The Gap Between You and Me

Chapter 4

After Mark's words from the previous night, Ten decided that if he was going to stop seeing her for good, he was going to have to see her for the last time.

He set out for the Count's house on foot, so as to not draw attention to the front gate.

Based on where the stairs that she had walked down were located, he decided that he would have to climb the tree at the side of the mansion.

One of his old friends, Sicheng, used to say that he was the most flexible man that he had ever known. He used these memories as encouragement and began shimmiing up the tree to a balcony with a large glass door.

When he reached the balcony's level he couldn't see anything because of the drapes on the other side of the door. He jumped onto the balcony and tested the door.

It was open.

He pushed the drapes aside and walked inside.

Meanwhile, Yeona was at her desk writing letters. Since her father was busy preparing things for the ball, it was her job to write and send out the invitations. After a few hours of writing, Yeona sat back in her chair and massaged her sore hand.

200 invitations down, about 3,000 more to go.

She sighed and looked at herself in the mirror. She thought back to Taeyeon's words.

Why would Henry Lau, of all people, want to ask her to the ball?

Her status wasn't as high as the other women and she wasn't as pretty as them as well.

No matter how hard she thought, she could't find an answer.

She walked back to her desk and sat, getting ready to write more invitations.

That's when she heard a thump coming from her balcony.

She turned, her eyes fixated on a slight shadow on the other side of the drapes.

A click indicated that the knob on her door had been turned and that the door was being opened.

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