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Chris Argent jumped down onto the small fishing boat, and headed out into the swamp. After rowing about ten minutes he stopped and pulled out a plastic sandwich bag which held a cell phone, he opened the bag hooked a small device to the phone and dialed a number. Sitting down he waited for the ring tone to ring five times and hung up. He pulled out a pair of mini binoculars, he pretended to use to search the area! Five minutes later the phone rang back, and he answered quietly, "I have to make this quick, the one and two are not a member of the three!" The person on the other end states back, "The one and the two are BH located, and are in search of three, four, and five!" Chris understood the statement and closed his eyes, "I will rendezvous with at PHA, in NO, at cinnamon coke calories in T minus 2!" After hanging up the phone he tosses it into the water and rows back to the dock.

Alec opens the door, standing there with his arrogant smile was none other than Peter Hale, "Is your presence necessary?" Entering into the house without a formal invitation he turns and snarks, "It is uncanny how much you are like your brother, young Stilinski!" Alec shut the door and sighed, "Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment!" Sitting down at one end of the couch, he crosses his legs and grins.

Stiles heard the front door being knocked on, he threw on a uniform shirt and rushed down the steps, Then something hit him, it was a new smell, not unpleasant but not comfortable. Then there he was, the reason Stiles life turned upside down. So many things have happened to Stiles since Peter Hale came into his life, and the only person that ever got anything out of the intrusion was Scott, if you could say Scott was lucky from the bite, but all it did was turn him arrogant and now he understands why Peter Hale is so arrogant.

Peter wasn't ready for the sight of the eldest Stilinski boy! He didn't even since his presence, but obviously he would not smell like that annoying boy he met all those years ago! Peter jumped up, he never thought he would be happy to see Stiles, but there he was, Peter felt an overwhelming feeling of love, the last time he had seen Stiles he was getting ready to jump through the Hunts vortex, He had grabbed Stiles keys and presented them to his daughter on the other side. Now he was holding Stiles so closely he could feel all his emotions at once, Stiles hugged him back, he in return could smell the love, and desperation coming off this man, "Stiles my boy in all honesty am very happy you are home and safe, these people just weren't the same without your half baked nitwitisms to keep us sane." Ethan enter the room and quietly nodded a hello to Peter. Styles had turned out to be one of Peter Hale's biggest mistakes. He never could forgive himself for turning Scott McCall into a wolf, his instincts told him that Scott would be an exemplary wolf but in turn what happened was the complete opposite. Scott turned arrogant and was unwilling to listen to reason! Peter smiled and placed his hand on Ethan's shoulder, "Also I ah would like to thank you and Ethan here, um for your service, you are honestly a lot braver than I, than I ever could have been!" Stiles stood there he had every reason to hate this man, but he had never seen Peter so vulnerable searching for words, trying to put sentences together, and Peters feelings had betrayed him and Stiles was on the verge of rubbing it in, but wanted to quietly bury the hatchet.

"Thank you Creepy Wolf, I appreciate your words of kindness!" Stiles hugged him again, this time whispering in his ear, "I have a secret to tell you, but it can wait!" Peter looked at him perplexed, but dismissed it for the time being as the doorbell rang again. As Alec answered the door, Peter looked at Stiles, "Oh may I also say how dashing you look in uniform!" He snorted then walked towards the kitchen, as Stiles dropped his keys and stared at the creepy man, "Here lets get this over with!" Ethan says as he hands Stiles his keys off of the floor.

Noah walked in, his eyes glowed as he looked at his son, but oddly he walked by him and threw his arms around Ethan. "Son, I owe you everything for bringing my boy back to me, I meant to tell you last night but, well I was in quiet a shock!" Ethan smiles and looks at Stiles, "We took care of each other, and honestly that's how we got through it all, you don't owe me thanks, we did what we needed to do to survive!" Noah smiles and then adds, "Son, I know your family is gone, and I want you to know I consider you as another one of my kids, and as you can see, This is a pretty big family of misfits and I would like you to feal a part of it!" Ethan stood there with reddening eyes and a tear flowing down his cheek, "I am grateful and would be honored to be a Stilinski Misfit, Sir!" Noah snickered, "It must be a wolf thing, you may dispense with the pleasantries Sergeant please call me Noah!" Stiles looked at his father, the glow in his eyes told his father everything he needed to know, he winked at Stiles, "It used to just be me and you son, now look we have a pack of our own!"

Noah heard the rumbling of tiny feet headed down the upstairs hall, "Papa Nowa, Papa Nowa!" The two children flew down the steps. Stiles hugged his dad and kissed the side of his head, "I love you Pops!" Stiles walked out the door and heads towards the jeep. Ethan looks at Stiles with a shit eating grin, "So now that we are practically brothers, can I....." Stiles interrupted him, "No you can not barrow the Jeep" the two buckle up and head to town.

Stiles pulled into the parking lot next to the Recruitment build, he looked at Ethan, "How about a strong cup of coffee before we head in?" Ethan looked relieved, "Yes please I haven't had one yet today." Walking in Stiles greeted the younger girl at the counter, "Good morning, could we get two, two shots of espresso and then two large black coffees extra cream no sugar with three yellow packs of sweetener each, please?!" The young girl started on their order as Stiles looked around the room he noticed the young lady Shelly from yesterday morning, looking at Ethan "Could you pay her plus a nice tip, I'll be back in just a moment, I see Shelly from the realtor's office." Ethan smiled and took Stiles credit card he put it in his pocket and pulled out his own no sense in Stiles paying for everything and he wanted to do something nice for his friend.

Walking over towards the young lady she stands up and smiles at him she motions to him to have a seat. Stiles sits down and looks at her, she starts to explain "I've been waiting for you this morning, I have something I need to give you." He looked at her strangely. "You were waiting, how did you even know I was coming here? I didn't till I got here." she smiled "That's another story another time, I need to give you something."Stiles looked at her. "Okay." She hands him a box, insists that he opens it. Stiles looked up, Ethan was approaching he looked at Shelly and aske, "May I open in front of Ethan?" Shelly smiled and nodded a yes, "So that's your illustrious companion hidden in the car?"

Styles stood up so Ethan could move around him and set the tray on the table he looked at Ethan then to Shelly and, "Ethan this is Shelly, Mr. Smithers assistant, Shelly this is my best friend and fellow recruiter for Beacon Hills." Shelly stood to shake his hand, both Ethan and Stiles appropriately stood until Shelly sat down, once she did they took their seats.

Stiles proceeded to open the package inside the paper was an ordinary gift box with a lid removing the lid and the white paper package filler he looked up at Shelly, "You really didn't have to do this." he said politely she looked at him and smiled "You will understand one day why I did, for now you must choose one it will call to you on its own and then Ethan you must choose one as well, the third you will know what to do with it when the time comes." Both Ethan and Stiles looked at each other at the same time they both nodded an agreement and looked back at Shelly "You guys must keep these with you at all times, please remember that, at all times no matter what you're doing. Once you're home is built and the first night you sleep in it you must place it on the hearth for which it gets its name the hearth heart.. Stiles I want to leave you with one more thought and please always remember this your heart will help keep you grounded and safe!, I must be leaving now please take care of yourselves and each other." and with that the young lady stood and left quickly. Both soldiers looked at each other Ethan grinned at Stiles "Now I really need this drink." they quickly drank their espressos and grabbed their cups of coffee and started their short walk to the recruiting station.

Entering the recruiting station Stiles looked around, "Its almost empty, what gives?" both men looked around the room it was about the same size as two average high school classrooms! At one end there was a set of stairs that led upstairs to a walkway that circled the intire room the front being the giant windows facing the city! There was one door on each side of the walkway on the longer part of the room and on the back wall there was three individual doors, one had Stilinski the other had Steiner and the third one was unlabeled! Stiles looked at Ethan as he pointed upstairs "Dude look!" Ethan grinned as he saw both of their names on the metal plates on the door.

A corporal Joey Perry walked out of the unlabeled office, she hurried down the steps to Stiles and Ethan, "Staff Sergeant Stilinski and Sergeant Stiener, your meeting with Sergeant First Class Jameson has been postponed till Friday, Brigadier General Lasko is here to see you." Stiles stopped, "Oh My God Michaels dad is here, What do I say to him?" Ethan looked at Stiles, "Dude settle down, He is concerned about his son, tell him the truth, as much as you can, the other he doesn't need to know!" Stiles calmed down, his friend was right, he could get through this! The three rushed up the stairs at the top the Corporal opens the door for the Sergeants to enter the unlabeled office, which was nearly empty accept for a desk and two chairs.

Stiles stood next to Ethan at attention as the General finished a phone call, he noticed them standing there and immediately snaps "At ease gentleman!" He pushed the button on his phone, and the corporal appeared quickly, "Corporal Perry could you hold my calls and no interruptions until we are finished in here!" The corporal shook her head and said "Yes sir!" and closed the door. The three went through introducing each other as Stiles started to calm down a bit The General motioned for the two Soldiers to sit.

The General, sat down with his hand placed flat on the desk, "Gentleman, I have read your debriefings, all be it, all three of them, and not one thing changed between each statement, not even a slight minor correction, so I am pretty sure I don't need to ask for your story again, but do tell me that you are not trying to locate the three missing soldiers" the man looked at Stiles, "This by the way is a personal conversation, no recording devices, and such!" The General said as he winks and quickly stares at the clock. Stiles sat there, He wanted to believe the General, but his gut said no.. Stiles kept looking around the room, he sensed a small tiny whirring noise, then it hit him, there was a recording device inside the clock, which the General eluded to just a moment earlier! "Stiles, may I call you Stiles or do you prefer Mieczyslaw, or " Stiles interrupted him "Stiles is fine Sir!" The general looked at both men, You two may call me John!" Stiles eyes became bigger as he gave a crazed grin.. "Sir I'm not sure I would be comfortable with that!" The General looked at both Sergeants that were seated in front of him. Stiles lifted his pointing finger as to say just one moment, he pulls a small flip notebook out of his pocket and jots something down, hands it to the General, and waits as he makes their small talk seem real! The General and Stiles passed the notebook back and forth three or four times while pretending to have a conversation about the events in Africa!

Moments later Stiles leads Ethan out of the building and they get into his jeep and drive off. "Okay do you want to explain what just happened!" Stiles looked at him, "The man said out loud that there were no recording devices in the room, then winked and pointed at the clock with an eye look, how did you not catch that?" Ethan shook is head, "Okay what was written down?" Stiles grinned, "I told him to be at the house at 14:30 for the pack meeting!" Ethan opened his eyes fully at his friend, "YOU what?" Stiles smiled at him, "Ethan he already knows about the supernatural, I could pick it up on him, he was hiding his SUP. knowledge badly at best!" Ethan frowned, "How was I unaware of all of this happening?" Stiles put on his thinking face looked at Ethan and said "Maybe you just need to practice your wolfing because you've been without it for so long, I wouldn't be too concerned!"Ethan's eyes saddened, he looked at Stiles and quietly asked "Would you help me with that?" Stiles winked at his best friend and told him, "Absolutely!"

At the Stilinski house the living room was full of everyone that was there the night before, Stiles was concerned that it was to full, but this is a war and he needed all the help he could get! Stiles decided to inform Derek about the General joining to meeting. "Derek can I speak with you in the kitchen?" After ten seconds Derek exploded, Derek looked at Stiles like Stiles was crazy, "You don't know him, how can you be so careless Stilinski you've done some stupid things before but this has got to take the cake, you call that man and tell him then not to come!" Stiles turned around to Derek, this time he was furious, "Let me give this to you straight, you are a guest here, you don't live here and you sure as hell not in charge, you have no right to question me during the circumstances! Further more the man has never lied to me, can you say the same? So I would suggest you sit down and shut up, or leave, I'm not being bullied by you or anyone anymore, UNDERSTOOD?" Derek stood there with his lips pressed together and his eyes as wide as they could get, the anger in him was boiling but he knew to keep it to himself! Stiles needed to leave the room, It hurt to yell at Derek that way, and he wasn't sure what he had become!

Stiles walked into the office and sat down at his dads desk, then he remembered his dad kept a pack of emergency cigarettes in the third drawer down! He grabbed a pack of cigarettes.

Snuck outside, he walked behind the tree next to the swing set and lit up. Inhaling the smoke he starts to cry, "You shouldn't be smoking Stiles!" He turned and Sour Wolfe was standing there, "Ah hell what do you want, to yell some more?" Derek looked at him, he understood the pent up anger his friend had, "I want to apologize!" Stiles eyes still teared up, Derek took his thumb and wiped away the running tear, Stiles looked him in the eye, "I didn't want to yell at you, you are one of the few people I trust with my life, and I'm the one who should be sorry!" Derek was amazed at the maturity Stiles had now, "You were correct, I'm not in charge, I should have trusted you decision on bring General Lasko on board!" Stiles stood there and looked at Derek, "I never told you his name, how do you know this?" Derek looked taken aback, "I will tell you in due time at the meeting.!" Stiles rushed him and Derek pushed him against the tree, "Stiles you are going to wait!" he said as he released him, Stiles realized some things never change as Derek straightened Stiles shirt. Stiles starts to walk away, and Derek thrust his head at him and growled as Stiles jumped, "Oh My God, Ugh" and at that Derek stood there in grinned, as Stiles walked into the house......

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