Tales Of Star Wars: Drag Crygorn

The Storm

I press the accelerate and begin to take off. I place my helmet on and prepare. I lift the landing gear and take off in to the atmosphere. Finally, here we go! I had never smiled so much in my life. I hear the voice in the helmet tell us the plan. “Squad F-37, Defense. Squad B-23, Offense. Whoever looses goes to ground training. If you win, you switch sides and fight the other team that one the other round against the other squad. On my call, offense, you begin to invade. Begin.” I look down at my radar, just the same as in the sim. “Alright team” says Tet. “Form the triangle. Were going to surround him. Me in the front, Leo and Drag on the left side, Graug in the back. Graug turn your engines to the right so you will glide sideways.” “Ai.“, we all reply. “Were going to use this attempt on all four. There attacking from different sides of the planet. We have to win, the last thing we need is ground training.” “Ai.” We all replied once again. We find the first ship and perform the plan. “Drag you take the command.” says Tet.

“Halt, state your business”


He quickly fly’s above Tet and takes off. We begin to shoot at him. He uses several different tactics to evade our attacks. “Split up, Drag take the south, Leo your east, Graug your west. I got this scum”. I dip down and head to the bottom where I see my enemy is already beginning to destroy the way point. (Which is a make-shift death star from the reign of the empire). I begin to fire but he notices me first. He spins out of the way and speeds at me. I tilt my ship to the side so he won’t run into me. Why is he trying to run into me, he’s going to make us both loose! I attempt to fly away so I can try the same technique I used in the sim. But hes to smart and sees what I’m doing, he begins to shoot again. I curse and turn around. I wish I would have looked at my radar before I turned because next thing I know, a blaster hits my right wing and I go tumbling towards Mandalore. My ship starts to burn up as I enter the atmosphere. I turn the ship right side up and tilt it forward so it will slide instead of capsizing in the ground. I pull back on the thrusters and try to keep the ship from turning left and me spinning as I hit the ground. The fire cleared and I can see the ground. The ship crashes and I hit my head. The last thing I heard from my helmet was “Way point destroyed, southern hemisphere, F-37 looses”. Everything goes black.

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