A Bridge Too Hard to Cross

Things Will Work Out

Jacob's POV

"Yo Seth, I got to go" I said as I got up and went towards the door. He stopped me before I got outside though.

"What do you want me to tell Leah?" He asked, such a good kid, no wonder I liked having him in my pack.

"Tell her I went home and to call if she needs me, even if you have to force her," I said, flashing a smile. He closed the door as I walked into the cool afternoon. The sun might have been shining but it wasn't that warm outside.

I knew I was going to be given a talk when I got back home. There was no way of avoiding what my dad was going to say to me.

"Hey Jake, wait up" I heard someone call, I turned around and saw Quil walking towards me. I smiled of all people to meet on my way home.

"What were you following me or something?" I joked as he caught up. We both laughed and he shook his head.

"You wish you were that special, no I was just walking around when I saw you," He said. I shook my head and smiled.

"So obviously you know about Leah and me" I said, he nodded. What a stupid thing to say, but I had nothing else to start up the conversation.

"Yeah, obviously I do I can't say I'm not happy for you cause I am but even I have to admit your both still pretty young to be taking care of a kid and you've got two on the way" he said. That was the good thing about Quil, he'll give you a talk about what you did wrong but he won't make a scene about it.

"I know, no one was planning on this, but I'm not just going to leave Leah all alone to take care of two kids, as long as they share my DNA I'll be their dad' I told him. This was true I mean no way were any kids of mine going to live without a father.

"What are you going to do about Renesmee?" He asked I knew he was going to ask me that.

"Well we already told the Cullen's, let's just say Bella was the one who didn't take it very well Leah got her head smashed into the ground by her," I said, he looked shocked but I continued. "Renesmee is not mad at either one of us; she understands this and took it very well"

"During the next nine months I don't see how much time you'll get with her though" he said, I didn't get what he meant.

"I mean Leah is going to need you a lot and when she starts to show she'll need your help a lot more often then you think, even when the kids are born she'll need you every second" Quil said. I nodded, he was right Leah would be pretty dependant during these next nine months and even afterwards.

"Yeah I know, it won't be easy but if Leah needs me to do something for her I'm going to do it, no need to get her upset and hurt the little things" I said. I then remembered Quil didn't know about the whole phasing thing.

"Carlisle said she can't phase because it would hut the little things" I told him, I was at my house.

"You look scared Jake," Quil said.

"My dad still needs to talk to me if you know what I mean" I said he got it.

"Oh…I'm leaving then, who's doing patrol tonight?" He asked.

"Embry and Seth, I felt generous so I gave you the night off" I said, he laughed it off and walked back to his place. I opened the door and was welcomed by my two sisters'.

"Hanging out with Leah" Rebecca stated. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, she fell asleep so I came back here for awhile, I'm going back tonight cause Seth won't be there" I said, going into the kitchen for something to drink.

"What about Sue?" Rachael asked. Walking into the kitchen and leaning against one of the counters.

"She'll be there, but Seth wanted me to stay with Leah in case something happens," I said, downing the whole 2-liter bottle of coke in a minute.

"Well you are the father of the kid's oh and speaking of father, dad wants to speak with you alone in the living room," Rebecca said, getting off the couch.

"Where will you two be?" I asked.

"At Emily's, maybe stop off at the Clearwater's to see how our girl is holding up" Rachael said as her and Rebecca got out of the house. I sat on the living room couch just as my dad entered the room.

"I think you know very well what I'm going to talk to you about Jacob" My dad said, well of course I did. I just nodded as a response.

"Jacob, your not just dealing with Leah having one kid here, she's going to have two, you both still live at home and none of you have any income" He said, I knew the situation was bad, but we would get though it.

"I know Dad, I know we'll work something out," I said, hardly believing my own words. We would work it out, I just didn't know how.

"I know you both will, but you've gotten yourself into a pretty deep hole here Jake, in the next nine months you're going to have to be a dad, and I'm not sure if you're ready for that yet" He told me.

"Dad, I'll be ready for when they come along, I'm not going to leave Leah I'm going over to her house tonight so that nothing happens, I know what I did was stupid but I was drunk, I should have used protection but I didn't have any sense too at the time" I explained. Yes when Leah and I had sex we were both drunk, protection never even crossed my mind.

"At least you can own up to what you did, and at least your going to be there for Leah," My dad said.

"Of course I'll be there for her, it's partly my fault this happened anyways, plus dad even the Cullen's are agreeing to help us out," I told him. It was true the Cullen's were planning on giving us hand with things.

"Am I supposed to act surprised?" He asked, the old joking Billy back again. I laughed and shook my head.

"Not sure, I was somewhat shocked" I said turning on the T.V. Just as my dad was leaving to go to Charlie's I told him.

"I would also never abandon one of my pack members, no matter how bitchy or annoying they are" he smiled and left out the door. On the inside, I was still worrying over both Leah and our unborn kids.

Leah's POV

"Are you really going to force me to go with you guys?" I asked Rachael and Rebecca who were now standing above me. They were going to Emily's house and wanted me to come.

"Yes, you need some girl time" Rebecca said. I sighed; they would not give up no matter what I told him. I got up.

"Seth! I'm going to Emily's with Rachael and Rebecca, against my own will!" I shouted up the stairs. He shouted back saying something that sounded like an Okay. Wow, just an okay?

"Come on let's go" Rebecca said, pulling me out the door. I shook my head, some crazy friends I have. We were just walking when morning sickness stuck again. I ran to the nearest bush and threw up every last content of my stomach.

"Leah, you okay" Rachael asked, both of them ran over to me when they saw what I was doing.

"Yeah just stupid damn morning sickness again" I said, wiping away the sweat clinging to my forehead. I had the worst kind of taste in my mouth.

"Oh, okay let's go then Emily will have a fit if we're late" Rachael said, I laughed I wondered what Emily would look like if she were mad.

"She did what!" Emily gasped. We were sitting on the living room couches and I had just told her and the girls what went down at the Cullen's place.

"Yeah, that Bella got so pissed off she lunged at me, she's brawny and what she did ended up giving me a major fucking headache" I said, more gasps filled the room.

"That was uncalled for, and in front of her own daughter too," Rebecca said, still pretty shocked about the news I just laid on them.

"I know, sheesh, and I'm supposed to go back there too" I said, I swear I'd throw up if I had to look at that Bella again.

"At least you'll have Jacob there, I'm sure he wouldn't let something like that happen to you again" Emily said.

"I swear she better apologize to you, I could understand her just telling you off, but going and attacking you like that was way out of line" Rachael said, she couldn't believe what I had told her.

"Normally I wouldn't care about it, but I'm damn pregnant with twins and she has the downright nerve to go and attack me, I swear if anything had happened to the little things I would have ripped her head off," I said, putting my hands over my flat stomach.

It was then I felt the tears trickle down my chicks. I was crying, something I haven't done since I'd told Jacob, what happened at the Cullen's didn't count as crying. I was still taken aback just by the notion of what had happened earlier today.

"Oh Leah, it's going to be okay" Emily said wrapping me in a hug, Rachael and Rebecca looked sorry for me. Stupid mood swings.

"Yeah, but with these stupid mood swings I'm very sure I'll be giving Jacob a lot to deal with during the next nine months" I smiled and we all laughed.

Seth's POV

"Why are you asking me?" I asked Embry, he'd come over and we were just walking near First Beach. He was asking about what Jacob was going to do about his imprint.

"He probably doesn't know what he's going to do, this is a tricky position he's gotten himself into now," He said, I had to agree with him. If it were me and I had an imprint I would be downright confused.

"Yeah," Was the only response I had.

"Too bad we couldn't ask him," Embry said, changing his voice, I looked at him not all too sure what he was getting on.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked. I was scared to know what goes on the mind of Embry Call.

"Let's go ask him!" Embry said, smiling, man he looked excited.

"Really?" I asked he nodded.

"You have the right to know, and so do I seeing as I'm also his best friend" Embry said. I couldn't help but agree with him, Jacob wouldn't get too mad about us meddling into his private life.

"Let's go talk to Jake" I said, as we changed direction and headed off to Jacob's house.

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