A Bridge Too Hard to Cross



The Cullen's were the last of our group to arrive the next morning. The sun was rising and we were all in wolf form ready to go. I brushed up against Jacob and nuzzled his neck. He turned his head toward me and nuzzled me back.

'Hey, do you two mind not having a make out session in front of everyone else?' I looked up at Paul and growled.

'Then turn away dumbass.'

'Language!' We both laughed before the familiar smell of vampire entered the area. Within seconds, the Cullen's stood waiting for us just at the foot of the driveway.

'If there is nothing else to do, then we'll start heading out. I want my group at the front with me, and groups two and three behind. When we get close to their hideout, we'll stop." Jacob looked at Edward, who told the rest of his family about what Jacob said. Next, he looked at both packs, nodding to Kayla as she rounded up her pack.

"We're ready." Edward said and we all broke off into a run. I kept up with Jacob as we tore through the forest, forcing the smaller animals to take shelter against our sudden assault. I saw Kayla come up on my left and signaled for the others in the group to move up. I was a fast runner, the fastest in our pack, but with every stride, it seemed like my legs could not carry me any faster. I didn't bother to check behind me to see if the others were keeping up. I saw Jacob and Kayla on both sides and that was enough reassurance for the time being.

Just as we rounded a corner in the forest, I caught onto the one scent I had been searching for all along. Stopping, I went over to the tree and sniffed along its trunk, his smell mixed with the bittersweet smell of vampire. Jacob came over to where I stood and sniffed at the tree as well, determining which direction we should take.

'We'll head North up to the Canadian border, and then northwest from there.' Everyone nodded and we took off again. The run to where they were keeping my son felt as if it had gone by in a blur. I knew the younger pack was not used to this kind of running, but they had better be fully awake when it came time to fight the vampires. I had no idea how many we would be up against, but I didn't care as long as I got my son back.

'Stop.' We came to the bottom of a small cave opening. Their scent was all over the place, and the lingering scent of Aiden almost made me run straight into their lair.

'I want Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Leah, Kayla, Daniel, and Nathan following me. Next, I want Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Sam, Embry, Quil, and Kolden following after us."

'When do you want us in?" I looked toward Marko as he stood further back. I looked toward Kayla and nodded for her to answer him.

"Carlisle, Esme, Renesmee, Seth, Marko, Embry, Paul, and Jared coming in after one minute. I want an ambush as soon as we get in there.' Jacob looked at everyone, making sure that they understood what the plan was. 'We have no idea how many vampires we are up against, and I do not want them getting the upper hand.' With one final nod, I took off with my team up the mountainside.

'Be careful." Jacob nudged me before we went in.

'You too.' Within a few seconds of being in the cave, at least a dozen vampires were ready to attack. Growling, I lunged for one of the male vampires and pinned him to the cave floor. I heard the others come in behind me, but I barely cared for what they were up to; I just wanted my son back.

'Leah!' I took one last look at Jacob before darting down one of the halls. I could smell Aiden on the walls, but I knew I was still far away. Pushing my legs to go faster, I turned a corner and nearly smacked into another vampire. She landed on her back while I shook my head and growled.

"Ah, Leah, such a fitting form for you." She smiled, but it was full of sugar. I growled and crouched, ready to attack.

"Oh, I can see where Aiden gets his temper from. Did you like my letter? I tried my best to fit all my thoughts on one sheet of paper." I almost pounced on her while she spoke. So this bitch had taken my son. Well, then it would be fair game killing her, wouldn't it?

"Temper, temper." She wagged her finger at me and I took the chance to jump on her. She shoved me off and back away, baring her teeth as she ran at me. I had her by the arm and tore into the cold flesh. She let out a screech and jumped back, hissing as I stalked her like the prey she was.

"You bitch." She growled and dodged one of my attacks. I felt my side slam into the wall before I ran after her again. This time, I managed to tear off her arm and cast it aside. Her voice could have cracked mirrors as she grabbed onto the place where her arm used to be. I barked out a laugh, but was caught off guard when she lunged at me. With her other hand, she raked her nails across my face. Blood dripped from the nail marks, but I knew the cuts were healing. She gave me a crazed look, as she seemed to sway on unsteady feet.

'What the hell are you doing Leah?' Jacob's voice distracted me for a second.

'I'm trying to get Aiden back. Stay there, I'll be finished with this one in a minute.' I growled and jumped on her one last time. She screamed as I tore at her flesh and cast her other arm aside. With one last swipe of my claw, I slashed her throat and ripped off her head to make her stop screaming. I picked up another vampire, and whirled around to attack.

"Leah!" I bit back a snarl as I came face to face with Bella. She held up her hands as if she meant to attack if I tried to maul her. I growled at her, wondering what she could want.

"Leah, you cannot find him alone." She must have seen my confusion because she hurried on. "I'm a mother too, and if this was Renesmee I would do anything to get her back." I thought it over for a minute before nodding, and running down one of the hallways. His scent was all over the hall, but he was not in any of the rooms.

'How are you doing out there?' I stopped and sniffed a little down both sides of the hall. Aiden's scent was starting to get stronger more to the right, where the hall gave away to a set of stairs.

'Not bad, but I don't want to jinx anything.' I bounded down the stairs with Bella at my heels and felt her brush me as I stopped. I could not believe the sight in front of me, and by the looks of it, neither could Bella. We stood in front of a dozen cells, many of the bars coated in brown blood from whoever else they had been torturing in here.

"Leah, I think he's over there." I did everything but shove her aside as I ran to the furthest cell. The lighting was dimmer, but I could never mistake that scent. I looked around for a key of some sort, something to bust him out of the cell. Seeing nothing, I tried to bend some of the bars. Bella came up on my other side and grabbed two bars, pushing them a part in seconds. I nodded at her and she smiled, her gold eyes flashing.

Phasing back into my human form, I pulled my clothes out of the cord bound to my ankle. I would never fit through the gap as a wolf, and I did not want to scare Aiden. I knelt down inside the cell and picked him up in my arms. He started to move around and I placed one hand on his forehead to keep him still.

"You're alright now, Mom's here." I spoke softly as he stirred. He had dropped a few pounds, and probably hadn't been fed a decent meal since he got here.

"M…mom?" The rusty sound of his voice nearly tore my heart in half. Without hurting him, I pulled him closer until his head rested on my chest. The back of his neck was sticky with dried blood, and I was grateful for the rapid healing. He coughed and I felt my chest tighten even more. Thank goodness, that bitch was dead, or I would have been forced to take my time with her after seeing this. I held him in my arms as I stood and faced Bella. Her mouth was pulled in a tight line as she stared and I nodded for her to walk back. I hope that the others were finishing off with the other vampires by now.

We walked up the stairs in silence; my eyes were not on the hall in front, but on my son. He was slipping in and out of consciousness, but I feared that if I took my eyes off him for a second, he would disappear again. We came to where the remains of Cassandra's body were, and I kicked her head off to the side. I heard the crackling of a fire as Bella and I emerged from the hall. Everyone was changed back or in the process of doing so. I walked out and met Jacob's eyes. As soon as he looked at Aiden, he was at my side in a second.

"Is he…?"

"I think he'll be fine. I couldn't see any cuts on him." My voice shook and I bit my lip to keep the tears from spilling. He wrapped one arm around me and squeezed my arm. Kayla was the next person to come up to us, and grabbed Aiden's hand. His eyes fluttered and he turned his head to meet her eyes. She was covered in sweat, but managed to put on a smile for her twin's benefit.

"They say love can kill, but I never thought they meant it literally." She laughed and I knew Aiden was smiling.

"A…almost Kayla…but…n…not quite."

"You are to never do that again, or I will make sure you and Ava will never produce offspring." She gave his hand a squeeze. "Glad to have you back bro." He nodded before letting his eyes droop. I listened for the steady beat of his heart, and let out a breath when I heard it. I looked at Jacob and his leaned down to kiss my forehead.

"Carlisle, when we get back, you don't mind checking Aiden do you?" I asked as the rest of the Cullens joined the circle of wolves. He nodded and I held Aiden closer to my body. Call it motherly instincts, but I did not want him out of my arms until we were back home where we belonged.

"Alright, let's get back home." Jacob ordered, this time with a lighter heart than before. No one phased, but opted for running in our human form this time. Adjusting my hold on Aiden, I ran down the mountain and headed back home.

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