A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Reactions: Cullen Style

Jacob's POV

Okay, that was just disgusting. I let go of Leah and Seth came closer. Maybe I should have let Leah go so she could have thrown up in a bush or something. I looked at her face and tiny beads of sweat were hanging on her forehead. I grabbed an old cleaning cloth from my back pocket and handed it to her. It wasn't like it was dirty or anything so I was sure she would have no complaints.

"Here, wipe the sweat from you're pretty face Clearwater" I said, watching Seth crack a smile. She took the cloth and wiped off the beads of sweat clinging to her forehead. Then she threw the cloth right at my face, I pretended to be disgusted with it and peeled it off.

"Oh God you have just ruined my perfect, sexy face I hope you're proud of yourself" I said acting as if garbage had just been poured onto my face.

"I am proud of myself, and maybe next time you can learn to let go so I don't end of throwing up on a road where everyone can see it" She shot back at me. We continued walking, we still had to tell the Cullen's about this. My heart dropped at the thought of telling Renesmee about all of this. Her hurt face as she looked into my eyes begging for it not to be true.

Bella would for sure have my neck, I would be lucky if she didn't kill me on the spot. I knew Edward understood everything. I bet he would hold back Bella when she tried to ring my neck. Blondie would be smirking, happy about this even because it would affect the relationship between Renesmee and I. I'm sure Jasper and Emmett would be unaffected by it all. Alice would be a tad upset by the fact I went behind her nieces back and slept with another girl. Carlisle and Esme already knew so nothing would be a miss there.

"I'm sure things will go just fine, as long as you keep that Bella Brat away from me, no one and nothing will get hurt" Leah said, getting her attitude back. I smiled slightly; we were on our way to the Cullen house. I swear we weren't that close and already the stench was burning my nose. Looking at Leah and Seth I could see it was not much better.

"Oh God please don't tell me it's going to be like this the whole time we're there" Leah whined. I nodded, eventually you get used to the slick way too sweet smell. I had being around Nessie a lot but it still bothered me from time to time. We could have phased but it would be fair since Leah would have to walk. No phasing, cause according to Carlisle it could hurt the babies.

I swear my mind was like a wild windstorm. Thoughts blowing this way and that, being tangled in one another. There was no way I could tell the rest of the Cullen's about this, I mean I had no choice in that matter now but it still gave me goose bumps.

"We're close, the smell is getting stronger, kind of unbearable," Seth said, covering his nose, I barked out a laugh. Poor kid wasn't used to the smell yet. Yes, I could tell we were close by now. Suddenly Leah stopped in her tracks. Seth and I looked back at her, both of us wearing worried expressions.

"Leah are you okay?" I asked, taking a step closer to her. She looked down, her hand covering her nose. The smell must have been stronger for her. I felt somewhat bad but we all knew this had to be done and done soon.

"It's too fucking strong I'm not going any closer to that Leech House," She said, taking a couple steps backwards. She looked serious about it. Convincing Leah Clearwater to do something that was against her will was something that has never been attempted.

"Come on, we have to tell them, I'm sure the smell will die down soon enough" I said smiling one of her favorite smiles. We were only about five minutes away from the Cullen's house and there was no way of getting out of this now.

"Fine, but I swear to God if it gets a lot worse I'm leaving their house, I really don't need to throw up my guts for the rest of the day," She said, her tone ice cold. She was back. She walked really close to me and I just put my arm around her shoulder. Seth looked over at us and just rolled his eyes.

"After this I'm going to bed" Leah said her head against the side of my chest. She closed her eyes for a minute. I swear if anything Leah looked so hot when she was asleep. I bet Edward could hear my thoughts by now, we were right in front of the house. What do you know Edward himself was standing on the porch, a smile on his face.

"Don't worry if anything happens with Bella, no harm will come to Leah" Edward reassured us. Leah looked right past him and into the living room. Looking there too I could see Renesmee sitting down, she caught my gaze and smiled at me. I removed my arm from Leah's shoulder and looked away.

"You can come in, no one will bite you, well I can't make any promises about Rose," Edward said, as we followed him inside. Leah sat on an empty couch and Seth and I stood behind her. It was almost as if we were protecting her. Edward chuckled. As if Leah would need, someone to protect her, she managed that part just fine on her own. Bella was looking straight at me, did she already know about this? Was she already planning my death? I took a glance at Edward and he proved my thoughts wrong.

"So what's this news you have?" Alice's bell like voice chirped up. I really didn't want to have to break the news to everyone. I couldn't stand to see Renesmee's face when she found out about this; I could never look at her again.

"I'm…pregnant" Leah broke the news. I gave her the shocked face then went back to my regular face. Everyone except Edward and Carlisle gasped. Renesmee's face looked confused and hurt. She didn't even know the other half of the story. The one that would break her hybrid heart.

"Who's the dad?" Blondie asked. I took a deep breath; well she was going to find out in just a few seconds. Then she can kick my ass right into a fireplace.

"Me" I said, which made everyone gasp again. Bella looked murderous, ready to snap my neck. I saw Edward put an arm around her; I thanked him in my head. Renesmee looked hurt. I knew this would happen, but I deserved it.

"How dare you go off with that whore!" Bella shouted at me, Leah growled. Seth held her from getting up. I couldn't believe she just said that. Leah was many things but she wasn't a whore.

"She's not a whore, and also, do you think I knew this would happen?" I asked, even Bella had no right to judge Leah. Bella had gotten pregnant when she wasn't supposed to and no one called her a whore.

"Besides, what about when you got pregnant, you didn't know it was possible but it happened, Leah and I had no idea about this either so stop being a hypocrite and thinking you're so damn perfect" I said harshly to her. Her eyes widened, she let out of Edward grasp and came right at Leah.

It happened all too quickly not even my reflexes could move fast enough. The couch flipped over and Bella was right on top of Leah. She grabbed Leah's head and slammed it right into the floor. Edward grabbed Bella as everyone got up. I helped Leah up and wiped away some of the tears.

"That was really uncalled for" Seth said, his tone dark. Luckily, he didn't phase, he sure had enough anger to do so. Renesmee look slightly embarrassed. I mean of all people I expected her to be pissed off to no end. She seemed to actually understand this matter. I mean it was no one's real fault it just happened. Of course, Bella wouldn't get that, no she was too busy being perfect.

"Leah, you're bleeding" Alice said, her tone worried. It was then I noticed the blood dripping from the side of Leah's head. I looked at Bella and growled at her. Carlisle asked us to come upstairs. Seth followed in toe, Renesmee even followed. I guess she wasn't upset after all.

Leah's POV

I felt the blood trickle down my head as we entered Carlisle's study. He had everything in here. The tears were stopping but the pain in the side of my head seemed to intensify. That little bitch. Everything Jacob had said was right and she just couldn't accept the fact she was not as perfect as she thought she was.

I sat down in one of the chairs. Wow how familiar this room looked. It was where Renesmee was born. At least that's what it looked like when I had seen Jacob's thoughts. I was probably healing by now, but Bella sure wouldn't after I talked to her.

"I'm sorry for what my mom did to you Leah" Renesmee apologized. I gave her a look, of shock. Why was she saying sorry for something she didn't even do?

"It's okay, besides as long as they are okay I couldn't care less," I told her, while looking at Carlisle. He had some small bottle in his hands as he walked over to me.

"I see you're already healing but I'm going to have to put this on so it doesn't get infected," he said, spraying that stuff that always stings on the side of my head.

"The kids are okay, right?" Jacob asked I smiled even Renesmee smiled at him. I would tear Bella to shreds if anything ended up happening to the poor little things. Carlisle told us he would have to do an ultrasound to see. He put that really cool gel over my stomach.

"They seem unaffected by what just happened, which is good since they are pretty fragile at the moment" Carlisle told us, we all smiled. I got up and stretched I heard some laughter coming from the others.

"Do you think we could speak to Renesmee just me and Leah?" Jacob asked, Carlisle nodded and he and Seth went out of the room. Therefore, we were going to talk to Renesmee, a little quick but it had to be done.

"Renesmee, you're not mad at us for what happened are you?' Jacob asked her.

"No, I'm not mad at you or Leah, this was something that you couldn't control it just happened, no use getting mad about something no one could control" She answered, sheesh she was smart.

"Good, because we don't want this to hurt you" I said, weird as it may seem I liked Renesmee, probably because she was nothing like her mother. Renesmee smiled and we walked downstairs.

Rosalie for one looked, happy. That is a first. Alice's face was full of joy and so was Esme's. Bella and Edward we nowhere to be seen.

"Congrats!" Alice said, jump hugging me, for something so small, she sure was powerful.

"Yeah congrats Leah" Rose said, a slight smile on her face, Esme was the same. I smiled too.

"So it seems, Jacob you have finally become man" Emmett said to Jacob, Jasper said something along the same lines.

"This means I get to take you shopping for your clothes and baby clothes!" Alice squealed. Figures she would think about clothes. It looked like my life was slowly turning around. Esme was even excited, her and Alice going on with designing the baby room.

Now, the only problem was Bella Bitch.

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