Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

Before The Storm

He yells at me and continues the ongoing pain swelling in my face. Then I get tired of it. I retaliate punching him back. Surprised, he loosens up giving me time to break free. I pull out my legs from underneath his and do a spring kick to his head. I flip up and grab my E-11. I point at him and tell him to keep moving. "Drop your weapon!"

"Alright, fine, you win!"

"Drop it!"

He drops his blaster and I grab it. Hmm, DL-44 great pistol. A smuggler/war hero from the rebellion used this type As I walk away I see the 3 other members of my squad watching, once they saw that I noticed them they turned and headed back to our room. I smile and make my way out of the room, placing my E-11 in the gun basket. I think this will be a very nice new gun. Finally after the long walk, I reach the room. I fall on the couch exhausted. Tet walks out from his room. "Have fun?"

"Which part the walk or the fighting?"

"I told you not to go."

"You were right!"

He smiles and comes to sit on the recliner. Is he actually trying to be nice?

"Whats with all the bruises?"

"Training is harsh here."

"Can't be that bad. Why is everyone always so sad?"

"Training is harsh here, can make a man go crazy, like Zeke, your Zobrak friend who you got the blaster from".

"How do you know that?"

"Each weapon has a number on it declaring the owner."

"So will they confiscate it?"

"No you earned it, they probably already changed yours and Zeke's number."

I go grab the movie that had been paused and my movie, I resume from in the living room. Eventually the whole squad joins Tet and I. I even get to meet them. Leo, the Aqualish. Graug the Quarren. There very nice people when you get to know them. Leo's a momma's boy and Graug is a pro at holodeck. The movie was finally over and for once we all smiled. The second smile I had received from the squad. Then the speakers, "Light's out, training begins at 8:00". I say goodnight to the crew and the all reply with a "Ai" and head to bed as well.

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