she walked toward me. Bending down, she took my chin in her hand and locked eyes with mine.

"Now that you are properly awake, we have some questions for you to answer." She spoke, gesturing for her minions to take the chains off. I stood cautiously to my feet, watching her every movement as I did so. I had no trust in them whatsoever, and I was not about to let my guard down.

"What if I don't feel like answering them?" I rubbed my wrists to get the feeling back. Cassandra threw back her head and laughed; her voice sounding like wind chimes.

Broken ones, that is.

"Stupid mutt, you'll answer all my questions or suffer the punishment." She shook her head and turned to leave. "Adrian, Derek, grab the boy and follow me." I barely had time to put up a fight before two strong arms held me on each side. The stone walled hallway felt cold to my feverish skin as we walked in silence. I knew better than to try to get myself out of this mess. Three vampires against one wolf were not odds that would work in my favor. Instead, I played along with what they were doing and let them lead me into what looked like a regular living room.

Cassandra told them to let me go and they did. She gestured to the seat across from her. "Sit down Aiden, let's have a talk; adult to adult." Her near perfect smile made me want to vomit. I looked around the room, and felt my heart pick up at the fact that everything looked so horribly normal. To anyone, it would have looked as if the two of us were having a friendly chat about the weather, maybe even sports.

"What exactly did you want to talk about?" I snapped, failing to stir a reaction out of her. She sat staring at me with unblinking eyes. I stared right back, not believing for one second that all she wanted to do was talk.

"Your cooperation during this mission, of course."

"Who said I was willing to work with you?"

"Aiden," She blew out a frustrated sigh, giving me a pointed look. "I have tried very hard to be patient with the likes of you. Do not think for a second I will not end you right here." She bared her teeth just enough to get the message across. I looked toward the doorway where her two minions were sure to be waiting. We sat in a long silence as our eyes continued to study each other. She seemed completely relaxed, almost as if this kind of problem came across daily. I, on the other hand, sat with my arms crossed and as a straight as a ruler. It was a good thing she wasn't a mind reader like Edward, or I would have been thrown straight into my cell for what I was thinking.

The bathroom had a window, which was large enough for me to see out of, gave me a picture of where I might have been hidden. The trees stood over a hundred meters tall, and everything seemed to be covered in a blanket of endless white. The expanse of bare trees looked nothing like I had seen in La Push. The window was sealed shut, and I knew one of the minions would hear the sound of shattering glass. Those hallways had to lead to an exit eventually, didn't they?

"Then it's a good thing I'm not thinking of you killing me." I curled my lip and softened my gaze a little. "I was thinking the opposite." I got a flinch out of her as soon as the words left my mouth.

"Lose the attitude; it won't make you last any longer around here." She spat back at me, leaning forward as if she might attack me at any given second. "Now, what I want to talk to you about is what you will be doing when your pack arrives. I'm not in the mood for surprises, so there will be no funny business." I stayed quiet, not wanting to give her any more insight on my plan than I might already have.

"I am told that quite a few wolves have been spotted coming this way. I have also been told that there is a coven with them. Now, I already know about you wolves and the Cullen coven; but don't think for a moment we'll go easy because our own kind is there." I bit my lip to keep from saying anything. She had no idea how strong the Cullen's really were, and I knew they wouldn't have a problem taking down her or her coven. I decided not to say anything about the pack; it was better if she believed that they couldn't take down a few vampires. I'd heard the stories about the newborn attack, and if that was any indication of both the Cullen's and pack's strength, then I would be out of here in no time.

"Nothing to say?" She stood and strode over to me. Her fingers felt like ice when they glided down my jaw. She laughed again, stooping down to meet my gaze. Her crimson irises glowed in anticipation. "I find it quite the shame that we have to kill you, you know."She rested her hand on my jaw. Her other hand rested on my upper leg, fingers drumming to the beat of their own drum. "You're so much like your father on the outside." I didn't like the way the side of her mouth pulled up. I grabbed the hand that was on my face and slammed it into the couch.

"Don't touch me." She looked surprised for a moment, and then regained her composure. Standing up, she walked back to the centre of the room and examined her nails.

"However, you're the exact replica of your damn mother in spirit." I flinched as she attempted to curse my mom. "Maybe that is the reason why she's coming to save you. She's too stubborn to realize she will fight a downhill battle. No matter though, I'll make sure she gets exactly what she deserved sixteen years ago."

"Don't you talk about my mother, leech." I growled, ready to attack if she dared say anything else.

"Fine," She gave a wave of her hand. "How about I talk about your bitch of a sister?" Another growl, but I stayed put. "No? Hmm, well…" Her eyes glinted as if she were struck by a sudden epiphany. "What about that human girl? Ava, I believe is her name."

"What about her?"

"Well…I wonder how much she'll really like you when she finds out you're leading her father and brother into such a bloody battle." She shook her head, blonde locks swaying with the motion. "Oh, if I were her…I would just die if I ever found that out. Then again, maybe I should just send a few of my own out to get her. No point in keeping both of you alive, now is there?" I lost it as soon as the words left her mouth. It was seconds before I had tackled her to the floor, my hands gripping her shoulders. I had her pinned down and lifted her up slightly just so I could slam her back into the floor.

"Don't you dare touch her!" I shouted, driving my fist into her face. She screamed, bringing up her knee to give me a few hard kicks to the stomach. I stumbled off her and fell onto my hands; trying to get to my feet before she could attack again.

"Stupid mutt!" She came at me, managing to land another hit to my chest. I growled, feeling myself began to shake. I couldn't have asked for a better time to phase. The transformation was quicker than usual, and I saw the moment of fear in Cassandra's eyes as I jumped to tackle her again. I managed to swipe one claw across her chest before I felt someone grabbing me from behind. It had to be one of her minions that had been standing watch outside the door. I wondered for a second what took them so long to come and save their leader.

"I'm done being nice." Cassandra stood up, adjusting her shirt and glared at me. "Bring him down to cell 'B' I don't want to see him until he's covered in red." I twisted against my restraints, but felt something sharp stab into my neck. The world started to tilt and blur as I felt myself fall to the floor. I transformed back into my human form and slumped forward; feeling the cool floor before blacking out.

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