The Gap Between You and Me

Chapter 7

"Make me yours?"

Yeona was currently in the library. An open book before her, but her mind somewhere else. Their encounter was something that she had never expected. When she saw him, she thought that she had finally had a chance.

She was wrong.

"How could you possibly even think that?" She scoffed.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I am a woman of high class. You are a carpenter's son. What gave you the idea that it would ever work between us?"

She could see by the look on his face that she had hurt him.

"I may be poor and not have much to offer. I may not have enough education to make money, but I make it with what I create with my own two hands. That is more valuable than anything you could buy. At least, unlike those other rich guys, I know how to appreciate something when I get it. Especially when it comes to a woman such as yourself."

With those final words, he got up and left.

Now, as she looked back on it, she regretted it.

Forget your title. Forget your father. Forget your life. You need to fix this.

Ten lay awake on his cot, Mark was sound asleep next to him, as they shared one. He played with Mark's hair as he stared up at the cieling, just to have something to bring him down to Earth while he was thinking. Too much thinking could cause something like earlier that day to repeat itself.

"Ten?" said a sleepy Mark.
"Mhm? What's up, Markie?"
Mark slowly took Ten's hand off his head, "What have you been thinking about lately? You've been spacing out and almost messed up a project earlier. You were also staring at your hammer as if it broke your heart."
Ten yawned, "Don't worry about it, Markie. I'll go back to normal in no time. I'm sure it's just temporary."
Mark propped his himself up with his elbow, "I don't think you will. Whatever it is that's bothering you, it's better to confront it head on."
"Alright Markie, I will. Just stop worrying and go to sleep."
Ten looked at Mark, who's eyes were already drooping with sleep.
"Okay. Goodnight, Cheeto," he slurred. In no time he was fast asleep."
"It's Chittaphon," Ten whispered to with a smile.
"It's Chittaphon, alright," he said once again before falling asleep at last.

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