The Gap Between You and Me


Yeona is the sheltered, and so very innocent, daughter of Count Min. Ten is the charismatic and adventurous son of a carpenter with the apparent voice and face of an angel. How will them meeting affect Yeona's life and her perspective on her world? This is a classic tale with some modern twists mixed within. This combination will bring more life to the classic concept of a count's daughter and a carpenter's son.

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Author's Note

Hello, I just wanted to make some things clear before you guys go into the first chapter.

1.) This story is meant to be read as if it is being narrated(because it is).

2.) Some of the dialogue may be a bit weird, but please bear with me until I can get it fixed for you.

3.) This is my first story, so I would appreciate it if you could give me constructive criticism.

I hope you like this book and stick with it to the end. Thank You!

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