The devil's match


What happens when two mean gangs cross paths the evil and the weird gang. These cruel people are meant to be the leaders. What will happens next??

Horror / Erotica
Slay queen
5.0 1 review
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Chapter 1

Mellisa pov

Wakey, wakey nut head I heard my sister yelled in my ears. Uhhh I am up when can you stop being so immature and act like a normal person, that is why I don't like alarms I want to wake when I want to okay, I said in my still sleepy tone. Okay well since you insist bye that's why I am going to stop being so kind hearted to people because they only take it for granted. Oh whatever and don't slam my fucking door like that again got it, I said I'm a very upsetting manner.

I went downstairs for breakfast. I was greeted by a marvellous odour of hot cocoa and Mac and cheese. Mom was in the living room watching her dumm movie that I don't see the sense in and she didn't even noticed me.

"Hey mom morning," Hey sweetie did you sleep well last night. Yeah no stupid nightmare. Okay well breakfast is ready and don't be late. Whatever mom I am twenty duh.

A few minutes later ---------------------------------------------------------

After a very delicious breakfast I went upstairs and had a shower........ When I was finish I went into my closet took out a normal red crop top a white classic jeans and a black converse. I sprayed my favorite cologne applied some red lipstick and no makeup cause that only makes people look fake. After I was all done I headed out I drove my own porche but my sister just took the bus since she was in elementary school.

I got a text message from my boyfriend Jason. Hey babe waiting for you at school. What the heck was he doing at school so early. I increased my speed and went off.

A couple minutes later.

I parked and the first annoying person I saw was Zendaya and her crew the enemies. Omg this will be so interesting, whenever these bitches try to compete against my gang oh shame on them their buts are always kicked. Sarah my best friend and her boyfriend David only four of us and they have six weirdos haha.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed find more in the next chapter peace ✌️

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