The devil's match

Chapter 2

Mellisa pov

" Hey babe I was here a few minutes ago." I heard a sweet voice said and I almost jumped out of my skin. "Whoa you scared me." "Sorry my bad," he said in a baby tone. "Oh no worries." "So you wanna grab some coffee," he said trying to change the subject. "Yeah sure."

A few minutes later...

"Hello good morning and how will you have your coffee today," asked the nice lady at the Cafeteria. "Oh me I will have mine warm in a milky way but low sugared." "And how about you gentleman," she asked Jason with a flirty look. "Oh I will take the same."okay coming right up. Damn she was juicy she had deep curves swinging by as she walk her hair was black and wavy and her breasts were ferm as a bambola. Any guy would die to swim in her. I said licking my lips.

Here you go enjoy. Thank you. We walked off and caught sight of Sarah and David I seems like they were talking about personal stuff so we decided not to interrupt. But who gave us the permission. " Whoa where do you guys think your going," they asked weirdly. Umm to another seat I guess. Well don't even thing about it. Oh no we're doomed.

Hope you enjoyed find more in the next chapter peace ✌️
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