The Secret ( On Request Story)


Manik pulls her up and press her against the wall and starts kissing her neck .

She grabs his hairs and tugs on them hard making him groan in pain .

He licks her sweet bud and press his cock on her pussy and grins on her .

" Ohh bhai" she moans .

" Jiju" he corrects her and starts unhooking her bra .

She is wearing a bra and panties only .

Unhooking her bra he bends down and push her up more so that he can easily take her nipple into his mouth .

She starts grinding herself on him making him more hornier .

" Fuck this" he groans and throw her on the dinning table and spread her legs wide.

" So wet for me" he leans in and smells her before ripping of her panties .

She giggles and rubs her clit .

" Fuckk" parting her legs more he takes her into his mouth and licks her pussy .

" Mmhm jijuuuuu" she moans and starts kneeling her breasts .

" Mmhm saali ji" he gets straight and takes his dick out through the zipper of his trouser.

" Fuckk me jija ji" she takes her nipple into her mouth and starts sucking it . This makes him more wild as he takes the other one into his mouth and bites on her hard .

Both of them get busy sucking her nipples as he insert one finger into her to make it easier but she is more than loose so he insert three fingers and starts fingering her harder .

" Ohh yessss jija jiiiii" she let go of her nipple and arch her back with pleasure . This gives Manik the chance to taste her other nipple and starts biting on it , chewing it like a gum .

Her body shakes from the wildness of his fingers and mouth .

He pulls away sensing her climax but he doesn't want her to finish this soon .

“ Wait here” saying that he runs into his room and return back with a packet of condom .

" I want to fuck you bitch" he holds her legs apart and wrap the packet condom on his dick .

“ Why that?” She pouts and he glares at her before pushing in.

" Fuck you whore .. you're so loose for me" he gives the hardest thrust of her life making her body slide away on the glass table , making her breasts bounce so jolt that they hit her chin , and making her pussy cry with pain .

She screams at the very first thrust of his .

She almost regret coming to him .

" Aahhhhh yessss ohhh my myyyy" she keeps Moaning as he keeps thrusting into her loose pussy . It can not satisfy his needs so in his mind he is noting down to fuck her ass hole next time .

He grabs her and toss her on the kitchen counter and starts fucking her from behind in doggy style .

Making her scream more as he is hitting on her g spot every now and then . He grabs a spatula and spank her with it .

She screams more and her body jolts from the climax . She squirts all over his dick but he was no where close to cum .

He spank her one more time and turn her waist to toss her into other position when the door bell rings .

He stops fucking her and stay still .

“ Who could it be ?” He asks himself and grab her sides more tightly cause he is not done .

“ Dont go” she replies and he resume fucking her this time she is pushing her body back and forth , riding his dick while he is fucking her all four .

The bell rings again and he spanks her last time .

“ Let me go and check , you stay here whore” he pulls out and licks her wet pussy .

“ Mmhm okayy jija ji” she moans and he push his dick back into his trouser . He smiles seeing the wetness in his trousers , it’s all her cum and wet juices .

“ Coming” he yells and run towards the door .

“ Who is dying ?” Nandini yells and Manik replies “ wait” .

He answer the door and there standing his lovely wife.

To be continued..

Short Chappy ..
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