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Out Of The Moon

Out Of The Moon

Once there was this young girl called Stephanie. Stephanie was born with the ability to dream an it will come true yet Stephanie does not know this ability she holds is with her. One fine day Stephanie was dreaming dreaming about one day she will win a game called Waco Wool. That day Stephanie won the game! Stephanie was shocked as she sucked at the game! She was proud that she decided to get some ice cream yet in her dream she would drop her ice cream having to get a new one.
Stephanie got some ice cream and as soon as she took a bite the ice cream fell she got a new one and it’s did not fall this continued for years years of constantly everything in Stephanie's dream coming true. When Stephanie realised she started seeing that everything in her dream kept on coming true she didn’t believe it at first but days kept on of her always having everything in her dream come true. The more she knew the more Stephanie remembered she decided the best way to see if it’s true is to dream about winning the lottery. But she wondered how she would be able to convince her brain to dream of winning a lottery!

When she realised about 4 months ago Stephanie could keep on controlling her dream “lucky?” She thought. Stephanie decided to suck it up and try her best to dream about winning the lottery she dreamt about it and suddenly it happened she could control her dream so the next day she went and bought the lottery. She bought a card and remembered in her dream she won 100m and as soon as she knew it she won the lottery she learns her ability and knew she had been very special to have and own this ability. After a phew years later Stephanie became the most luckiest person in the world!

She did get hate and rumours such as “she is a witch” or “she cheats she makes a deal with everyone and succeeds” and hate would more be like “SHE LITERALLY DOES NOTHING AND SHE GETS A PERFECT LIFE” “SHE DOES NOT DESERVE ANYTHING” “SHE DOES NOT WORK FOR ANYTHING” things like that but it did not stop Stephanie from doing the right thing. Though one thing did confuse Stephanie. “What would happen if I have a nightmare.” She didn’t think much of it until...

She started getting more and more curious she didn’t think it could be much harm so she decided to give it a try Stephanie never could have imagined what she had put herself through she had dreamt about a world disappearing and it spreading and Stephanie is left of humanity she falls down a hole leading her to a haunted house she would have to survive to get to the next stage and revive humanity yet there would be 10 stages and one by one she would have a timer each time she failed

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