The Secret ( On Request Story)


The girl gets up after the guy left her on the bed all spread apart with cum on and in her vagina .

She smiles at her victory. She was trying to get on his pants since she entered into the house after her parents passed away .

Giving her sister a last look , she unlock the door and go to her room to take a sound sleep .

Later in the morning ,

" Nandini , I won't come tonight cause my shift is out of this city due to some safety reason so manage yourself . And , tell Manik that I love him when he returns back" saying that her sister Navya kiss on the side of her head and runs out as she was late for her duty reporting time .

" Okay" she yells after her sister left and finish eating her chocolate chips .

After finishing her breakfast, she called her one play toy and they fucked entire day.

" Okay now go , my brother in law will be home soon" she kisses the guy one more time and kicks him out .


Around 5 pm .

Manik returns back after a long tiring day at work . Being a millionaire is not a piece of cake .

He throws his coat on the couch and walks toward the bar area in the corner of the living room .

He pours himself a large glass of whiskey and gulp it in a go .

" Need help bhai?" He feels a hand on his back giving him a massage.

He almost leaned to the touch but retrains himself.

" Stop" he walks away from her and goes to his room . Then , taking out his phone he texts his wife's number to tell her he has reached home safely once the text got delivered he grabs his clothes and walks inside the shower .

He hangs clothes on the hanger then striping down , gets in the shower . The warm water is giving some mental relief .

He close his eyes and stand under the running water to drench all body pains .

Out of nowhere, he feels hot , very hot around his dick .

He opens his eyes which goes bewildered seeing Nandini has his dick in her mouth but he didn't feel any hand around him though .

He pulls away and turn around but it was no use as Nandini crawls and bowing her head takes his dick back in her mouth without even touching it .

He pulls away once again but this time Nandini stops him by grabbing his dick .

" Whats wrong bhai?" She licks the tip which makes his toes curl with pleasure but he stays still .

" Don't call me bhai !" He groans as she starts bobbing her head up and down sucking his dick into her mouth .

He holds her hairs as she takes him deep down her throat making him go wild .

"Fuckk fuckkk yess" he lost his sanity and starts fucking her mouth , making her choke and gag on his dick . He holds her head in place as he fucks her mouth very hard which make her close eyes with pain and finally , release himself deep in her throat .

" Go away" once done coming in her throat , he push her away and turns around to start washing himself .

" But why bhai?" She gets up after swallowing all his cum and hug him from behind .

" Dont you call me bhai anymore" he push her hands away from his body and turn to face her . " You lost the right to call me bhai when you .." he stops and grabs his towel .

" When i what bhai?" She asks innocently .

" When you rode my cock" he answers and walks out wrapping the towel around his lower body .

" But I always call you bhai so what changes if I rode your cock once?" She walks out all naked with his fresh clothes in her hands .

He takes those clothes from her and turning around he unwrap the towel from his waist and throws on her face . " Cover yourself" .

She gladly cover her body but comes in front of him when he starts wearing his trousers.

" Bhai I want..

" Stop calling me bhai . It's weird when you call me bhai after doing such stuff ." He gets ready and grab his comb .

" Why is it weird bhai?" Now she is calling him bhai intentionally to make his angry .

" Because, I have a sister myself and I don't want her to behave like this . You're not my sister but my sister in law so you better start calling me jiju/ brother in law" . He says in a go and walks out of the room .


Later at night-

Nandini decides not to bother him and they end up watching a movie together. Although , they maintain a minimal gap .

It is 1 am at night and a romantic movie is on where the couples are having sex .

Both of them are feeling hot in their personal parts but stays quiet .

Manik shifts in his couch and hide his dick from Nandini’s eyes .

While Nandini slide her fingers into her pussy and starts fingering herself .

Both of them wanted to jump on each other but both of them are waiting for the other one to take the initial step .

“ I need water” saying that Manik goes to the kitchen and Nandini lay down on the couch as she starts fingering herself more faster .

Her moans can be heard from the kitchen , it is making Manik go wild . He is loosing his sanity once again .

“ Fuckkkkk me jijuuu pleaseeeee” Nandini screams in pleasure .

This is it .

Like a vampire Manik rushes to her and pulls her up ......

To be continued...

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