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Stiles stood there staring at Lydia, his mind stretched all the way back to the auction day when he thought he saw the silhouette of this man standing before him! Stiles was not ready for this interaction. Derek was one of the people he had missed the most besides his father. When it came down to it he finally figured out that Derek and his dad were the only two people that he could actually trust! When he found out Scott had another girlfriend he thought oh well Scott's basically felt incomplete without a companion! Then when he found out that Scott's newest girlfriend was his own ex-girlfriend, he basically just stopped missing him altogether! Then there was Lydia, Lydia was the love of his life she tore and broke his heart the day before he left for basic training by breaking up with him and now he found out that she's dating one of his friends from the station, Parrish, and he was pretty sure that she is now pregnant! Needless to say Derek may have picked on him and they may have acted like they did not like each other but Derek was always there for Stiles and Stiles was always there for Derek their trust was their bond.

Stiles basically wanted to go home and go to bed. He was just to physically, and emotionally exhausted to try to get through this but apparently he had no choice. Like most things in Stiles life, this presented a bit of a challenge. The man in front of him still seemed to be the same brody person that he knew from before, apparently six years hadn't changed him! "Stiles." was all the man standing in front of him had to say, in return "Sour Wolf." was all Stiles was going to offer him.

Then Stiles looked at Derek, "Do you remember the first thing you ever said to me?" Derek pressed his lips together. "Yes Stiles I believe I said to you and
Scott, What are you doing here, this is private property!" Lydia head spun around so fast her hair hit her face, as she looked with stern eyes at Stiles, "No Stiles don't do this, not this way!" She was afraid of how this fight would go, it could turn into a shouting match which Stiles would win or it could turn into a physical match which obviously Derek would win, she wanted to keep the piece! Stiles turned to Derek, "We Need to talk!" Derek shook his head acknowledging him. "Agreed, this way!"!"

The three of them walked towards Stiles jeep, Derek stopped and turned around, "Lydia do you mind if Isaac gives you a ride back?" he asked and said at the same time. "Um okay.!" she agreed. Lydia gave Derek a big hug, he surprisingly returned it as well, he had actually cared for her very much! Lydia turned to Stiles, "Don't be an ass, remember, he is your friend not your enemy!" Stiles kind of frowned, "That is yet to be determined!" He said as she walked overDerek's blue Camaro. Stiles turned to Derek as Derek was telling him, "Look out!" but the statement was to late, a pair of long arms wrapped around his torso, as someone kisses the top of his head. "My God Stiles," the young man whined, Stiles patted his hands, he knew it was Isaac! After a huge hug where Isaac marked Stiles, he let go, spun Stiles around and he placed his thumbs by Stiles eyes then pulled their heads together till their foreheads were touching."Its good to see you my old friend!" Stiles said as he looked into Isaac's obviously tired eyes.

Derek produce his anxious growl, "Grumpy pants needs to talk to me, so could you give Lydia a ride back to the house?" Isaac smiled his puppy dog smile that Stiles had always loved and remembered fondly. Derek hands his keys to Isaac, "Not one scratch, go straight to the house and that's all, understood?" Isaac looked at Stiles. "Yes dad!!" Derek gave another one of his growls, "That's enough, go!" Derek watched the young man leave as he game a tiny glimpse of a smile! Stiles had never seen Derek have a father son relationship before, obviously Isaac was not his son, but the love Derek just showed even though it was in a grumpy way, was an unusual occurrence Stiles was not used to, but it had been over five years since the two men interacted.

Both Stiles and Derek walked to the drivers side, Derek stopped and put his hand out obviously demanding the keys, Stile was a bit perturbed, "Look Fang man, I'm not that sixteen year old boy you can push around any more, I've done things and have seen thing you couldn't possibly imagine. I feel after serving in the armed forces, and still doing so, I deserve a little more respect than that.

Derek looked at Stiles and for the first time really looked at him, the young man had a scar over his left eye, and he smelled different, he wanted to know why, he couldn't place it but he wanted Stiles to tell him! Stiles was also physically different! He had bulked up in his arms and chest, finally filling into his wide shoulders, even his eyes were a little worn for wear. He would never admit it but he actually missed the young man. He wanted to reach over and grab Stiles into one of his big bear hugs, but every fiber in his being told him not to. Derek still was and most likely always be afraid that the ones he cared about would get hurt because of him. So Derek merely said "Please!" And Stiles snickered, handed his keys to Derek and remarked, "I guess that's close!" then snarky like, "That's right!" Derek of course was not going to let Stiles win this, so as Stiles strutted in front of him Derek jutted his head forward, with teeth showing and a subtle growl scaring
Stiles, "My god, ugh!"

Derek started the jeep, he scanned the interior of the vehicle, nodding his head in approval, Stiles took that as a compliment, he knew he wouldn't get a verbal response from Derek. The two men drove further into the preserve, until they came upon a familiar clearing. Derek exited the vehicle and started towards the edge of the cliff. The view here was one of Stiles favorite views in all of Beacon Hills. As Derek came to stop at the edge of the cliff, Stiles followed him a few steps behind. "So I wanted to show you this Stilinski, as
Derek pointed over the edge of the cliff, confused Stiles walked up to the edge to look. Derek quietly dug his feet into the ground, as Stiles had gotten to the point of almost falling to try and see what Derek was pointing at, Derek grabbed his DBU shirt and jutted him forward, leaning with only his combat boots keeping him from falling.

"Derek what the hell!" was all Stiles got yell before the man holding him started to speak in his deepened angry voice. "Your land ends down there Stilinski, do you see the bottom, your land, would you like to go see it in person?" Derek had leaned a bit forward causing Stiles to wave his hands in the air, Stiles closed his eyes and cleared his mind. He then calmly spoke back as he new Derek would be able to hear him with his wolf hearing, Stiles could feel his face getting hot." Derek let me explain!" Derek leaned him a bit further, "Why? My home was here it was my families land, why the hell did you purchase my land? Did you think it would make me happy, or mad, did you even think about how I would react at all? Oh and your trespassing remark, yeah I got it!"

Stiles wasn't afraid, he knew Derek wouldn't let him go, he just needed to get through that stupidly thick angry pretense he always had! "Do you want the honest truth, I received and Email one day telling me the land was going on the auction block, I didn't want a complete stranger living here or building a mall or whatever!, Derek you were gone, I was the only person to show up, so I purchased it!"

Stiles thought for a second, his knees were beginning to weaken, but he wasn't giving in, "I figured you would be happy someone you knew owned this land! I, I figured one day you would come back and that you would be able to move back onto the property! I was going to build away from where your family home was, way up there by the lake giving you the ability to build right where it was before, behind the big tree.. !" I know your not going to let me fall, you care about me, I think you care about me more than you realize, how do I know?, Because I care about you more than I can admit.!" Stiles could feel himself being slowly pulled back to safety. Derek had Stiles a safe distance from the edge, "I'm sorry!" Stiles smiled, "No Sour wolf, never be sorry!" Derek sank to his knees, his eyes closed and his head lowered. Stiles kneeled down next to him. "Don't worry big guy, I understand you, I understand you more than you know! I know you care about family and everything that comes with it, even though I feel that your tactic was a little bit let's say over the edge, I do understand and I never meant to hurt you!"

Stiles placed his arm around Derek's shoulder. "I know in the beginning you didn't trust me, you thought I was just another naïve, quick to jump into trouble, teenager like Scott. I intern believed you killed your sister, and found you very creepy, and untrustworthy. But I thought we were past all of that, I thought we were friends maybe more! You were always there when I needed you!" Derek stopped him, "Stiles I pushed you away as much as I could, I did care about you, you were exactly like my younger cousin Stephen, I loved him to but in the end I couldn't protect him, I lost him in that horrible fire, I had to protect you, I had to protect you and your friends!"

Derek stood up he started walking towards the jeep the turned and gently grabbed Stiles upper arm and turns him towards himself,, "Stiles I never meant to hurt you or make you feel inferior!, I just wanted to protect you, you were my human!" As he finished he pulled Stiles close and put his hand on Stiles head bringing it in towards his chest. "Stiles you are one of the strongest people in the world that I know every time I challenged you, you were always there to take it, I think of you as the little brother I never had, you are irreplaceable to me!" Stiles looked at Derek in the eyes, They each knew what was really meant by this conversation, and he knew what Derek really wanted to say, but their lives had both moved two different directions, their time had come and gone, and and the love and carrying they had for each other was enough, it was enough for both of them.

Stiles put his hands around Derek's head and pulled it towards his until their foreheads were touching! "Derek our time may have come and gone but, this is my gift to you, clear your mind." Derek and Stiles staid like that for quite awhile, the sun was rising and Stiles opened his eyes looking deep into Derek's" Stiles whispered "You will always be my Sour wolf, I will always love and care for you!" Derek whispered back, "You will always be my brother, you little dork! With that the two men went towards the jeep as Derek gave Stiles his keys back. Stiles finally felt content, then Derek looked at him and strangely said "I have other news for you but we'll talk about it tomorrow with the pack."


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