One teardrop for every letter


"As I was reading her letters, the paper was getting wet because of my teardrops...How can someone carry all this pain and still smile like sunshine?"

Romance / Mystery
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"Why do you always ruffle my hair whenever you pass beside me?!" the girl I always annoy on purpose complains about my behaviour while trying to remake her hair as it was before. I laugh at her expression which I know by heart when she is annoyed or angry, but she slaps me on abs after seeing my reaction to her cute angry state.

"Don't put much effort, you're ugly anyway" I don't stop, shooting my last shoot before running away from her who runs after me to catch me but my speed will tire her for sure. I stopped as soon as I heard gym teacher's loud whistle but feeling someone bump into my back because of my sudden stopping. I turn around and see her little body on the ground, her hand on her head.

I bend down stretching my hand for her to hold and stand up but she slaps my hand away with glare I am used to see after making her angry. She puts her hands on ground to stand up and stomps away without turning around.

"Jungkook," I turn around to see who calls me and I see one of my classmate coming towards me the ball in his hand. I drop my eyes on the ball feeling betrayed. I hope they didn't play without me. "Wanna play in round 2?" Donghyun asks slightly panting because of their previous match.

"You guys played the first round without me?" I punch his arm, making her put his hand on the place I hurt him. "You were busy with playing with that girl, so we thought you are interested in her more than football" he talks pointing the girl who sits on the bench looking at her feet, swinging them from right to left.

"You should have asked me you know...Anyways, I am gonna beat your asses in this match" I say smirking before taking the ball from his hand, heading towards the match area.



As I sit on the bench, I watch the boys who run after the ball on the green grass. I never thought football is a useless or boring game that the players run after a ball, it's just I am not interested in it. But I guess I have nothing else to do. The girls of the class are chatting with each other but they wouldn't like if I showed up there.

Jungkook waves at me from far, still running after ball until one of his friends slaps on his chest to get his attention back to the game. I roll my eyes at that annoying guy who always pretends as if he is my friend so he can mess with me in an annoying way. I just don't like this guy.

From corner of my eye, I see the group of the girls who always bullies me like Jungkook does. I can feel my anxiety take over me, so I stand up to go somewhere else rather than being insulted by those girls but a strong grip on my wrist stops me from escaping from them.

I slowly turn around but only face with a girl who smirks at my state, chewing her gum loudly. "Where do you think you are going, loser?" she lifts one eyebrow up, making her intimidating look scare me more. I try to get out of her grip but instead she tightens it around my wrist, making me wince in pain.

"You are hurting me...let go!" I try once more but her witch-like laugh hits my ears, tears filling my eyes, feeling humiliated under her presence. "My purpose is to hurt you, babygirl" she brings her face closer to mine, looking into my eyes intensely, my knees shaking because of the anxiety and stress.

"Deiji, let's go...Mr.Jung comes towards us" one of her friends tells with worry in her voice. She instantly drops my wrist, turn around quickly to disappear from Mr.Jung's sight. I watch them disappear but one question fills my mind. What the hell did I do to them so they could hate me like this?

I flinch at the warm hand on my back. I turn around and see Mr.Jung's worried eyes on my pale face. "Chija, are you okay?" he asks as he lowers his gaze. I am gonna tell 'yes' anyways, so why are they asking?

I nod before bowing and making my towards the building only to cry without anybody's gaze or "are you okay?" questions. I want to cry without any judgement.



"Mr.Jung, have you seen Chija?" I ask only to find the person who always makes me laugh and makes me smile,without saying anything but fills my heart with happiness. But despite of the fact that I looked for her everywhere, she is nowhere to be seen.

"Ah, I guess she went towards the school building," he puts his eyes on the building and I bow to him before running to the building. I enter the building and walk to our classroom, assuming she might be there probably studying. My eyes scan the whole classroom but she is not here either.

I walk to the girls' toilet but check my surrounding to be sure no one watches me, so they wouldn't think of me as pervert. I knock on the door. "Chija?" I ask softly behind the door but only hear sniffing sounds as a respond. I furrow my eyebrows thinking of it as crying.

I knock once more but louder this time. "Chija? Are you there?" I raise my voice little bit but still not hearing anything. I wrap my fingers around the doorknob to grip it. "I am gonna open the door" I warn the person behind the door.

" don't come in and disappear please" I hear the weak voice of the girl which I know very well. "Okay, I'm waiting here" I cross my arms in front of my chest waiting for her to come out from the bathroom. Why was she crying?

I was deep in my thoughts until I heard the door open and reveal the little body of the girl whose eyes were looking down on the ground. She walks away ignoring my presence but I stop her by putting my arm in the air to block her way.

She looks at me with a blank expression but only letting me see the redness and puffiness in her eyes. "Why...why were you crying?" I ask furrowing my eyebrows but she only rolls her eyes to escape from me. I run to block her way again and she sighs out of being tired of my actions.

"If you don't answer me right now, I am not gonna let you go out," I stare at her thinking it might affect on her so she would start talking but instead she scoffs. "Why would you want to know that? Aren't you one of those?" she looks at me with the same blank expression.

"One of those? Those who?" I ask not understanding neither the meaning of her question nor the people she refers to. She leaves me with the questions in my mind and walks to the class after the bell rings loudly in my ears.

"Jungkook," the voice of my friend makes me realize how long I've been staying on my spot without moving since the bell rang. "Yes?" I put my eyes on Donghyun who slightly chuckles at my dumb expression. We go to the classroom before the teacher get angry at us for being late.


As I enter the classroom, I see the girl who left me with the questions that I want to find the answers. She sits near the window in the last desk without anyone sitting beside her. I take this opportunity and run to sit beside her. My loud sitting sound flinches and she instantly drops her eyes on me. I smile cheekily but she rolls her eyes to face with the window again. How can a window be more interesting than me?

"What? You came here to annoy me again?" she asks without looking at me, tired sigh leaves her mouth. As she is facing with the window, her shiny hair is in my sight. Her chocolate brown hair looks so soft that makes it hard for me to stop myself from touching it.

She slowly turns her head to face with me again, looking at me suspiciously. "You haven't answered my question" she eyes me curiously. "I didn't come here to annoy you, I am just gonna ask the same question that I asked in the corridor..." I finish my sentence, waiting for her to answer my question. I don't know why I worry about her but something inside my heart says that something is wrong.

"I wasn't crying..." she lowers her gaze to put them on her thighs. Why would she lie about her crying? I don't wanna make her uncomfortable so I don't ask much anymore. "It isn't your seat, please move" she demands showing my seat with her index finger. I don't want to sit with that annoying spoiled girl. She gets on ny nerves. I think sitting with Chija isn't a bad idea.

"No, from now on, my offical seat is here - beside you" I tell her about my decision looking in her eyes but she avoids my gaze and looks at somewhere else. I chuckle at her avoiding me, putting my hand under my chin to admire her. Yes, admire her because she is really pretty but I like to annoy her anyways.

"I don't want someone sit beside me" she states turn to put her eyes on me again, making my heart beat faster than usual and I don't understand why. Now, it is me who avoids her gaze, looking around to play it cool. " might be a great opportunity for you" I smirk before turning my head to meet her gaze once again. She lifts her one eyebrow up with a questioning look on her face.

"Oh? How so?" now she crosses her arms in front of her chest. "Well...if you let me sit by your side, you will have fun. For example, is it a boring lesson? Then play with me. We'll play some paper games. By the way, I always win. Is it a hard quiz? You can copy from me because I cheat and copy from the book, so there won't be any wrong answers" I look at her with a proud expression on my face but instead she chuckles melodicly.

My shoulders relax as they drop slowly, I admire her chuckling. Her voice is so cute when she laughs. "Okay...but don't annoy me!" she warns me, stretching her index finger in front of my eyes. I nod and the teacher comes in.
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