The devil's match

Chapter 3

Mell POV

********* At home

Darn, that was a very long day ugh when will miss Thompson stop giving me chemistry homework that's like my worst nightmare. Now what the hell do I know about Atomic structure, right now I am failing chemistry because it's just too much damn topics in one subject I wish I could just skip all of this but even though science and math are my too favorite subjects and chemistry basically chemistry is science i just can't bother with it to me it's a whole different world.

"Honey its dinner time," I heard mom yelled from the kitchen. " Coming in a few," I yelled back.

I ran down the stairs and was greeted by the fresh aroma of lasagna and tortellini chips with Panna Cotta for dessert and some freshly made limoncello wine. Oh and did I mention my mom likes Italian food and drink and I kinda like the idea too.
"Hey dear you stuck what are you admiring so well,"she asked concerned. "Oh hey mom I was just admiring dinner ," I replied with a indistinct look. "Oh are you or you're just worried about your geography homework," my naughty sister butted in. " Putanna, perditi e fatti gli affari tuoi", I muttered.

Translation: Bitch get lost and mind your own business.

"Mija calm down," mom said with a pitied look.

" Mom, mom look at me I love you but sometimes this whore needs to be careful she is getting too far, you see when she is trying to intervene and i bush her I always get te blame but when she is interfering she always get away with it but that's not going to happen under my hands," I said angrily and stormed off to the dining table.

Oh come on honey let's be a kind family and sit and eat together, she said with her kindhearted look. "Mom I don't want this just leave mi alone".

Hey readers i know I have been taking long to update I am sorry for the wait but I will try and update every day stay tuned the book is just getting deeper please like and leave a review it would mean a lot to me and share with friends peace out ✌👌

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