Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

Flight and Battle

Suddenly the panels on the wall make a screen appear that shows the outer atmosphere of Mandalore. “Begin”, the speakers shout once more. The ship kicks into action and I instantly remember what I had been taught. I look down at the radar searching for enemies. Suddenly a red dot appears. I spring into action placing my ship in front of his. I quickly grab my helmet with the t-shaped visor. I press the button on the side and the speakers turn on. “Halt”, I say into the speakers. “State your business”. No words. A long pause. “Denied”, the enemy said. Then the cannons fire. Before he can hit me, I steer away. Using barrel rolls and other tactics to dodge his lasers. I then hit the turbo and speed ahead. The unknown enemy does the same. As he speeds up and tails behind me. I hit the breaks and he fly’s ahead of me. I then begin to shoot. I hit his left wing and he begins to tumble. He heads straight for Mandalore. I immediately hit the joystick and then the ship does a barrel roll. To protect the planet, I slam on the breaks and then fire a missile and shoot him to the other direction - away from the planet. “Complete, Drag Crygorn assigned: Border Guard. Squad: F-37. Squad leader: Tetsuhiko Shogun”. And at the Moment I heard the Speakers end I knew that the moment I had been training for so long has been just Completed.

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