Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

The "Audition"

"As you can see behind you several old assassin droids are going to come through the wall, a protective electric shield will hide me from the assassin. You job is to destroy all 3."

I nodded and watched the shield appear. I looked at the blue screen separating us and my nerves kick in. An E-11 rifle comes through the wall. I walk over and place my hand on the cold rifle. A chill goes down my spine, C'mon Drag, you have been training your whole life, I thought. "I'm ready", I yelled. When I began I was confused. There was no assassin droid. All there was was an old blaster droid from the clone wars. I chuckled and the speaker turned on. "3, 2, 1, begin". The old droid came to life and sprung into action. I laughed and shot it while it was trying to take cover behind a small bolder that appeared from the ground. Dead. That was easy. "Round Two", shouted the speaker. A lifeless droid appeared from the wall. Different this time. After studying it for a few seconds I realized what it was. A super battle droid. "Begin". I run behind the rock and crouch down. Listening to the rapid fire of the hand blaster, my heart races and I begin to think of a plan. I look around me. Nothing... I put my head above the rock and begin to fire. Nothing is piercing its armor. This droid is as hard as a titanium. Then I feel stupid. It is titanium. I shoot its leg. The battle droid then falls to the ground continuing to shoot at me. I run faster than ever and kick the droid. The droid whines, and then I shoot it in the eye. Whew. "Round 3", shouts the speaker. Oh, Come on! "Begin". There was nothing here. I hold my E-11 tighter. Then something pops out of the wall and spins on the ground. At first I thought, Oh a nice brown BB droid. Nope. A droideka. An old droid from the clone wars that spins around and when stationary unfolds and a force field appears. A simple E-11 isn't going to pierce that shield. What am I going to do now?

Then I notice it. I duck behind the rock and grab what I hoped it to be. And I was right. A thermal detonator. Yes. I grab it and roll it so it will go inside the droids shield. Boom. Pieces of battle droid flies across the room. "Final Round, Border Guard audition". For once I was scared. Scared of what to come. A door appears in the wall. I walk into an even brighter rooms plastered with different panels. In the center is a box. "Go inside the simulator", the speaker blares. I open the door and slide into the darkness that is inside. Suddenly the box takes the shape of the front of a Delta-7 fighter ship. I then notice whats going to happen. A flight and battle sim.

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