Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

Thar Be A Storm A Brewin

I hop in bed and smile as the lights are automatically turned out. Not only was today a great day -besides being beat up by a Zobrak- I was satisfied that I brought everyone together. Laughing, smiling, talking. Something I had not seen since I had been here. I rolled over and the darkness consumes me.

I wake up to the 3 sons of Mandalore, blaring through the window, again. But this time it was different. This time it was better. I roll out of bed dragging my cinder block feet across the floor. I look at the timer and see that I woke up an hour early before training started. I decide not to make the mistake of heading to the cantina. I grab some food and sit down on the couch. As I begin to eat, Leo walks out of his room. "Morning, Leo".


"Whats with the frown?"

"You'll see soon enough, when we head out for training, follow Tet and don't say anything"

Leo grabs a plate of food and comes to sit down. We ate and talked and then Tet and Zeke joined us about 10 minutes before 8:00 am. While Tet and Zeke rush around, me and Leo gradually get our armor on. Leo walks me into the closet. He shows me set on different armor pieces. "What color?" There was only two left. Yellow and green, they were both nice colors, I drew a blank. "I guess, yellow." Nice choice. I go into my room and put the armor on. I take a look at my T-Shaped Visor helmet. Wow, finally. I'm one of them now. I place it on, grab my new gun, and wait at the door for the others. After about 5 minutes we head out. I notice that I forgot my new blaster. I tell the group to wait and they yell at me for forgetting it. I run back inside and grab it and make my way out. "Drag, lets go, run!". We run super fast through the halls, finally we make it to the train. We sit down exhausted. It was a long train ride. Tet fills me in that we are going to be heading far away from town were we won't cause damage to others. Also so we can have flight battles. He also says that there are 4 different border guard squads guarding each hemisphere of the planet. Finally, I think it was an hour, we make it to the training grounds. We get off the train and It looks like my hometown. Old rocky, metal buildings. Tet says this is were we perform battle drills. After the long walk, we make it HQ. We walk inside were Tet takes me to our station until its our turn to have training. "This is a Holopad, place it on the slot in your wrist. He hands me what looks like a wristwatch. "Just press the button on the side and a hologram will appear, It will tell you everything" We wait in our room till they call two Border Guard squads name. "F-37 and B-23". We get up and head to our ships. Same type of ship from the sim. I like this ship, its triangle hull makes it very fast and aerodynamic. I hop in and pull the glass down. I open the holopad. It says, "You job is to defend the planet from the other squad, B-23. If you loose, you have to go to the ground training. If you win, then you will switch teams. And another squad that won from another training segment, as a offense will be defense. Begin"

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