Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

"Don't go to the Cantina"

The room was amazing, filled with, movies, food, drinks. I wondered why there was this much stuff? Then questions began to spark my mind. Why is everyone so sad and lonely? Look at this place! Who could ever be sad. The door slam shut behind me, I jump in the air with fright. I turn around and see that he must have stormed out. Was he in a hurry? I leave my glamours room, I decide to say hi to the others. As I open one of my roommates door's, he immediately slams it shut. I crack it open and see him standing at it as if he were waiting on me. An Aqualish. A mole like creature, typically smugglers, funny hes in Mandalore. Its not normal to see that. Although I'm disappointed that he wouldn't talk to me, I move on to the next room. This time I knock. "Go away", says Tet. I move on to the next. Being stupid I crack the door open. He begins to yell at me and tell me to leave. I immediately recognize what race he was when I left the room, a Quarren. A rare species that has tentacles coming from its face, almost like a beard of skin. He as well, everyone is mean. My whole group is rude, how is this going to work. I decide to head to my room. I put in the movie, The History of the Mandalorians. Seems to be a documentary.

For what seems to be an hour after starting to movie, a bell rang. I assumed it to be the dinner bell. I pause the movie and make my way out of my comfortable room. I place my hand on the front door. Tet's bruised hands are placed on my shoulder and he pulls me back.

"I'm not going to warn you after this, never go to dinner, we have plenty of food here. That's why people leave on the first day."

"What's so bad?"

"Well, lets just say, unless your a gladiator, don't go"

I head towards the mini-fridge still confused about what he meant by "unless your a gladiator". I open the door of the mini-fridge. As I grab a drink, I put it back and slam the door. I storm out into the hallway and begin my long journey to the cantina. Finally, exhausted by the journey, I walk in. Everything seems to be normal, different races sitting at tables, talking and groaning. Then once again, there all angry. What could make them so sad about this place! It's wonderful! Then I notice something everyone has in common. Cuts and bruises. But that's probably just from sparring. I continue to the line and grab a tray. Beans, pork, veggies, all get on my plate. I reach the fruit and choose to get the last apple. Bad choice, someone else wanted the last apple, the Zobrak begins to curse at me. He pulls out his DL-44 blaster and fires at me. I quickly move and his laser skins my shirt. He tackles me and begins to punch me. I reach for my E-11 but fail since he has his knee on my leg.

"Stop, please..."

"Looks like the puni human is gonna cry", he says with a grin. "Get ready for a storm!" He laughs and continues to hit me.

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