Prisoner’s Conviction (Yandere Detective x Reader x Yandere Heirs)


(Y/n) woke in a room without her memory, knowing only what she was told by a redhead who was incredibly dedicated to her. She was told her family and friends abandoned her, she was left for dead, and that she was engaged to him. He gave her whatever she wanted, spoiling her with love and money, letting her do whatever made her happiest as long as he got to see her smile. But someone comes along claiming she was duped by him, told only what he wanted her to hear. Her life is flipped on its head, and still without her memories, she turns to the only people she can. Turns out, they were all playing the same game. Who’ll be the first one to fess up to their crimes?

Romance / Horror
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The room was empty. There was no sign of anything existing aside from the swirling colors of madness. A girl rested there, her eyes closed as if she was a sleeping beauty, waiting for someone to rescue her. Still, the opposite was true. Trust should not have come easily towards those with blurred memories, and yet, when boxed in by stiflingly enclosed quarters, it was only natural to gravitate to the door that trapped oneself.

It was only unfortunate that the door was Pandora’s box, unleashing all kinds of chaos and suffering on the world. She reached for the handle with such an oblivious nature, her eyes opening to the room she was in. On a bed in some kind of hospital, her eyes flitted open, heavy but still longing to see the outside world. The light that shone from the window was the first thing she directed her (e/c) pupils at.

Squinting and holding her hand above her head to block it out, she watched the translucent baby blue curtains being lifted by the tranquil wind. The glass was pristine with no semblance of uncleanliness or filth, a small table sitting under it. The wooden amenity had a luxurious bouquet of flowers resting on it in a beautiful gold vase, handmade cards resting by it. They appeared as though they were drawn by a child, scribbled with crayon, but with heart lingering in them.

Letting out a sigh, the (h/c) haired girl looked down at her hands, noting the hospital gown on her form. It felt odd to move her fingers as if she hadn’t been able to in months. That might as well have been the case, but it only felt like a moment or two to her. She winced. How long had she been out? Another wince. How had she ended up like that? A third wince and she felt great unease, noting the person next to her, resting his head on the bed.

With unkempt scarlet hair that went down to his neck and parted just slightly to the left, it sprawled out on the bedsheets. He laid on his slightly - but not overly so - pale hands that allowed him to rest his head. Freckles dotted his cheeks that formed a small bridge over his nose. The male looked familiar, but not enough for the (h/c) haired girl to recall his name. It slipped past her, a troubling thought. She had no idea who he was.

Startling herself when the thought of being alone with a strange young man caught up to her, she stumbled out of the bed, knocking over the golden vase in the process. Again, a frightened expression made its way to her eyes, especially when his eyes bolted open. Immediately reacting to her displacement, he moved quickly closer, almost tripping over his own feet in his haste.

When he reached her, she was able to take a more clear view of his face. The male had sparkling emerald eyes. While they were beautiful and prompted her to pause to look further at him, she noted the dried tears under them. Judging from the concern littered on his face, he was someone that was very close to her. If he had been by her side, collapsed, the male must have held her in high regard. She had come to the conclusion immediately when he hugged her tightly, weeping with relief.

“I haven’t seen your eyes in so long, darling!” he cried, cradling her head as if to help support her.

The younger girl gave a hum at his affectionate gestures. He didn’t even seem to care about the vase, telling her not to worry about it. The red-haired male only held her tightly, refusing to let her slip from his grasp again. Gentle though he was, something was unnatural about the tightness he embraced her with. Some emotion lingering beyond what she had knowledge of seemed to surround him.

It was a thick cloud of thoughts and feelings resting on his temple like a crown of despair. At first, looking at him, (Y/n) was slightly scared, but when she saw the look of pure joy on his face, it was clear he felt deeply for her. The love for her was deep in him, even noticeable in those eyes of his. He shook with relief at her recovery, having a true and unfakeable care for her wellbeing.

The (h/c) haired girl gave a concerned look. She didn’t know what she was to him, and to see someone so dedicated to her only made it heartbreaking. If he really did love her, it would have taken away the relief he had only recently gained. Sighing, she knew hiding it from him wouldn’t have been the best play. In fact, it might have been much better to just tell him. The doctors would soon regardless.

“I-I’m sorry,” she chuckled nervously, taking in a deep breath, “Who are you?”

The red-haired male blinked once or twice before he shook just a bit. He then let out a shaky sigh and placed his hand on his heart, offering his hand to her. When she took it, he pressed a kiss on the back of her hand, giving a charming smile while he closed his eyes. The male then gave a simple explanation so as to not shock her.

“My name is Shota Yasojiro. I’m your fiance.”

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