A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

The Pack

Seth's POV

I could overhear my sister outside the house. There was also another voice accompanied by her's, I knew I recognized it but I just couldn't my paw on who it was.

"Yeah, I'm a bit scared of that too" The voice said, I started thinking. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I figured out who was standing outside my door with my sister.

Jacob Black.

I took a deep breath as to not phase and blow my cover. I got up and stood in front of the door ready for when they came inside. The door opened and I locked eyes with my Alpha.

"Hello Jake" I said, not breaking the gaze.

"Hi Seth" He said, his tone sounding slightly afraid. I would have broken into a fit of laughter at the site of an Alpha being scared of one of his pack members.

"Okay Seth now before you two decide to go all UFC here I just want to tell you Jacob is going to help take care of the kids, so Seth you can calm the hell down" Leah said, I looked away from Jacob and relaxed a bit.

"Yo Seth man, you know I didn't mean for any of this to happen, I know you're pissed off at me and yeah you should be but don't give me the cold shoulder, it makes me feel like a leech is around" Jacob said, the last part jokingly. I cracked a smile and nodded.

"Yeah, yeah but believe me if a leech was around Leah would be telling them to take you instead of her" I joked Jacob and I laughed but Leah sure didn't. Well she did, but it was more of a sarcastic kind of laugh.

"Very funny, Oh and Jacob I guess we can tell everyone else tomorrow" Leah said, well at least I wouldn't have to do it.

"By everyone you mean Sam's pack?" Jacob asked, man all of a sudden he looked nervous as hell. I looked over at my sister and she nodded.

"Well looks like you're in luck Jacob," I said, smirking at him.

Leah's POV

Seth, Jacob and I were off to Emily and Sam's house. It sure was large enough to fit a bunch of werewolves. That didn't change how nervous I was still feeling, I mean it's not like I'm scared they won't understand it's just, how they'll understand is what gets to me.

"Come on Leah, it won't be that bad and if anyone says anything Seth and I can beat their wolf asses into a tree" Jacob joked, attempting to calm me down just a bit.

"Yeah, yeah let's just get this shit over with" I said, as Seth knocked on the door. Paul answered it, and let us in. When I say the whole pack was there, I meant it. There was Embry, Quil, Paul, Jared, Brady, Collin,and Sam. In addition, Kim, Emily, Rachael, and Rebecca.

"So we hear you have some amazing news," Quil said, breaking the silence. I nodded, going to sit beside Emily, while Jacob and Seth stood behind me.

"Yes, it's amazing news alright" Seth said, I punched him in the arm.

"Okay guys, so you know how since we're shape shifters don't age right?" I asked, they kind of looked at each other and nodded.

"And you know how I can't have kids, right?" They nodded again.

"Will you just get to the point Clearwater?' Paul asked impatiently. I heard Jacob growl at him.

"I'm pregnant" I heard gasps. I looked over at the girls and they had smiles on their faces.

"You're not serious are you?" Jared asked, I nodded.

"Yeah I'm serious and before anyone asks, the dad of the kids is Jacob," I said pointing over to Jacob for extra emphasis.

"Wait, did you say kids?" Embry asked, still in shock. I swear the brain of a boy was extremely slow. Sheesh Seth noticed it faster.

"Yeah, its twins, Jacob is the dad, and I'm the mom" I said, better to answer all their questions now then have to talk for hours on end about it all.

"Congrats Clearwater" Quil said, and that got everyone started. I looked over at Sam. He was kind of smiling; I guess he was happy about this too. I looked quickly over to Jacob.

"I wonder who's gonna get stuck babysitting?' Embry asked.

"What was that Embry? Oh, you want to baby-sit. Oh how nice of you" Jacob said, with that unforgettable smile on his face.

"Hey, if you're paying me and Paul will help out too" Jared spoke and I think we all laughed at the expression on Paul's face.

"Yeah, sure" Paul said.

"Hmm, when I get the money I'll pay you that is if you don't infect their minds" I said, when a sudden thought came to me. One I knew would make Jacob uncomfortable.

"So Jacob, when do you think we should tell the Cullen's? I asked Jake, he froze up and looked like he was thinking very hard.

"Easy there Jake, don't hurt yourself" Embry joked, we all laughed and Jacob came out of his little trance. I shook my head, I hopped the little things wouldn't have his kind of brain.

"Wait, they don't know yet?" Paul asked, I put my hand on my forehead, sheesh the brain of a boy sure wasn't a complex thing now was it.

"Of course we haven't, I'm saving that for Jacob to do," I said, the smirk coming back to my face. The look of fear coming back to his. I got up and headed for the door.

"You're leaving already?' Embry asked.

"I'm tired, so yes I'm leaving bye," I said walking out the door with Seth and Jake in toe.

"That was quick," Seth said, cocking his head to the side as if confused. Probably was, poor kid most likely got that from hanging around Jacob too long. A sudden burst of anger surged through me, I just felt like yelling.

"I'm fucking tired! Did you not hear me the first damn time?" I shouted at Seth, he backed away fast. Jacob put his arms around me. Stupid mood swings.

"Leah, he was only saying his opinion calm yourself down" Jacob ordered me. I hated when he did that.

"Maybe he should keep it to himself for once," I snarled Seth looked freaked yet calm somehow.

"If it's this bad just telling the pack, I wonder how bad it will be telling the…Cullen's," Jacob said, not loosening his grip on me. I felt sick, acid threatened to pool out, I tried to get out of Jake's grasp but it would appear he just didn't get it.

I got sick right on the walkway. How fucking great!

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