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Mazion Tyl: The Apprentice (Rework in Process)

By Zach Halteman (epic146)

Action / Scifi


Mazion Tyl is a poor scavenger on the Forest Moon of Endor. He lives a lonely life with no parents to guide him. His only friend is an Ewok named Kega. As Salvatore, Avin Dimordo, and Karik Bane flee, they crash on Endor. On the planet, they meet Mazion, and a new journey awakens.

I: No One Else

Life as an orphan has its... ups and downs. For example, I pretty much can do what I want with no discipline. But, I have no one to spend time with. Well, there's always Kega. He's my caretaker. He is one of the Ewok village elders and was put in charge of me based off of my parent's will. I always wondered why my parents liked Endor. It puzzled me. The views are nice, but how they could put up with these small bears? I'll never know.

I sat up on my bed, looking at my small room inside my hut. It isn't much, but it makes do. There's a small, but efficient gas stove for my food and a medium sized pantry. I have a few hooks for whatever jackets I have left and that's pretty much it.

I wish I felt important in this world. Right now, it seems like I'm just your run-of-the-mill poor boy. I wish I could be something more. But most people never get that chance. The fact that there's no one else for me... no one who can give me help or be my friend. It just hurts.

Dakarus leaned against his walking stick, exiting his large hut. He thought of Mazion, his grandson. When his son and daughter-in-law died, he elected Kega to watch over young Mazion, not himself. He felt unworthy to raise him. So, he lived in secrecy inside of a secluded underground village on the moon of Endor. It wasn't much, but it was home to a few Ewoks and even a Wookiee.

Dakarus worked as a mason, creating stone weapons for Ewoks. His business was called DT Inc., hiding his true name from any people looking for him. Dakarus had committed several crimes of treason against the First Order and is heavily wanted. The galaxy is not a safe place for him.
Dakarus hopes to one day be reunited with his grandson. Such dreams are quite adventurous for him, however. After years of running and hiding, his age is catching up to him. So, he lives in silent onlooking as his Mazion grows...
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