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Stiles looked around the room, all the players were there, except Derek, Ethan and Chris! Looking at the General, Stiles half grinned and introduced him, "Group, I'll call it that since we have no designation, This is General Lasko, General the Troops!" The General stood up, he looked around the room I am pleased to finally meet you all, I will be as honest with all of you as I was with Staff Sergeant Stilinski, I know just about each and every one of you, not personally but in effect a little of your background!" He states as he looks at each person! Looking at Natalie, "Mrs. Martin, human, you are daughter in law of Lorraine Martin, Banshee deceased. Lydia Martin, Banshee. Jordan Parrish, Hell Hound. Malia Tate, Werecoyote. Peter Hale, you my friend are intriguing to say the least, but for what its worth you are a Werewolf! Isaac Lahey, Werewolf. Alec Stilinski, Werewolf. Liam Dunbar, Werewolf. Scott McCall, Werewolf. Melissa McCall, human/healer to the group. Dr. Alan Deaton, Veterinarian/Druid, Stiles Stilinski, Werejackle. Noah Stilinski, Human and unpronounced Leader/Alpha of this fine group, I believe that Derek Hale, Werewolf, and Ethan Steiner, Werewolf, are upstairs and I'm not familiar with the twins sleeping up stairs!!! " The General looked around the room again, have I made any mistakes?" Satisfied with his total recall, the General smiles, "I have a friend and by this one statement I will make them known, by I believe the person it is targeted to will silently inform the rest of the room, whom my information came from, and that I am a friend not foe!"

The General Smiled again, He had been waiting for this moment for the last two days, It will be the first time he will see the dynamics of a close group of Supernaturals! He started his statement, "Our love is like a Rose, every rose has a thorn to protect it, I am that thorn.!" The next set of events happened quickly as the General smiled watching the faces of the people going around the table, Melissa's eyes looked up, Scott smelled her happiness, in tern Malia picked up on Scotts scent. Peter picked up on the scent as Liam looked at Alec, and smiled. The group after about ten seconds all looked at Melissa, and she uttered one word...... "Chris!" the General nodded and continued, "As you can see, we all know my operative in the field is trust worthy, Chris Argent, Ex-Hunter/Sup Defender."

Stiles stood up, "We need to decide who will be joining me on the Search and Rescue!" Everyone of the Werewolf's raised their hand, "But before hand, I want to say this is not going to be easy!" The General continued, "We have narrowed it down to one city, and Mr. Argent has eyes on sighting of the three individuals!" Stiles looked at his friends, he was as serious as any of them had ever seen prior! "The rescue of First Sergeant Michael Lasko, Seargent Pete/Petey Cammel, Corporal Jacob Wisckot are our main objective!" Stiles looked at Peter, he knew he would slowly put two and two together and figure out who Petey was!

Peter stood up, "If you would excuse me I need to make a phone call!" he exited the room as Stiles looks at the General, "Sir I want my team to be Ethan, Liam, and Lydia... " Stiles ran after Peter. He ran out the back door, "Peter wait!" The older Werewolf turned around with his finger pointing at Stiles almost hitting him in the face, and Stiles stood his ground not flinching! "You knew this, you knew this the whole time, and you kept the fact that we still have blood relatives out there!" Stiles looked at his friend calmly, "Peter it wasn't my truth to tell, it had to come out this way or I would be betraying the trust of one of my soldiers! You have to understand that!" Peter stood there clinching both of his fists, "Then why the Hell did you tease me with this so called secret, Stiles?" Stiles closed his eye and slowly shook his head, "My secret was after all those years of you asking me and wanting me to accept the bite, I wouldn't, but sure as shit I go half way around the world to get attacked in Africa, by Werejackles, My God Peter don't you see the irony?" Peter stood there, he was at loss for words! Peter started to tear up, "Stiles My cousin Malia Hale/Cammel, disappeared after the fire, years prior to the fire we named Malia after her, and Pete was named after me! Our family respected unity" He was outraged. "Then that damn fire, Family that hadn't died in it, scattered scared that the Argents were going to come after them next. Stiles looked at Peter with strict looking eyes, "Peter you have to let Petey come to you when we come home, it has to be him, Promise me!" Peter shook his head, "I promise you young Stilinski!" Stiles thanked him and headed back into the house.

Stiles walked into the room, it was completely silent, "Is everything okay, did I miss something?" Scott rolled his eyes, "Derek had some kind of mental breakdown, probably ate too many Cheerios and became happy!" Stiles looked at Scott, "Yeah bro that ain't funny!" Alec had a brazen look on his face, he stands up and walks towards his brother, "Take me not Liam!" Liam stood up, "Alec sit down, its not your choice!" his face had turned complete red at this point, but Alec did not give up so easily, "Stiles I'm serious, he has those two kids upstairs!" Stiles closed his eyes, "I can't have couples on this trip, I need everyone to know that they are there alone not with their couple, plus I need you here, there is more to this than what we can see, Please trust me, I'm not leaving anyone behind on this mission, I give my Word!"

The General stood up, and motioned to Stiles, but Stiles spoke first, "You told me you had me investigated, but no investigator would have been able to find out the fact that I was not in school because I was erased from existence by the Hunt, meaning that all the information you got during your investigation was from Mr Argent was it not?" The General looked at Stiles and smiled, "No wonder my son thinks highly of you, your a lot more intelligent than anyone has given you credit for mindful of that, don't let it do you harm, let it do you credit!" The General started towards the door, "You seem to have become a good alpha, I will speak with you Tuesday morning before you leave, You stay with someone tomorrow night, don't try to go your first moon alone, Understood Sergeant!" Stiles looked at him questioningly, "I know everything dear boy!" He winked and walked out the door

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