Bittersweet lies


" All the evidence is pointing to you Areum" "It wasn't me Detective Kim , I swear ! I could never kill Jennie" " You've been in Gangnam High for less than 6 months yet everyone seems to despise you, why is that?" "Because I've pissed off the queen..." Park Areum , 18 years old. Her parents died last year in a car accident and now has to live with her grandparents, she goes to the richest highschool not being the richest herself. She somehow catches the eye of the school's princess and manages to get involved in a murder , did she really kill Kim Jennie?

Mystery / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 welcome to Gangnam High

(Areum's POV)

I lace up my doc martens and get ready for the first day of school. It's been a year since my parents died and I've finished moving all belongings in my grandparents house. My grandparents live in Gangnam, it's a pretty rich area it's not what I'm used to back home.

"Areum ! Breakfast is ready " my grandma yells. I hed down stairs and look in the mirror. This is by far the shortest skirt I've ever worn in my life , I hate skirts but in Gangnam High it's compulsory to wear them. My grey skirt , white shirt and dark blue blazer make me look like the perfect highschool student , I grab my backpack and go straight to the kitchen where I'm met with my grandparents.

"Oh Areum you look so beautiful ,just like your mother " grandpa says.
"Thanks pop's" I smile
" Are you nervous honey ?" Grandma asks. " Just a little, but I'll be fine"
" I made your favorite , pancakes !"
" You didn't have to ma"
" Oh but I did , today is a special day ! Now eat up or you'll be late for the bus" I finish my pancakes and walk to the bus stop , most of the kids in Gangnam High take their private limo's to school but not me , it's okay actually I don't mind it gives me more time to myself . I hop on the bus and pop my earphones in my ears and look at the scenery while driving to school .

After going through reception and getting all my class schedules I hed to my locker only to be met by a tall girl with pink high heels and a matching pink gucci handbag standing beside it." Hi I'm Jisoo!" She says "You must be the new girl , Areum am I right ?"
"Yea, hi " I say lowly not wanting to draw attention to the people walking by. " Well I'm here to show you around , but right now I'm quite busy why don't you hang out with me in lunch ?" At least I won't be a total loner today.
" Thanks I'll do that"
" I've gotta go see you soon Areum !"
As Jisoo leaves I turn around bumping into a tall very ,very good looking man. My books fall on the floor and he helps me pick them up very cliche I know . " I'm so sorry " I say
"It's okay it happens, hey I've never seen you around, are you a new here?"
"Yea I'm Areum , nice to meet you" I put my hand out and he pulls me into a hug . " Hahahah sorry for that but I'm more of a hug then handshake kind of guy " he smiles " But I'm Jung Hoseok , you can call me Hobi tho , maybe I can show you around some time ?"
" I'd like that very much actually" I say shyly . I mean who is gonna say no to this hot man right here ?!?!?! As I'm about speak someone beats me to it
" Hobi ! Bro, Do-ah has been looking all over for you " he says completely ignoring my existence.
" Well I don't care Taehyung , look Areum we'll talk later I have to go " he says before walking away , clearly this "Do-ah" put him in a bad mood I wonder why. When I look again I'm standing alone in the halls, looks like I've got to find Mr.Kim's class by myself then.

" Late on your first day Ms.Park?"
"Sorry sir I was lost it won't happen again."
"It better not , take a seat next to Jennie in the corner over there "
Even the teachers in this school are handsome how am I going to survive?
Me and Jennie became friends quite quickly , she's not scared to speak her mind and she's actually best friends with Jisoo so we decided to go to lunch together.

" I see you've met Jennie " Jisoo speaks
"Yea she's pretty great actually "
"Of course I am " Jennie says
We all laugh till I see a group of gorgeous girls sitting next to Hobi.
"Who are they ?" I ask pointing in the direction where they are sitting, Jisoo quickly takes my hand "Don't point like that , they might see" she says.
" And to answer your question , that girl in the Saint Laurent heels is Kim Hana, her dad owns the school and she is the school's princess."
" She's a little whore if you ask me " Jennie adds " she is dating Jungkook the one sitting next to her , he is the school's jock he is amazing in every sport there is , but books not so much , they are the school's power couple " Jisoo says . " I heard he was on steroids " Jennie is quick to say .
" That's not true !" Jisoo defends
" Anyways , the guy with the blonde hair , he is Jimin , the school's playboy and he is the best dancer there is , he has won so many awards for his dancing , Jimin and Taehyung are best friends , Taehyung the one with the grey hair , yea his a little trouble maker, he plays pranks on the girls all the time , he is also Kim Hana's step brother "
" They so fuck everyday " Jennie blurts out
" I thought Kim Hana is dating Jungkook?" I ask
" Yea and she fucks Taehyung when they get home , I heard she was forced to date jungkook anyway since her dad gambles their money away"
" Jennie stop spreading rumors we don't know the truth !"
" Whatever " Jennie rolls her eyes
" Back to what I was saying , Kim Hana has 2 best friends Do-ah and Ju-kung , Do-ah is dating Hobi and Ju-kung is dating Rosé yes they are lesbian if you're gonna ask , Rosé is Gangnam's cheerleading captain."
" Their whole friendship is fucking sus" Jennie says
" Why do you say that Jen?" I ask
" Well for starters like I said Hana and Taehyung are way too close and the way Jimin looks at Hobi is weird like he's hungry or something , Jungkook looks mad all the time and Do-ah and Hobi's realtionship is on and off so much like they should just break up and never get back together." I look up only to see Hana smiling too sweetly at me , then she stands up and makes her towards me with her 2 best friends.
" Hi I'm Hana , you must be new here I've never seen you around " she says
The more I look at her the prettier she gets , her long black hair flowing off her shoulder's, her bangs brushed perfectly over her eyebrows , her black winged eyeliner and glossy pink lips make her like a legit princess.
"Yes I am , I'm Areum nice to meet you."
Her friend Do-ah was only wearing Chanel and Ju-kung giving us the stink eye.
" I'm quite busy today , but how about you spend lunch with us tomorrow ?" Hana asked me , before I could answer Jisoo beat me to it.
" We'd love to!"
" Okay then see you girls tomorrow " she winks and walks off with her friends , her hips swaying side to side.
" What the hell Jisoo , I never agreed to eating with that bitch !" Jennie says
" Come on it will be fun , please guys I've always dreamed of this " Jisoo pleads with us . " Sounds like a nightmare to me Ji" Jennie says
" Come on Jen just one lunch please !"
" Fine , just once " Jennie finally agrees. " Why do you hate her so much Jen?" I ask
" That's a story for another day "

(Hana's Pov)

" Why did you ask them to have lunch with us Hana ?" Ju-kung asks
" Well I saw her flirting with Hobi, you wouldn't want some bitch stealing your man now would you Do-ah?"
"Oh you're evil Hana" Do-ah laughs .
" Something tells me we're about to have alot of fun with the new girl "

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