A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Jacob's Reactions

Jacob's POV

In half an hour, I was to meet Leah in the woods off First Beach. I hadn't slept much last night just wondering what was wrong. I jumped to something being wrong, because if it was just a talk she would have came to my house and told me about whatever it was.

"Hey dad, you don't happen to know anything about this do you?" I asked him. He just gave me a look.

"Now why would I know about what's up with Leah, she's your Beta isn't she" He had me there. I sighed shaking my head and getting up.

"Going abit early Jake?" My dad asked.

"Yeah, knowing Leah she'll kill me for being one second late" I joked as I walked out the door. I could have gone wolf but I'd rather walk. It was cool night and thankfully, no one was out. As I neared the beach, I already knew Leah was there, and I thought I was going to be early. I sighed, I really felt extremely uncomfortable with everything. For the first time since I started phasing I felt cold, just like that feeling you get when you know something bad is happening.

I made my way through the trees and finally saw Leah. She was leaning against a tree just looking at the clear night sky.

"Hey Leah, so what's up?" I casually asked walking closer to her.

"Jacob, a lot is up" She said, Ok something was wrong I just knew it.

"Well how about you start by telling me what's wrong" I said, man I was never really that great in a situation such as this.

"Jacob, when I tell you this you have to promise me you will understand, because if you don't I'm outta here in a heartbeat back to my place" She said, simple enough and plus how big could this be?

"I promise. Now just tell me before I pass out from boredom," I told her.

"Jacob you knocked me up like you thought no one was home and now I'm pregnant with your twins," She said. Excuse me? MY twins? She was damn kidding wasn't she?

"Please tell me you're joking," I pleaded with her. She shook her head. Oh God I swear I just wanted to yell.

"Leah, how could you have done this? You knew that you could have kids didn't you?" I yelled at her. I was so angry she was lucky I hadn't phased right then and there.

"What are you talking about, me knowing about this yeah right Jacob come back to the real fucking world here, they are your kids too" She raised her voice back at me. That bitch.

"Was this some part of plan to break me and Renesmee Up? Well it isn't working, how the hell could you have done that to me Leah!" I shouted at her, I could feel myself beginning to tremble.

"To you? Do this to you! I'm the one pregnant with twins here for the next nine months and you have the guts to ask how could have done this to you!" She shouted back at me.

"Yes I asked that because you probably lied about the fact you couldn't have kids, you know what I thought I could really trust you Clearwater but I guess what you did to yourself proves I can't You are a real bitch" I told her.

"I didn't do this to myself….you and me had sex, you're my Alpha you should know about these things and I don't care if your were intoxicated or not because you should have had at least some sense to know what you were doing" Her raised voice getting somewhat lower.

"Look, I'm sorry okay, but you really don't have to rub in the fact I was drunk because I think I already knew that" I said, my tone slightly pissed. No wait it was fully pissed. What on earth was I going to tell Renesmee?

"See, your still thinking about her even though I just told you I'm pregnant, she's all you think about day and night, no matter what the problem she's always in your mind" She spat at me.

"Well I'm sorry I actually have someone who loves me unlike you," I said and I wished I had kept my mouth shut.

"Thanks for the information Jacob, you know I thought my life couldn't get anymore fucked up but then I just had to get pregnant with your kids," She said, looking as if she was ready to burst into tears.

I felt completely horrible now, still very pissed, wait this could just be her trying to drag me back to her.

"Leah, how in hell could you have done this? Why are you trying to break Renesmee and me up huh?" My voice still holding anger.

"See I knew it! You don't want them!" She cried out and fell to her knees, oh please no! The tears overflowed and I felt as if I had been stabbed in the back.

I walked over to her getting on my knees; I put my arm around her and pulled her closer to me.

"Leah, I'm…sorry about this and I promise you I will help you through this, I'll help you take care of our kids, I just won't be with you" I told her, trying to soothe her.

"How can I trust you're not going to go off with Nessie and leave us all alone huh? What's supposed to make me believe you now?" She asked, so I gave her my answer.

"This," I said and kissed her lips.

"That's how you know, plus this is also my problem now I'm not going to be like those jerks who just leave the girl whom they knocked up, these kids at least deserve a mother and a father" I told her, the tears were slowly stopping.

"So you finally understand?" She asked, yeah I guess I did understand. Well I guess it was a shared responsibility now. Though I waas hardly ready for any of this. I could barely take care of myself, how was I going to take care of two babies?

"Yes, now come on I can't have you sitting on the ground the whole night, let's get back to my place" I soothed her helping her get up.

Leah's POV

"So you knocked her up," Billy said to Jacob and he nodded shyly, if anything though Billy wouldn't hurt Jacob, at least no while I was here. Afterwards, well I have know idea.

"Leah of all the people you could have chosen from, you picked Jake?" He asked me and I had to nod at that.

"Billy, it wasn't like he was my first choice" I told him and looked over at Jacob. I knew I would have to get out of here soon enough, I'm sure Seth was beyond worried about me right now.

"I really have to go," I said getting up and I swear it was as if I had Jacob on a leash. Who was I Renesmee? He got up with me and offered to walk me back and I accepted, better then going home alone.

As soon as Jacob and I got outside, he put his arm around my waist. I gave him a confused look and he just turned his head abit.

"Are you blushing Jacob? Yes you are!" I said breaking into a fit of laughter; I couldn't believe he was really doing that.

"No, I'm just thinking about how you're going to tell the pack and the Cullen's about all of this" He said, oh no he wasn't getting out of this one.

"Very funny Black, but since they are you're kids too you get the golden opportunity of helping me tell both the pack and the Cullen's no matter how bad you think it's going to be telling Renesmee about this" I told him, oh I almost forget about how Bella would react to all this.

She would be pissed off that her little wolf boy had gone out and had some unprotected fun with another female.

"Leah, I know you're thinking about what Bella will do to me because I can see you're smiling" Jacob said, snapping me out of my little day dream.

This brought on a completely new thought.

"Jacob, I wonder how Seth will react when I bring you in the house"

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