star woman


Laura was involved in a failed science experiment.However through her recovery, Laura gained super human ability’s. She begins to lose herself as she faces many obstacles. Along the way, Laura turns to her only chance she’s got. The dark side.. can Laura turn all her wrongs into rights?

Action / Romance
Lainey Morris
Age Rating:

ms taylor

Laura was her name. Laura Annette taylor. Born May, 9th, 1995 in Chicago Illinois. A smart girl, scientist per say. You know a normal nerd with glasses, that was Laura.She lived in a apartment on the corner of West St. A little far from her work but she seemed to manage. She worked at Bright Star Science Felicity. An intelligent place for intelligent people. Laura helped provide the science behind many phenomenons (really, anything the pentagon couldn’t figure out).
Monday morning. Strawberry bagel and a iced vanilla latte for breakfast. She was on her way to work.It was a big day for BBSF (bright star science felicity). A hard case just waiting to be cracked. Laura made it to work just in time.
“just in time ms.Taylor. Here are the reports for the day.Dr Clark instructed me to pass on the information to you”
“thank you morgan, but you know you don’t have to call me ms Taylor.We’ve been best friends for years.”
“I know but it’s a new job and your stressing me out”
“sorry security couldn’t get them out of the lobby”
“stupid paparazzi”.
Laura or as they call her ms taylor walked into the EDR (Experimental destruction room),a room for the big messes.
“Dr Clark!”
“big day huh?”
“i’m ready to roll Dr!”.
Today was the day.BBSF was going to harness the sun.well as they say.Scientists from all over the world gathered to pitch in.Their plan is to capture as many gamma rays as they can then reflect the rays onto a human being.Their test subject; Anthony Stan.9:00,10:00,11:00,it was time.
“alright Anthony,you ready?”
“ready as i’ll ever be Dr!”
“Anthony your body is about to experience extreme heat.your muscles will extract,your lungs will swell,and your brain will try to stop it but you will need to fight.”
“don’t scare me now Laura i’m already locked and loaded in here”
“nuclear reactor?”
“heat panels?”
“solar power systems engaged?”
“go for launch in ..”

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