The Secret ( On Request Story)


A girl tiptoeing walk inside a dark room and lock the door behind her .

She smiles wickedly before checking on the other girl who is sleeping peacefully then , she timidly walks the other side of the bed and get on top of a guy who is sleeping all naked .

She gets on top that guy and place herself just on top of his manhood .

She bites her lip before sliding his dick into her not so tight pussy . She has been sleeping with many guys since she turned 12 .

He guy moves in his sleep feeling something warmth and wet around his dick .

He moans softly in his sleep encouraging the girl to push him more into her .

She slides the entire length into her and sits silently staring at his face . She is taking time to decide whether she should start riding him or not .

Taking more than enough time she slowly starts moving her hips back and forth before raising her body a bit . She starts riding him slowly at first taking his dick all way into her making her ass grind on his things then pulling him out to his tip teasing him .

His dick harden more feeling the slow but passionate pussy around his dick .

He grabs the bedsheet in his sleep and moans .

She feels more encouraging and starts riding him faster now . With each thrust her boobs are bouncing under the short tank top . She hates to wear any bra and hide her perfect body.

The tank top that she is wearing now is no less than wearing nothing . The tank top is barely covering the pink round spot around her nipples .

She speeds up more , making bed jolting with each and every thrust . She knows the girl who is sleeping next to them takes sleeping pills so she is safe riding the man .

She stops and grind on his dick , making him twist inside her vagina .

This makes the man wake up and push her on the back and get on top of her .

He push her both legs around her head and holding the back of her thighs and he starts thrusting into her with so loud thrusts that the bed is now hitting against the cement wall .

The cracking sound of the bed and their bodies colliding sound is echoing in the dark room .

He push her more as she is now in a folding position. Her legs are tangled around her body . He grabs her ass and starts fucking her more harder like there is no tomorrow.

He groans as he feels her pussy tighten around his dick . She is squeezing his dick with her pussy walls making him go more wild .

He moans even louder but it sounds like a tiger groaning in pain .

He spanks her ass cheek leaving marks. With that very spank of her she reach her climax and let go all watery cum on his dick .

He keeps spanking her as he toss her on stomach and starts fucking her more wilder and faster as he leans on top of her and grabs her one breast , squeezing it like a tensed relief ball .

She moans going wild for his dick . She has been fucked by more than twenty boys but this is the best sex of her life .

Her pussy is dying to cum again as he is now hitting on her g spot rapidly.

“ Mmhm yess fuckkkkk ” he moans as he gives one last thrust making her eyes rolls .

“ Yess bhai...” she moans loudly , placing her hand on his hand . He squeeze her breast one more time before stop fucking her .

“ Bhai?” He stops and pulls out .

“ Who are you?” He moves and turn the bedside table lamp on .

“ It is me” the girl move and sit spreading her legs.

“ YOU!!” He gets the biggest shock of his life . He grabs a pillow and hide his manhood.

“ Dont worry bhai I saw it and felt it” saying that she starts fingering herself .

He wanted to look away but couldn’t help and keep staring at her pink pussy as she slides her third finger in .

He unconsciously grabs his cock and starts stroking himself .

She moves closer and hold her pussy up in the air as she puts her weight on elbows for him . “ Cum here” .

He shakes his head no but land up coming on her pussy . He gets up and pulls her on the edge as he stroke his dick and shot cum on top of her pussy .

She moans feeling the hot warm sticky cum . She starts rubbing herself but he stops and gets on his knees before pushing some of his cum into her hole with his two fingers .

He looks into her eyes before pushing his that two fingers into her and finger her only twice and pulls away .

“ Get out Nandini !” He yells in frustration and walk inside the washroom.

He couldn’t believe he just fucked his 16 years old sister in law .

He angrily pulls his hairs and scream in the shower .

“ What have you done Manik !! If Navya found out then she will kill you empty hand” .

Feeling guilty he left the house at 6 am in the morning cause he didn’t want to face his wife after fucking her baby sister .

To be continued..


First chapter !!

You guys are turning me into a literotica writer xD .

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