Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn


Welcome to this Star Wars adventure. This story interloops into another writers, who is a good friend of mine, Zachary. Check out his story about Karik Bane who is based off me from a video game.

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My name is Drag Crygorn. I'm recording this so you and other mandalorian troops will know of my story. I was born in the era of peace when everything was perfect. Until I turned 17 life was great on my home planet Mandalore. I went through what every aspiring Mandalorian Warrior would go through. Long years of training, messaging family and friends with my transceiver, playing with holo-decks. Everything was normal until I was accepted into the military as a border guard. With the empire collapsed and all planets left to be taken over by the First Order. I with my squad was there to not let us have to be captured and moved to Concord Dawn again. Now enough with my backstory, lets get into the good stuff!
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