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Stiles and Lydia walked out to his new baby blue jeep, Lydia snickered at him, "Boy Stilinski, you don't do anything half way anymore, do you?" He looked at her and schooled her, "I'm used to driving a Hummer, but even with the allocated money from the government, I still don't think I could afford one and accomplish what I have come here to do!" Lydia looked him in the eye, she had never known Stiles Stilinski to be materialistic before. She then questioned him, "Which is what? You keep saying you have some sort of plan, but you have never elaborated?"

He looked at her, he trusted her, he actually never wanted to tell anyone his plan beside Ethan, so he drove until it started to get pretty awkward "Ok." He started to say as they were pulling up to his new property. Looking at Stiles confused, Lydia questioned, "Why did we come out here, this used to be Derek's old property, and doesn't the county own it due to some hidden back taxes or something?" Stiles nodded, "That is correct, used to be, I purchased it this morning from the very quote ''EAGER TO SELL" Mr. Smithers!" Lydia laughed "The county must have taken a major hit, and why would you want this land, I mean you and Derek didn't get along? I didn't think you guys were even friends, wait, wait a second!" Stiles looked at her, "No Lyds its not what you think!" He said calmly.

Lydia kind of smiled, "Did you have feelings for Derek, I mean sometimes I could since an undertone to the bickering you guys always did and even Isaac said......." She stopped as she saw Stiles mind hit a road block. She had hoped he hadn't heard her mention Isaac's name! Stiles searched his memory, "Wait a second, where is Isaac, or Cora or Derek for that matter?" Lydia eyes widened, she turned away from him "Dammit what are you hiding from me?" Stiles looked her dead in the eyes, she shook, "I can't, I really, I don't know!" Stiles could since distrust in her statement!

Stiles looked at her with his red alpha eyes, "Lydia I know your lying, remember I have the ability to smell emotions!" Stiles was getting agitated, "Besides your heart rate went up." Lydia calmed herself down, trying to control her heart rate. "Stiles honestly, all I know is that Derek and Isaac are out of town!" Stiles accepted her statement, he still had a feeling she was telling him only half truths, but she had managed to lower her heart rate to the point he figured she thought she was fooling him. Lydia turned to face him. "Now Sergeant Stilinski, again I ask, why did you purchase this land?" They both sat down on a very large trunk of a fallen tree. Stiles looked out over the lake that was about a hundred yards from where they sat. "Okay, there's no way to make this long story short so, I was fresh out of AIT, and headed to Iraq!"

3rd person pov

Stiles was sitting in the large room almost warehouse size with a couple hundred other new and reenlisted soldiers. Like Stiles a large percentage of them were fresh from their training units. Stiles was nervous, this was even scarier than when he was pulled off the bus right before basic training. Some of the soldiers were cleaning their weapons while some were reading. Most of the soldiers were sitting on their green army regulation duffle bags or their overstuffed backpacks.

Stiles noticed a private seated two seats away from him, fumbling with his M16's bolt carrier and bolt. Getting up he approached the private asking him "Can I give ya a hand, um Private Cammel?" The private looked up at Stiles and had a big ole country boy grin on his face, "Yes please Specialist Sti, stil," Stiles interrupted him basically putting his mind to rest!" Stilinski, but in informal moments just call me Stiles!" The private looked up, "You can call me Pete but I go by Petey to my friends!!" Stiles shook his hand, Nice to meet you Pete!" Sitting next to his new acquaintance, Stiles showed him the way to fit the bolt into the bolt carrier, and then Pete proceeded to finish assembling the rifle.

The two chatted for a couple hours as more soldiers joined the already crowded room! Stiles learned Pete lived an hour and a half outside of Beacon Hills city limits. He also learned through their conversation that Pete was a third cousin to Derek Hale by marriage, But the name Hale was not used by his mom because she remarried. Stiles pretended he knew of Derek but didn't know him closely, which really was true, they didn't consider each other true friends, and all that they had been through it saddened Stiles to realize that.

After Retreat and the National Anthem the soldiers were informed to get some shut eye and would be leaving at 0500. Now most of the soldiers were laying on there green duffle bags or their backpacks. The lights dimmed to almost dark, but enough so you could get around without falling into someone. Stiles had no problem falling asleep, it was his comfort zone! Pete on the other hand was fidgeting with his clothes trying to roll them down even smaller so his pack wasn't so large.

Stiles pov

Lydia smiled, "That name Cammel rings a bell, I guess I will look into it tomorrow!" Stiles laughed, "Pete and I had finally fallen asleep when we were woken up when we heard an argument between two sergeants, they were fighting because the one sergeant was on his third rotation, and was given command of a small platoon of new recruits." Stiles rolled his eyes, "I had just finished telling Pete I would hate to be in his unit, then the other sergeant started calling off names and Cammel's was the first and of course mine was last!" Lydia just watched Stiles as he continued.

"That's the moment my life changed, Lydia Sergeant Lasko was the most arrogant man I had ever met, and his teaching methods sucked to high heaven as well. He left almost every decision up to me, if I made a mistake, basically everyone suffered. I had even explained to him that I was afraid of making a mistake, he had informed me that that was the best way to learn, because I was thinking through everything clearly even when it needed to be done fast!"

I had become inseparable from Private Cammel, mostly because Sergeant Lasko told me to keep him out of his way, he didn't have enough patients to deal with Cammel's sense of humor, which was funny because I had the same sense of humor too , which leads back to the fact that I had to stay near the Sergeant because I was his communication Specialist.

"After the first rotation was over I spoke with the Sergeant about myself and Pete reenlisting, it was the first time he and I actually sat down and had a conversation between the two of us like we were normal people again! He informed me, though we were still kind of green, He would be proud to have us for another rotation, he said that I still had a lot to learn but that I was getting there! Well funny enough two rotations turned into three, again I had that conversation with now Staff Sergeant Lasko. The serge informed me once more he would request that our little group of three stay together.

I had a two week furlough coming!" Stiles stopped, his heart rate was increasing, and he was getting upset. Lydia took his hand into hers as he calmed down and continued. "The Sergeant asked me where I was going to go, I informed him that since Pete and I were both redeploying together we decided to go to Dubai for our furlough, I politely asked him if he wanted to go with us, thinking he would think I was weird and decline, but strangely enough he said it sounded fun!"

We spent the first few night going around the town trying to take in the ambiance, on our next to last night we even ate dinner at the At.Mosphere Restaurant in the Burj Khalifa building. We enjoyed the dinner with the sun going down, then the Sergeant said for us to go to the observation deck to watch the sun set again, I was confused but I wanted to visit the 163rd floor, Petey was not about to go with me with his acrophobia he wouldn't enjoy it, Then Sergeant Lasko said he wanted to go with me. I was okay with that so we once we got on the elevator I thought the ride would take forever but then I noticed how quickly we were actually moving, and by time we exited it I was light headed. I slowly walked about fifteen feet towards observation deck, it was 360*'s of windows floor to ceiling, that's when I started to chicken out!, that's when the sergeant put his hand on my shoulder!" Stiles eyes brightened as Lydia watched his tears develope. "I'll not have my newest sergeant walk away from a view of a life time and regret it later, if I can help it!" "I had stopped and started to say I was a Specialist 4, but he handed me new stripes for my uniform. Lasko looked at me smiling, seeming very pleased with himself! "Of course its not 100% official with out a proper presentation, and I have also put in for Private Cammel to be promoted to Specialist Four!" "The sergeant smiled at me and told me I 100 percent deserved it! And as he said all of that to me, Lydia I was so excited I hugged him!" She squeezed his hand, "Then I pulled back realizing what I had done was kind of inappropriate, and apologized."

3rd person pov

Sergeant Lasko stood there a second and looked at Stiles and said, "Its okay Stilinski!" Stiles looked at him, "You know you can call me Stiles..." The sergeant grinned, "You mean I don't have to call you Mieczyslaw?" Stiles laughed, "How the hell did you learn to say that name correctly?" He grinned, "I have known your name this whole time, but we always go by last name per protocol!" The sergeant smiled at me as we again started walking towards those damn widows!" Stiles snickered, "So if I have to call you Stiles I insist that you call me Michael, Deal!"

Stiles said softly, "Deal!"

Michael took stiles right hand into his right hand, as he lead him towards the window. Stiles shut his eyes tight. He placed his hand on the glass rail in front of his newly promoted sergeant, and released his right hand, then placed his left hand on Stiles left side under his ribcage. "Stiles do you trust me?" stiles nodded, "With my life!" eyes still slammed shut "Ok Sergeant Stilinski, open your eyes!" then he grinned "That is an order!" Stiles eyes popped open on command, after all he was a dutiful soldier!

His eyes widened and darted everywhere trying to take it all in at once, Stiles hadn't noticed Michael had placed his left arm on Stiles left shoulder. Both men stood there, Michael wasn't ready to move, but he was afraid Stiles hadn't wanted to be this close.. "Stiles!" He quietly whispered, Stiles turned his head then looked up, "Are you okay, is this uncomfortable?" Stiles gave a crooked grin. "I want to count my fingers to make sure I'm awake!" Michael laughed to himself, "OH okay, I want to show you one more thing before we head back, I hope Pete doesn't think we left him!"

Both men walked around the 360* room to the other side, Stiles was about 3 feet out front, trying to soak the whole view in. Michael stood at the window again, "Hey, do you see that patch of small islands?" Stiles walked over and this time he placed his right hand on Michael left shoulder. "Those are called the World Islands, tomorrow we will be spending our entire last day there celebrating our promotions, how does that sound?" Stiles was ecstatic, he turned and hugged Michael square on, not caring about protocol or if anyone was watching, Michael accepted his hug and hugged him back fully! "Dude you have thought of everything, how the hell can I ever repay you?" Michael looked at Stiles directly in the eyes, "You don't owe for anything, Just having you here has been payment enough, I hardly get to be around anyone because I'm not very well liked!" Stiles thought out load, "Your just a Sour Wolf!" Then it him, this man he had basically lived with for almost four years, fought side by side in combat, had drinks and gotten drunk with, looked up to, and now completely cared about, was the epitome of his old frenemy Derek Hale.

Now standing in front of the elevator, Stiles didn't want it to end. Michael walked right up behind him placing his left hand on Stiles left arm as he reached around his right shoulder to push the down button, "You know you have to push the buttons to make it work, see push for down...!" he laughed as Stiles turned around to give him one last quick hug. Michael accepted the hug warmly and didn't let go so easy, "Stiles I hope none of this has made you uncomfortable!" Stiles answered back softly, "I wouldn't want to be holding you if it had!" Each man let his cheek touch the others, and on cue both men turned there faces until their lips touched, the feeling of moister on each blending with the other! Stiles let a very tiny whimper release from his throat, as they pushed in tighter and Michael's tongue begged for entry as Stiles effectively aloud it.. THEN ..... DING.....the bell on the elevator rang as both men pulled back to compose themselves, as it slowly opened. Stiles place this right hand to his mouth as he cleared his throat and Michael turned around and continued to laugh under his breath.

Stiles looked at Lydia, "That man changed me in so many ways Lyds, he made a stronger man, I even had an enemy combatant stand with a pistol aimed at my forehead and I literally reached out and punched him in his face knocking him to the ground, I could have never have had the courage to do that before, I would have just stood there, so now you know I need him back. I cant go on until I get the three of them back here!" Michael and I were supposed to build a home by this lake, he and I had it all planned out he was going to design it and I was going to furnish and make it our home. Now it will wait till he comes back with us!"

Lydia wrapped her arms around her friend, "You love him, you truly love him!" Stiles was crying, "Its more than that, since the night of that day we were ambushed, I can feel him, I don't know how and I don't know why but I know he is out there, he is out there with Petey and Jacobs!" Lydia became quite serious at that point, "Okay when do we leave?"

then something hits Stiles like a brick! He stood and spun around as the man behind him repeated Lydia's last statement, "When do we leave?"


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