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A short story completely based on my own imagination and ideas. It's a story of two stars crossed soul lovers who were already bind by destiny. Just get in this roller coaster ride where you will witness passionate love, endless romance and lots more. Cover by @Noya_avery

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Chapter 1

Third Person’s POV.

" Dad, Mom I’m telling you I’m not going there. ” He said while putting his laptop on his bag.

" Beta ( dear) she is nice and we both like her. We aren’t saying you to marry her. We just only want you to meet her and spend some time with her. ” His father said looking at his son who was busy reading his office files.

" Besides I like the girl very much. She is really beautiful and in today’s era where we will get such a naive traditional and humble girl? Manik, my son please say yes.” His mother requested her but it’s seems it goes unheard by him.

" Mom, Dad I have already told you both that I’m not interested in this marriage and in your girls. ” Their son, Manik said stuffing the files in his office bag.

" Then whom you are interested in? In boys or in your clients?.” His mother asked him angrily.

Manik helplessly look at his dad for help who shrugged his shoulder clearly telling him that this is his mess and he should handle it.

" Listen Manik, enough of your stubbornness. I just only want you to meet her and yes you are coming with us in India. And that’s final. ” His mom said crossing her arms around her chest and shoot daggers at him.

" Ok. Fine! Happy!.” Sighing he said yes making his parents cheerful.

" Wait... wait.. wait... I’m going to take the next flight because I have an urgent meeting to attend. Ok bye!. ” Waving his hands at his family he left from there.

Manik Malhotra, the only heir of Malhotra Empires. The CEO of Malhotra’s company and son of Purvi and Akash Malhotra. Lives in London with his parents. He has everything one could ask for money, wealth, popularly, a handsome face, charming attitude. But what he doesn’t have is time for himself nor for his family.


" Welcome, Mr. Malhotra. ” Mr. Mahesh Murthy, childhood friend of Akash Malhotra welcome them as soon they stepped out from the airport.

" Oh! Come on Mahesh don’t be so formal with us. ” Akash engulfed him in a friendly hug.

" Where is your son?.” Mr. Malhotra asked.

" He will come in the next flight. ” Akash said.

" How are you Purvi bhabhi ( sister-in-law) and my princess Jasmine ?.” Mahesh asked Mrs. Purvi Malhotra and their only daughter Jasmine Malhotra.

" I’m good Mahesh ji. ” She said.

" I’m superb Uncle. ” Jasmine replied cheerfully.

" Come let’s go home then. ” Mahesh said and they started their journey to Murthy Mansion. The car stopped outside at the porch and they stepped outside of the car. The house was beautiful and nice. The garden area was covered with varieties colors of flowers and the fragrances of the flowers created a nostalgic ambience around them.

" Welcome Uncle and Aunty!.” A girl in her 20′s come out with her family. She was wearing a pink peach color Anarkali suit with silver earrings on her ears.

" She is our daughter, Nandini. Nandini Murthy. ” Mahesh Malhotra introduced his daughter with Malhotra’s family.

" Nandini didi, how are you?. ” Jasmine squealed in happiness seeing her.

" I’m superb like you, my flower. ” Nandini hugged her and they all went inside the house.

Nandini Murthy, the most pampered daughter of Murthy’s family. Sweet, humble, kind nature girl sometimes act stupid and crazy. Always have a beautiful smile on her face and a very fun loving girl.

" By the way Nandini di, are you sure you want to marry my brother?. ” Jasmine asked whispering in Nandini’s ear who was seated beside her.

Both families were seated along and was lost in their world’s. They were chatting, gossiping and laughing at old moments.

" Who’s your brother?.” Nandini asked and Jasmine looked at her with opened mouth.

" You don’t know my brother? The famous businessman and most handsome billionare in whole Asia Manik Malhotra. ” Jasmine exclaimed.

" I’m sorry I don’t remember. ” Nandini said shrugging off her shoulder.

" You must be joking. ” Jasmine said and tried to find any reaction on her face but unfortunately she didn’t get any reaction from her.

" See Jasmine, our fathers are childhood best friend and so we are. I met your brother once when we were only kids and I don’t remember that moment much. And after so many years my family are expecting me to marry your brother all of a sudden. Do you think that it’s easy for me to marry a person whom I barely know? I don’t think it’s possible to spend my whole life with a stranger. ” Nandini said in one go and then breath heavily.

" You know my brother also thinks the same. Even he is not at all interested but you know mom how much stubborn she is. ” Jasmine said.

" But you don’t worry di, when you will meet my brother you will say yes in one instance because you know why! My brother is so handsome and good looking that almost every girl in London didn’t miss a single chance to hit on him. ” Jasmine said praising her brother’s look.

" Then you don’t know the whole boys of Mumbai is crazy for my sister, right Di?. ” Rishabh said from behind and they both turned toward her.

" That’s true. ” Nandini said in a attitude flicking her hairs back.

" Very true but marks my words you will go crazy once you see my handsome brother. ” Jasmine said stuffing her mouth with chips.

" if your brother is handsome then I’m more pretty and attractive than him. Mark my words. ” Nandini said more like getting irritated and thought is he the only handsome guy is the world?

" Nandini beta, go and show Jasmine her room. ” Nandini nodded her head with her Mom’s words.

" Nandini, I’m telling you again change your decision because my brother is so.. ” Jasmine was saying but she interrupted her.

" Jasmine, from past 5 minutes you are saying the same thing and I got it okay. Now stop it. ” Nandini said and she laughed at her.

The whole day went in enjoying each each other company and had some fun chit-chat sessions. The night falls and they all had their dinner.

" Akash, Manik still didn’t arrived where he is?. ” Mahesh asked him.

" I think he will come tomorrow. ” Akash said sighing.


At 2 am of the night, Nandini came downstairs feeling thirsty. While walking down the stairs, she saw a man’s silhouette in the middle of the living room wearing a hoodie.

She rubs her eyes to clear her vision and again saw the man’s silhouette. Her eyes widened while her body trembled in panic.

" Oh! God thief !. ” She exclaimed whispering to herself.

She was a bunch of keys in his hand because of the dim light.

" Looklike this thief entered the house with those keys. Now what will I do? If I shout then he will get alert and escaped from here. ” She bites her nails frightened and move her head side to side to find something to hit him.

She saw a stick near couch and taking small baby steps she marched her steps toward the couch.

" You thief! How dare you to enter Nandini’s Mansion. ” grabbing the stick from the couch she hit his head and shouts hitting him.

" What the hell! ” The guy yelled said trying to save himself from her.

" You thief! You fool! How dare you raise your voice at me?. ” With that Nandini’s leg caught in the carpet and falls in his arms. The guy couldn’t balance and falls on the ground with her.

Due to the commotion, the family wake up and come to downstairs. Mr. Murthy switch on the lights and they all were to shocked Nandini and Manik lying on the floor.

" What’s happening?. ” Mr. Malhotra asked in shocked and all family members were also shocked seeing the condition.

" You two piece of thief how dare you touch me?. ” Nandini got up from him angrily and hold the stick to beat him again.

" Thief!. ” The family exclaimed in shocked looking at Manik.

" Nandini, stop!. ” Purvi, his mother jumped in the situation and stopped her who was ready to beat him.

" Aunty, you wait there. You don’t know how local thieves are. They are very dangerous and cunning. ” Nandini said ready to beat him.

" Who’s this mad women Dad?. ” Manik asked angrily and get up from the floor.

" How dare you little piece to call me Mad women?. ” Nandini get more angry on his remarks but on the next moment her mind click and realised what she did.

" Bhai, are you ok?.” Jasmine asked in concerned and he nods his head in response.

" Nandini di, how come you didn’t recognized my brother?. ” Jasmine asked coming to Nandini’s side.

" Jasmine, you told me that your brother look very handsome. But he looks nothing but some local thugs. ” Nandini said making face and Manik glare at her.

" Dad, how dare she call me thief ?. ” Manik said taking a step closer to Nandini in anger making her scared but his father hold him.

" Then.. what you expect from me that I’ll welcome you nicely? Mister, first you came at my house that too so late at night and entered my house like a thief so I should ask you how dare you?. ” Nandini asked throwing glares at him.

" Nandini, shut up yaar! I opened the door for him. He message me that he is going to come. ” Rishabh said.

" I’m sorry Manik from Nandini’s behalf. ” Mr. Murthy said.

" No uncle, it’s ok. ” Manik said controlling his anger but his mind was recalling one thing how dare she call him a thief and not only once and hit him also.

" Rishabh, take Manik to his room he must be tired. ” Mahesh said and Rishabh took his luggage from him.

" I’m sorry to come so late. I was stuck with my meetings. ” Manik said with a smile.

" That’s ok dear. ” Mr. Malhotra said with a smile.

He went to upstairs but not before glaring at Nandini who also glared him equally with same anger making him shocked.

" Idiot girl. ” Manik murmured to himself and went up to his room.


Nandini walked back to her room and Jasmine was laughing behind her.

" Your brother is.. so so. ” Nandini was saying but Jasmine interrupted her.

" I know super handsome and hot right?. ” Jasmine said and at the next second she received a flying pillow land on her face.

" No your brother is a arrogant jerk and mannerless. I admit it’s was my mistake to consider him as a thief but you say Jasmine, if there was anyone on my place that person will also misunderstood him as thief. Such a rude guy he is. ” Nandini said and Jasmine giggled looking at her angry expression.

" But you didn’t even apologize to him. ” Jasmine complaint.

" I would spend my precious sorry on a gentleman rather than a arrogant rude guy. Did you see how your brother was glaring at me like he will eat me raw. ” Nandini saw huffing.

" Even you was also glaring at him. ” Jasmine said.

" Stop supporting your brother always sometimes support me too. ” Nandini said making her laughed.

" Ok. ” Both giggles and spent their whole night talking with each other.

" Arrogant jerk. ” She said to herself and closed her eyes.

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