Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

The Journey Begins

I wake up with the three suns of Mandalore blaring through the window. As I slowly make my way out of bed I reach at my mantle for identification card. I take a look at it, still dumbfounded by the night before when I was marked as an adult and am now able do draft into the military. Wow, 17 already! I thought in my head. I make my way out the bedroom door and into the living room where my parents await. I slowly slide my half-asleep body into the rough MandaWood chair. “Drag?”

“Yes father?”

“Are you still going to sign up for the military today?”

“Why wouldn’t I? I have been training for it since I was 5.”

“I know, just remember what I said?”

The words that were repeated from my fathers mouth thousands, no exaggeration, repeated once again in my head. Only a few are lucky enough to make it into the military without leaving on the first day, you need to stay strong. I had always wondered what he had meant. What could be so bad? Its not like i’m going to be facing a near death experience. “Yes father I remember.” I begin to eat my cold breakfast that had been waiting in the room since I walked in. Should’ve woken up sooner. I gulp down my whole plate in about 30 seconds and get up. So anxious to go and draft, I run around the house getting clothes and other items needed for the “audition” that comes with the draft. I place my arm on the door knob. I look at my parents for the last time before going away. I smile and make my way out the door.

As I walk across the rocky ground of Mandalore, I notice my friend Skol come near me. As kids we always had discussed our difference in species, him being a Zobrak and me a human. It was always a discussion that we talked about because when the two majority races of Mandalore were friends, was a really race occasion. “You signing up two?” I ask Skol.

“Yeah, i’m sorta scared though.”

“We’ll be fine, its gonna go great!”

“Fine, got any portions on you?”

“Yeah, I have a few”

I slide a portion out from my pocket out and hand it to Skol, who immediately runs to the concessions. I laugh as I think, fat Zobraks. Zobraks are a weird race. With all those tiny horns sticking out from their skull and their skinny bones and mouth like black holes. As you walk through the separate towns of Mandalore, you begin to notice if that your getting closer to the downtown area with the military base. Shiner building, newer tech. We turn on to stairs that lead to the subway. We hop on a transport barge and head towards the city. As we see the lights of the tunnels reflect across the tunnels, we are amazed how at each stop things get shiner, and there are more soldiers. Finally, stop 36 downtown. I hop off the train and walk up the titan metal stairs. I reach the top step. I pause and see Skol speed ahead. I take another step into downtown Mandalore, I feel an overwhelming sensation of joy. I look around me and see tons of buildings, skyscrapers made plastered with Holograms and propaganda. I continue to walk still dumbfounded by the size and shape of the buildings. “Wow” I say without noticing that I said anything. Skol runs back to me “Wow is right, we have 3 minutes till auditions start, HURRY!“.

I ran as fast as I could jumping over obstacle and skidding past people. Lots of people cursing at my clumsiness when I occasionally trip. People in downtown ain’t very nice... Then we see the building and I pause. “No time to wait Drag, lets go”. He runs back, grabs my arm and “drags” me along. I paused because the capitol building was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. With towering walls of all four sides and the occasional door, it was awful. It was not what I expected. Unlike other buildings this one was like a prison unit. Guards carrying E-11s gun us down as we try to open the door. “Halt, Identification”. I pull out my holocard and hand it to him. “Clear”. I head inside and Skol putting the holocard walks behind me. Guards line the pathway heading towards the audition room. “Your one minute late” the guard in the mandalorian armor told me with the T shaped visor. I stared blankly on the brink of going crazy. “Go on in” he tells me. I walk into the glowing room. “Name?” I see a man in the corner wearing all black. He stuck out like a sore thumb in the glowing room. “Oh, uhh, Drag, Drag Crygorn”.

“What is your most desired profession in the Military?"


For once in my life I had no idea what to choose. After at least 4 minutes my mind came to a decision. "Border Guard".

"Interesting choice, lets begin".

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