You’re his precious poison.

Romance / Action
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Chapter One

The scribbling of pen on paper made your eyes droop, and for the ink to accidentally smudge, making you inwardly groan, too tired to do it aloud. You put your pen down and threw your head back, sighing. Eyes making their way to the clock in the corner of the room, you sighed, yet again when it had already been an hour since you started writing and yet nothing would come to mind.

Stretching, you grabbed the pen again and started doodling little ideas in your small notebook. When the door creaked open, interrupting you which you were quite thankful for, you saw the messy mop of brown you loved, peeking through.

"You're up early belladonna," he chirped, somehow sounding fully awake despite looking like the opposite. "How's the novel doing?"

"Quite terribly," you muttered, rubbing your temple. "I can't think of anything... too tired."

"Mm." Dazai came up to you with a few graceful strides and nuzzled his head in your messy hair. His voice was muffled as he spoke. "You should come back to bed, the sun isn't even up yet."

"Yeah," you agreed, Dazai standing up tall and gesturing for you to put your hand in his so he could help you get up. You giggled. "You're such a gentleman."

He chuckled. "You know I'm anything but."

As he guided you to the bedroom gently, he slowly let go of your hand to get in bed, you following after. "Did you get some rest?" You asked softly, as you rested your head on the pillows, facing him.

"Surprisingly, yes," he answered. "Losing your warmth made me wake."

"I'm sorry," you whispered as you caressed the side of his face. "Have any plans for today?"

Dazai turned to face you instead of the ceiling, and held the hand that caressed his face. "Suicide."

"The usual then," you frowned, slipping your hand out from under his.

Dazai used the hand he had been holding yours with to tug at your lips, trying to make them go upwards. "If you're so upset we can"-

"No double suicide, ask another woman."

He sighed, giving up. "You know I wouldn't actually do such a thing."

You mumbled incoherent words in agreement, eyes drooping down. Dazai smiled softly. "Get some rest Belladonna."

The whole day, you'd been on adrenaline. You'd been writing nonstop, your fingers clicking and clacking on the keyboard, your pen moving flawlessly on paper. Later at night, when your rush had slowed, you realized you hadn't eaten all day. The hunger had been suppressed while you were writing and now you felt how loud your stomach was grumbling, you decided it was time to eat.

Dazai was at work at the detective agency, as usual, and so you didn't expect him to be home by dinner, deciding on eating by yourself. As you were cooking your food, impatience was coursing through your veins, replacing the adrenaline.

Waiting for food to be made was torture. Luckily, a distraction was found once your phone rang. Quickly picking it up, you heard the voice of a dear friend. "L/N-san? Are you home?"

"Yes, can you not find Dazai?" You asked. He called you a lot, for one specific reason; to find Dazai.

"No,I can't," he sighed. "Is he with you?"

"No, sorry," you answered. "How about you check the river? He might be suiciding."

"Good idea, thank you L/N-san. How you put up with living under the same roof with him..."

You laughed. "I manage."

With a bit more forced small talk, you both bid your goodbyes and ended the call, and since luck was on your side today, your food had finished as well.

A bit after you'd finished, and decided to lay on the couch watching whatever you pleased on the television, your phone rang again. Checking the contact, you answered, a small smile gracing your lips. "Hello?"

"Belladonna. I'll be later than usual today." Your smile fell. "Don't wait up on me and rest, alright?"

"Oh.. yeah, sure." You'd wanted to show him all that you'd done for your novel today, but you guessed you'd have to wait. Oh well.

"Don't be upset dear," Dazai said, easily noticing your tone. "I'll be home soon, it's nothing dangerous. It's been a rather eventful few hours, I'll tell you all about it when I get home."

"Of course," you tried to sound more excited, probably doing well enough to fool a normal boyfriend, but Dazai was far from such a thing.

"Bella"- "I'm okay with it I swear!" You interrupted. "I-I'm used to it. Have fun at work."

And you ended the call. You put your phone on silent and returned to watching whatever was on the tv, not paying attention. You were extremely petty, you knew that, but was it too much good luck in one day to have ideas fill your head all day, eat a satisfying dinner, and go to bed with your boyfriend. You weren't asking for much, right?

As the time ticked by, each second passing by with a tik and tok from the clock, you stayed on the couch, using the pillows to warm yourself up, as you tiredly watched the boring shows on the screen. Eventually, they lulled you to sleep.

Dazai opened the door slowly, not wanting to wake you in the middle of the night and make you more mad at him. He tensed up when he heard noise, but calmed down when he realized it was coming from the big screen in the living room.

But then he tensed up again, realizing you never let the tv play on, complaining about the electricity bills all the time. Worst case scenario, you were simply watching tv and someone had broke in, kidnapped you, and were now torturing you while making a threatening video about murdering you unless Dazai came and gave them whatever they wanted.

He rushed to the living room to see a clump of pillows on the couch. He tilted his head to get a good view of you asleep on the couch, using pillows as blankets. He smiled, taking in how peaceful and lovely you looked. In a few hours you'd be mad at him again, so it was best to take in your happy self while he could.

Walking over to you on the couch, he got in the best position he could to pick you up and off the couch. Sleeping on it would always make your back hurt in the morning, so it was best he take you to bed to get you in a better mood in the morning.

As he scooped you up, struggling a bit since he needed to be careful, he felt you move in his arms. He stooped, trying to be as still as possible so you would go back to sleep, but his luck didn't seem to be on his side, he realized, as your eyes fluttered awake.

"Osamu?" Your groggy voice was still one of the most beautiful things Dazai had ever heard.

He grinned. "In the flesh. Let's get you to bed, mmh?"

"No, it's fine," you grabbed onto the corner of the wall, to stop him from moving forward. You fought out of his grip- he tried holding you tighter but not so much to the point where it hurt and you couldn't get out- and walked away to the bathroom the moment your feet touched the floor.

"Belladonna?" Dazai whispered softly, near the bathroom door, that you were on the opposite side of. "Can you please tell me what's bothering you?" No response, just the sound of you brushing your teeth. "Please?"

He heard you spit out the paste in your mouth, then the sound of water running. He saw the doorknob twist, but the door didn't open. "Don't laugh," he heard you say.

"I would never," he said lovingly.

"I-, um... I just felt lonely. Well, at first, my day was going really well but near the end I realized it would have been so much better with you. And the time you were supposed to come at and wrap up the great day I've had so far... well, you didn't. It was like an unwrapped Christmas present where the wrapping is more valuable than the present."

"I'm so sorry sweetheart," he apologized. "I know it's late but how about I wrap that present for you now?"

The door slowly opened, the more sight he had of you, the bigger the smile on his face. "I'd love that."
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