Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

Squad F-37

The simulation ends. The panels flip back over to their bright shade of white. I place my sweaty hand on the doorknob. I open the door, and make my way out the room. After leaving the sim room, the audition room is different. Suddenly the bright lights are gone. The shield is down as well. “You did good, Crygorn. Make your way out. After leaving go straight then turn left. Tet should meet you there”. Tet must be short for Tetsuhiko. I make my way out the door, leaving the room feels weird. When I open the door, the happiness turns dark. Skol wasn’t there. “Wheres my friend?” I ask the guard? He got here to late. He has to wait till next year.

“What are you talking about he was with me!”

"Your Audition took to long."

I storm away furious. My hard feet stomp across the rocking ground. Something happened in the corner of my eye, every time I stepped on the ground, tiny rocks seemed to fly away. Even though I was furious, I laughed because I had a crazy thought. What if I had the force? But that was impossible, the force doesn't exist. Just a myth from the clone wars. Then the anger returned. How could they not accept him because my audition "Took to long". That's the stupidest thing ever! I reach the door and see who I think is Tet. "You, Tet?", I say still angry.

"Welcome F-37"

"Yeah, whatever".

Tet's tone was very sad, I wondered what was his problem. Then again, he was probably thinking the same thing as I was. I walk into the warm HQ. The smell of pies came from the cantina. You would have never guessed this was inside the capitol. It was actually nice. The floors titan metal and steel, there were arch's over doorways, it was amazing. Tet led me through the building. Something was weird about Tet. So quiet. He didn't even give me a tour, the whole time he didn't say a word, whole time. Then we made it to hall F. We walked through the hall way. The walls of our hallway were made with red cloth harvested from the sheep in the outskirts of Mandalore. Room F-37. I place my hand on the door knob, turn the handle and walk inside. The room was big. The same cloth that was in the hallway was on the walls in here. To my surprise, we each had our own room. In the center we had a mini-fridge, chairs, even a bar. I walk through the hexagon shaped room and head towards the 4th room.

"There's 4 people in this squad, including you".

"Where are they?"

"Probably being isolated in their rooms"

I was surprised Tet finally spoke. It sorta made me smile, but I still hadn't forgot about Skol. Then I walked in my room...

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