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Stiles walked quietly down the hallway ready to fall over. As he reached his door he could feel Ethan's heart rate, and for the first time it was actually calm and steady. Slowly entering the room, Stiles was happy to finally be able to get out of his uniform, he hadn't realized how humid it was in the forest reserve , so slipping the shirt off and then under shirt he felt the coolness of the air conditioner and he felt like he could finally breath, he then shuffled out of the pants! He looked in his closet found an old tie-dye t-shirt and a pair of boxer briefs. Slowly he walked to the bathroom, did his business, cleaned his hands, then jumped into the shower he stood while the water drained on his face cooling him further. The evening events quickly flood back into his mind. He thought to himself out loud, "Was Lydia right, was there more to the friendship with Derek than I thought?" He had told Derek that their time had come and gone, maybe he already knew all of this, "It just wasn't meant to be Sour Wolf, I've got Michael to find and bring home!" After toweling off he put on his boxer briefs and t-shirt, it was tight in the chest so he growled and stretched it out. He brushed his teeth, then he started back towards his room, but he wanted to check in on the twins first! Quietly Stiles opened the door, the first thing he saw was Liam laying on the floor in a sleeping bag next to the bed. Liam sleepily raised up, "Stiles is that you?", Stiles enters the room, turns and closes the door gently.

"Hey bud I didn't mean to wake you, I wanted to check up on the twins!" Liam sat up against the bed, "So why are you on the floor?" Stiles calmly asked, "I stay here incase they wake up, they can see I'm always here to protect them!" Stiles sat down next to the younger man and felt happy and sad for him. "Liam I swear I will do everything I can to protect them as well!" Looking into the eyes of his younger friend, Stiles eyes glowed red and Liam's glowed yellow. "First I could make it a bit more comfortable in here for you, rather than you sleeping on the floor Bud!" Liam laid his head in Stiles shoulder, "I missed you so much Stiles, its like everyone was different with out you here to buffer their attitudes!" Stiles felt a bit indifferent, he had always thought he was in the way and annoying! At this point he could feel the love that Liam was giving him. Liam continued, "Scott became unbearable he started making really rash decisions putting the pack in danger, he needed you there to help think it through completely!" Stiles frowned, "I wish I could of helped!" Stiles leaned his head against Liam's. "Liam may I ask you something, and be honest with me?" Liam turned somewhat, "I'll always be honest with you, I promise!" Stiles closed his eyes, "Why didn't anyone write to me when I was gone?" Liam sat up he could feel the pain his friend was in and wanted to assure him, "We did, we all did, even Derek, but every single letter we sent came back recipient not found, it was like you didn't exist!" Stiles was coming up blank, "Maybe it just kept arriving after I moved on, any way...It was a whole different world, like I woke up from a dream to a nightmare and there I was in basic training, then Iraq, then Africa, I did so many good things but sometimes it felt like the bad things out weighed the good." I never wanted to look civilians in the face, it turned me prejudice, I profiled almost everyone, I literally was scared to make eye contact!" Stiles eyes started to water up, "Liam I was always scared, its like at any minute you or someone around you could get shot, I watched people I cared about get killed!" Stiles heart rate jumped, "It just hit me, now I Know why Derek doesn't get close to people, it like that in all war!" Liam cried a bit with him, "Look Stiles I love you like you were my brother, I will be here for you when ever you need me I PROMISE!" Liam put his arm around Stiles, his hand touching Stiles skin on his shoulder took away some of his pain, he could also feel Stiles heart rate slowing as he was getting more relaxed, starting to fall asleep.

The door to the room slowly creaked open again, "Hey private party?" Ethan whispered. Stiles patted the floor, "Join the party!" Ethan sat down against Stiles, "I could feel you in pain Stiles, are you ok ?" Stiles let the tear slowly run down his cheek, "Yeah, just the usual flood of emotions I get!" Ethan squeezed in and added to their bonding session! He could feel a stronger connection with Liam through Stiles he could also feel the twins. Stiles looked at Liam, his eyes were glowing from the light that created the moving stars on the ceiling. Ethan touched Liam's hand that was still on Stiles arm, "Those two are the cutest ever Liam!" Liam looked at the sleeping babes, he breathed in heavily and smiled somberly, "They have been through so much, I love them and would die for them. Stiles shook his head, "Liam keep tomorrow evening open, I have a good idea okay!" Liam nodded with a small smile. "Okay come on Sergeant lets hit the hay!" Stiles said as he started to stand up, "Oh and Liam, I'm going to skip my run in the morning and start on Sunday!" Liam sighed a happy sigh, as the two men left the room.

Closing the door softly, Ethan turns to Stiles, "So what's up tomorrow evening? "Stiles grinned form ear to ear, "I'm going to get them bunk beds with a double bed on the bottom for the twins and a single on top for Liam!" Ethan looks at Stiles, "How long has he been sleeping on the floor?" Stiles shook his head meaning he didn't know. Ethan laid down on the bed, as Stiles removes his shirt and lays next to him. The two soldiers laid side by side sleeping soundly as the early morning sun started to rise, Stiles started talking in his sleep. quietly almost a whisper stiles mumbled, "Stay away from him, take me then, no, no" Ethan, the light sleeper that he is, was attuned to his friends sleeping habit, he listened to his friends words and heart beat. Gently he rolls Stiles over until his head is against Ethan's chest, Ethan wrapped his arms around Stiles shoulder, thus calming him down enough to sleep without distress. He was pretty sure Stiles was having another Michael nightmare.
He could feel Stiles heart rate as it started to calm down and he relaxed enough to doze back off.

Ethan gets up and starts out the door towards the bathroom, he met Liam in the hallway. "Hey bud could you do me a favor while I take a shower?" Liam smiles and says politely "No problem, what's up?" "Stiles has been having nightmares and I really want him to get at least another hours rest, but as soon as I leave he either wakes up or starts with the bad dreams again!" Liam eyes saddened."That poor guy, after all he has been through, he never gets a break!" Liam entered the room, he touched Ethan on the shoulder as he walked out, "Don't worry I got it, enjoy your shower, Er um you know what I meant" he grinned sheepishly. Liam sat next to his friend, he lowered himself in closer to Stiles so Stiles could feel his presence. Liam decides to talk to him calmly, " I have something that I've been wanting to tell you, but I'm not allowed to. It has been one of the best things to happen to me in my entire life, well second best, well they both could be equal, I just wish I was able to tell you but since you're not listening really," Liam paused as he searched for the right words, "I guess I can Stiles I'm in love with your brother, he has been the light of my life with these two children, he has helped me take care of them but I just wish he would let me tell the whole world how we felt about each other, but he is scared so for now I have to do things his way!" Liam felt guilty, he could almost feel the emotional pain that Stiles had been and was still going through. It worried him, he thought to himself he should try to get Stiles to talk about it more, so he could release some of the stress. Liam sat without worrying how long it actually taking. He found himself petting his friends hair back and forth, he knew that the physical contact was helping. Ethan quietly walked back into the room. "Hey thanks for staying with him for me!" Liam smiled solemnly, "I would do anything for him, he has always been like a big brother to me and you too Ethan, I know you two protected each other, and I know that you are a part of Stiles pack!" Ethan stopped and looked at him, "Yeah, That goes for you Liam and your beautiful cubs!" with that said Liam hugs Ethan as they both scent the other, and heads to get the twins up.

Stiles eyes slowly open, as he stretches his arms out. Ethan sensing the motion turned to see Stiles leaning back on his elbows. "Good morning sleeping beauty, how do you feel?" Stiles grinned, "I slep amazingly!" Ethan was happy, "You had a couple rough moments but Liam and I took care of you!" He turned to his hanging bag, "So DBU's or our dress uniforms?" Stiles thought about it, "I am pretty sure DBU's are appropriate for this circumstance, after all we still are on leave!" Ethan started getting dressed as Stiles pulled on his t-shirt. You know Ethan, Since I'm accepting what happened to me, I am also going to acknowledge that I am an Alpha, but an Alpha needs a Beta!" Smiling to his friend as he stands in front of him, he places his hands on Ethan's shoulders, "I want you to be my Beta, Besides Michael or my dad, I trust you more than anyone in the world, even Scott!" Ethan raised his hand to smack Stiles hand, "I'd be honored to be your Beta!' he grabs him and lifts him up, just as the twins come rushing in, "Untle Siles, Untle Eefen," Liam rushes in right after them, "Sorry they have minds of their own!" Stiles lifted Jaina up in his arms, "You guys go get dressed for me and I will make you bacon and eggs!" Jacen screamed "BLAH YUCKIE", as Stiles looks at Jaina, "He hates eggies, but woves pancakes!" Stiles look at Jacen, "Then pancakes it is lil man!"

Liam walked into the twins room as they run by him, "Pick out an outfit and change!" He smiled because they always managed to come up with matching outfits, this time was no different. "Here Daddy is this okay?" the both chime in together. "Yes those are perfect, so you guys , let me ask a question!" Jacen stopped, "How would you guys like to spend a few days with Papa Noah and Mama Natalie?" the two looked at each other and jumped up and down cheering, "Phew, what a relief!" Liam felt calm, now he would be able to help Stiles with his situation. As the twins finished getting dressed Jaina turned to the door, "Untle Alwic" Liam turned and asked, "How was practice Coach Stilinski?" Alec plopped down on the bed, "I only had two hours sleep and one of the boys was sitting out because he had an eardrum problem, so I had to fill in during the boys relay races, and I tell you what Liam, if I didn't have wolf strength I'm not sure I could have kept up!" Liam smiled, "Maybe we should get a pool here so we can keep you fit!" Alec growled, "Laugh it up Fuzz Ball!" the two young men started wrestling as the twins ran out of the room screaming, "Untle Siles, Untle Eefan, over an over again. Alec walked to the door, watched as the children rushed down the steps. "They seem to have taken up well with my brother and Ethan!" Alec said as he picked up the kids pajamas off the floor, Liam grinned, "Do I hear jealousy in that tone?" Alec turned around quickly, "Absolutely not, Lord no, I am quite content with this family that we have created, and with out labels we are as close as four people can be!" Liam frowned "Alec," Liam calmly asked, "What if we labeled it, what if we took that step, and admit to what we have?" Alec sat back down, "I just don't want what we have in our own home to define who we are in this horrid world!" Liam looked Alec in the eyes, "I could hardly sleep with out you in the room, and I don't want to have to keep hiding this, how can you ask me to feel the things you never show?" Alec was hurt by Liam's last statement, he reached over and pulled Liam in for a kiss. Both young men had closed their eyes, Stiles turns the corner and see's the kiss, he quietly turns around, quickly headed back down the hall, then down stairs. Liam felt Stiles presence but said no word to Alec! "Look I will wait for as long as it takes for you to be ready, but remember this isn't easy on me and I'm sure it is quite confusing to the twins! Liam said predicting in his mind now that Stiles knew it would come to light sooner than later! "Thank you hun." Alec quietly said as he stood and helped Liam up.

Stiles stood watching the children slowly eat the food he placed in front of them. "Does it taste okay guys?" Both twins shook their heads 'yes' in unison. Jacen looked at Ethan, "May I have morw owarnge juice Untle Eefan?" Ethan walked to the refrigerator, pull out the carton of OJ, "Here you go lil man, Jaina would you like some as well?" Jaina grinned, "Yes pwease!" As Ethan poured the OJ for Jaina, Liam and Alec walk into the kitchen. "Stiles, Derek just called he said we need to have a pack meeting as soon as your done at the recruiting station!" Stiles rolled his eyes, "I get the meeting part, but I am not pack!" Ethan looked at Liam then Stiles, 'Well neither am I" Liam looked at Alec, "Well this should be fun, I haven't considered myself pack in quite a while either!" Alec turned to Stiles, "Wow the man wants to help you, and all you think about are labels!" He turns and stomps out of the room, as Liam chases after him, "Are you kidding here, you of all people are caught up on labels?" Alec turned around again, "Really you want to do this after we just spoke about it up stairs." Liam sighed, "Well perhaps I need to think about this arrangement more!" Alec glared at Stiles and left the house slamming the door. Liam just stood there with his eyes watering up, Stiles looked at Ethan, "Stay with him I'll be back!"

Stiles ran out to "Roscoe" as the engine finally started, opening the door he jumps in. "What?" Alec growled. Stiles lowered his head, "Look I only know three things one hundred percent, First Liam loves you." Alec looks at Stiles with yellow eyes glowing. "You better put that attitude in check!" Stiles said as he closed his eyes then reopened with his red eyes and his growled, Alec's eyes came back to his usual light blue. Stiles continued, "Second, I'm pretty sure I'm reading your emotions correctly, and I think you love him too!" Alec's facial expression gave him away, Stiles interrupted him, "Look I'm not here to judge you, I know from experience, I missed out on something that might have been awesome, or could have been dreadful, but the thing is, I chose to ignore the signs right there in front of me." Alec looked his brother in the eyes, "I get it, I know who your referring to, Stiles I'm scared, not only for me and Liam, but for the twins, its will...." again Stiles interrupted his sibling, "Look you have to meet him half way, at least let your friends know, that way he can feel good about you, himself and the relationship you guys are starting, plus you will give those beautiful children a real family, maybe not a traditional one, but a real one!" Alec turned the vehicle off and exited meeting Stiles on the other side, the two men hugged and turned to walk towards the house as Stiles places his hand on his brothers shoulder.

Stiles stopped and looked around, "When the hell did I become the grown up?"

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