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Standing in the upstairs bathroom, Derek was throwing water on his face, he needed to pull himself together for Stiles sake. He was stroking stubble on his chin and decided that he would shave when he got back to his uncle's condo. Looking into the mirror he saw a glimpse of a man with long sharp teeth and a gauze covered face, he blinked several times turned to look behind him then turned back around and looked into the mirror, blinked again and turned around, but every time he turned around the man was gone, but then the mirror told him otherwise, with his eyes now closed, he heard its voice, "Derek do you really want Stiles to accomplish his goal, think of all that you will be missing out if he does!" Derek shook his head, He turned around again, there was no one there! "What the hell is wrong with me?" The face was still in the mirror, "He is yours, you stupid wolf, are you going to let some pathetic soldier get your prize?" Derek looked behind him again, "I'm going mad, what the hell?" The Nogitsune moved to Derek's other side... "Oh your not mad!" His words slithering into Derek's ear as he could feel the presence there, "I am though, but if you do not prevent the first from finding the Third, then the first will no longer live do you understand what I'm saying you freak of nature, the prophecy must not be fulfilled, if the first finds the third the first will die!!!" The Nogitsune yelled as his words came out of his mouth faster! "The first must never find the third!" Derek was transfixed, "What are you talking about, I don't understand?" he wolfed out without meaning to. "GO AWAY!" then he roared.. The Nogitsune was behind him again, Derek could feel the fear was taking over him, he couldn't control it, "I'll leave you with this," the image in the mirror said as Derek could feel the moister from its breath on his face, and could see its long, sharp, steel teeth almost against his ear in the mirror, "What Is Stronger Than Me, More Evil Than The Devil, The Poor Have It, The Rich Don't Need It, And If You Eat It You Die?" then there was a strange clicking sound as he vanished in smoke, as Derek slowly lowered to the floor, there was a whisper in the air, "the first must not find the third........"

Lydia and Malia enter the room, "Derek what's wrong with you?" His cousin asked as she and Lydia knelt down beside him. Derek pulled his knees to his chest with his arms wrapped around them. "Something was here, something I can't explain there was clicking, his face, bandages and silver teeth!" Lydia looked at Malia, something is terribly wrong, I've never seen Derek this spooked before, and I mean never!" Derek tried to stand up but he started mumbling, "All he was talking about there were thirds and firsts and Stiles and not living , and wants me to prevent Stiles from accomplishing his goal!" The girls helped him to his feet as they walked into Stile's room, they laid him down on the bed and put a cover gently over his chest. Malia grabbed a tissue off Stiles computer desk and started wiping the sweat and tears from Derek's face, but the tissue kept taring due to his coarse stubble, "Stupid cheap tissues, uuugh!" Malia looked at him, "You're going to stay here for a few minutes and gain your composure before you go down to that room, remember this meeting is important to Stiles and we cannot interrupt it!" Derek was still fully zoned out, Malia could barely hear his almost non audible mumbling, "The first must not find the third!"

Lydia started down the hallway, as she got to the stairs she met Ethan standing there he looked at her "What's going on up here?" she whispered, "I need to speak with Stiles, there's something wrong with Derek!" Ethan looked aggravated, "The General we will be here momentarily, it's best to let Stiles alone for now!" Lydia looked at Ethan and huffed "The Generals only human he can wait!" and as she walked away and he walked towards the bedroom Ethan said under his breath "I'm not so sure about that!"

The door knocked again, both Alec and Stiles walked to the door together to answer it. Upon opening the door there were several people standing outside! Natalie Martin was standing there with Scott, his mother and Isaac as they started to enter the house, Dr. Deaton walked up behind them. Stiles walked up to Dr. Deaton and acknowledges his arrival, "Thank you for coming on such short notice!" Deaton smiled "No problem Young Stilinski, always willing to help!, I have a pressing matter that I need to speak with Derek real quick before we get underway, if I could!" Stiles looked at him then Alex as Lydia walked into the room she goes to the doctor and informs him "Derek and Malia are upstairs with Ethan in Stiles bedroom!" Stiles looked at Lydia he asked concerned "Should I go upstairs and check on them?" Lydia smiled at him "There's no reason for that, you need to stay down here and get this meeting going, its more important!" Styles could smell the indifference in her scent from her words, but was more concerned about the figure walking up the sidewalk to the house at that moment!

Noah glanced at the man through the window, he walked outside with his son. Standing there Stiles looks at the General, lifting his hand for the polite handshake, "General Lasko thank you for attending this very impromptu meeting!" Looking at his father, "General Lasko, this is my father, Sheriff Noah Stilinski, dad, this is General Lasko, Michaels father!" Noah shook the General's hand "Nice to meet you General, you may call me Noah!" The General smiled and returned stating, "You may call me John!" and of course Stiles stood there very uncomfortable. As the three men started towards the house General Lasko places his hand on Stiles shoulder, "Sergeant I was hoping we could speak privately prior to the meeting?" Stiles smiled, "Of course we can Sir!" The General waved his arm away from the house "Shall we walk?"

The two men walked two complete blocks before any words were said! Stiles finally looked at the General, "Sir there is a park four houses down, if you would like to sit and talk!" The General looked at Stiles, "Yes Sergeant I believe that would be better, thank you!" As they entered the park there were several benches scattered throughout the walkway. Stiles chose two where the benches were four feet apart, that way allowing each one of them to sit on their own bench facing the other and not feel uncomfortable.

Stiles was still nervous around the General! The man was exactly what you would believe a General would look like, he was a bit taller then Stiles with a larger form. His completely gray hair was cut short almost spiky on top, his eyes had obvious circles under them from fear of not knowing where his son was, and the man completely reminded him of his stoic grandfather. Even in his civilian clothes, you could tell he was military! At that moment it became obvious to Stiles that Michael's mother must have been the redhead in the family.

When the General finally looked at Stiles, both men tensed up! Styles also noticed that the General was obviously frustrated trying to find a way to start the conversation! "Okay son here we go, I'm going to be honest with you as I hope you are honest with me, first things first!" Stiles tensed up even more, "Sergeant Stilinski three months ago I had you investigated, in turn I have learned several things about you, your friends and family!", Stiles face felt on fire, it was like being told you were getting swats in school or you were caught in a lie, his thoughts flew in a million directions in a millisecond! "First I know that your senior year of high school you were consistently absent for almost 4 months but still graduated without fault, afterwards you left and was a recruit for the FBI in General offices, you went on an ops mission where during the mission you left with a wanted man by the name of Derek Hale, but in turn he was exonerated from the crime!, But the two of you disappeared, you informed the FBI that you would not be returning and you stayed in Beacon Hill afterwards!, A few months later you joined the army with the FBI's high recommendations, am I correct so far?" Stiles sat there he was flabbergasted he had no clue what to say to this man in the back of his mind he was 99.9 percent sure that the General is going to say something about supernatural, so he sits silently waiting for the information to come from the General himself. The General continued, "Son I'm not going to insult your intelligence by acting like I don't know what's going on there are supernatural things happening in this world, they're being hidden quite well by certain individuals who want to live their natural lives out in peace, but they're also evil individuals out there who are willing to expose the supernatural and take matters into their own hands by eliminating what they believe to be threats!"

The room was quiet, Derek laid in Stiles bed, he was still transfixed, his eyes just stared straight out and didn't move except to blink. Malia sat there as Deaton walked into the room, Ethan was sitting at the computer desk trying to look up information, but was unable to log in without Stiles password! Deaton looked at Ethan, "Um what seems to be the problem?" Malia walked over to the two men, "Well before he turned into this living corpse!" Deaton shook his head, the young girl always had away with being direct, "He was mumbling something about thirds and ones and Stiles and not living, and he wants me him to prevent Stiles from accomplishing his goal!" Deaton looked at her, "Anything else?" Lydia was standing at the door , "He said Something was here, something he couldn't explain, there was clicking, his face, bandages and silver teeth!" Malia looked scared, her eyes turned golden/yellow as she looked at Lydia, "Lydia that day in Eichen House when Stiles and I were down in the basement he started hallucinating about a man with that same description!" They both looked at Deaton, "It was the Nogitsune, How is that possible?" Deaton frowned, I need to contact a relative after our meeting, in the mean time, he should rest, I'm pretty sure he had the same visit as you did Ethan, so his shock should wear off soon, Its good that there were no injuries this time!" Ethan nodded, "The three of you go down for the meeting, I will stay with him, Stiles can fill me in on all the details afterwards!" Lydia brushed her hand on his shoulder as they left the room, She whispered, "Thank you!" She stopped and turned back to him, "Password, try Lydia!" she winked as she left, he sat and typed in her name, and sure enough the search engine came up! He yelled, "Smarty pants!" , Lydia smiled as she continued down the steps.

Stiles sat there and thought for a moment, looking at the General, he questioned "Sir what does any of this have to do with our convoy mission why would somebody want the individuals in the convoy and not just the weapons?" The General looked at Stiles, he understood that Stiles was not naive, and he decided he wanted to explain that part to him prior to the meeting! "Son the weapons were just a cover-up, I believe the intentions of the convoy was basically getting their hands on you and the soldiers, which my son was included!" Stiles looked at the man, "But sir your son's not supernatural why would they want him, was it so they could get to me?" The General looked at Stiles frowned for a moment then looked back at him, "Our family," he started to say trying to find the words, "I met my wife in Ireland, we married and then while I was away, my father and grandfather, well, they introduced her to our druid healing powers and magic!" He smiled, "When our sons were born my grandmother dreamt that they were sparks!" Stiles looked at the general with hey honestly questioning stare, "Excuse me sir, did you say sons?" The General looked at Stiles then looked at the ground with a saddened face. "Yes Stiles,( he paused, sounding like he was talking with a very heavy heart) yes I did, my wife and I had twins, Michael and Maxwell." Stiles was even more confused now than before. "Sir I've known Michael for over 5 years and he's never once mentioned a brother by the name of Maxwell or the name Maxwell at all!!" the General started fidgeting and Stiles could tell that this was a story that he was not used to telling." On the boys 7th birthday they went to stay with their grandmother and grandfather on my wife's Juliets side. Juliet and I went on a trip and upon returning both her mother, father and Maxwell were missing, we found Michael downstairs in the seller where he had hidden and locked himself away. Since the day of the abduction or disappearance, he is never mentioned his grandparents or his brother sense." Stiles had learned a lot about Michael in a short time. Then something hit Stiles and he blurted out the question. "Sir if you don't mind you don't have a strong Irish accent like Michael does" The General grinned, "Michael lived with Juliet and my father and grandfather in Ireland under their protection until he was fourteen, that's when he moved back here to America and lived with me he never lost his Irish accent or his Irish good looks." Stiles listened as the General continued,"There are people out there who want Michael, they want to end his life, they believe that his spark can help change the tide, I always thought with Michael being in the army that he would be safe, he always looked out for himself and he never got too close to anybody ensuring that he could maintain a strict discipline attitude!" Stiles looked upset, "Until he met me, I weakened his strict discipline, I wasn't strong enough to save him, I'm so sorry Sir!" The General stood up and put his hand on Stiles shoulder, "No son, I read the report, and we both know there was no way for you to get back to him, we will find him and you will be with him again, my boy I know how much he cares for you, I knew you two were emotionally attached, all he could ever talk about was this smart recruit with two crazy first names , whom he taught self -reliance, and he was very proud each time he was able to promote you, oh and there was some guy named Pete, who he said kept asking him to call him Petey, he said because you trained Pete he was able to promote him and keep the three of you together!" Stiles never realized the depth Michael had cared for him. The General looked at Stiles, " Son I want to inform you that we have an operative who used to be a really close friend of yours, has located the three missing soldiers and hopefully with the help of your friends we can bring these soldiers back." Stiles was now more than determined to bring back the members he left behind. He was going to bring back the Spark, his spark, Michael.

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