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It was a very quite drive from the forest reserve. Stiles was happy he was able to purchase that property. Peering over to his friend he started feeling like things might actually come together. He knew that this was going to be the hardest part of the trip for Ethan. Stiles knew he was strong. Stiles was able to help him feel that there was more to being a soldier, than just killing, being a soldier gave you a bigger family, you had brothers and sisters that would always have your back. Ethan had even told him that he considered him his brother, not a replacement one, but an additional one. Stiles felt the same way towards Ethan, And he had told him so as well. Stiles believed in the power of the pack bond now. He loved and cared for Ethan, he compared the bond they now shared to the bond he used to have with Scott. Now that friendship with Scott was nonexistent. The two men hadn't talked since Stiles left for basic training. Stiles could have sworn a strange scent came from his friend, but passed it off as his own anxiety. As the Jeep pulled into the parking lot of their old High School Beacon Hills. Stiles looked trying to find a familiar face. Stiles then realized it had been five years since he had been at the school plus it was summer school, there were not going to be any familiar faces, except maybe the teaching staff.

Ethan slowly looked up for the first time during the drive from the reserve. His eyes were drooping like someone who hadn't had any sleep in days. He glanced at the lacrosse stadium, he knew to get to the stadium, he would have to go through the under path. Stiles turned off the ignition, glanced at Ethan, retreated from the car quickly to get to the passenger door where his friend sat in a trance. "You sure you're ready for this?" He asked Ethan, whose eyes are glazed over. Stiles smiled at him, "Ethan I'm not a wolf but Bud, I can honestly swear, That I can smell your fear!" "No I'm not ready, but I need to do it before I can be comfortable in this town again."

Ethan closed his eyes. "You don't have to do this, we can find another way to fix what's going on inside that crazy head of yours." Stiles whispered. Ethan looked at the field again, "DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!" An unfamiliar voice whispered. Ethan looked at Stiles. "What?" Stiles inquired. Ethan looked confused and said, "Nothing, I thought you said something." Stiles reached to his friends sun glasses, he slowly pulled them off and revealed Ethan's teared up eyes.

"Ethan just relax, I'm here for you." Stiles placed his hand on the back of Ethan's head, both men had learned this calming technique from a tribal mother when they were in the desert of Africa looking for Michael. Stiles looked into Ethan's eyes, Ethan knew to do the same to Stiles. Their foreheads tilted in till they touched and both men closed their eyes. They both closed their minds off to the rest of the world. This personal contact was to give Ethan the calming ability he lacked. Stiles knew it would also give Ethan the mental strength to proceed with his task. All of this was due to the strength of their bond. Neither man had realized how long it had taken, but the school was completely empty then, and the sun had settled onto the ocean a few miles away. Twilight was upon them as they slowly separated from each other. Stiles looked at Ethan, "I'm ready Stiles." Ethan said with a strong look of determination in his eyes.

Stiles gave him a crooked grin. "I'll be right behind you all the way." As they reached the steps that led to the under path, Stiles started down them and was at the bottom before he realized this place held a few bad memories for him as well, but not to the extent of losing a brother like Ethan had, Stiles was only dumped by Lydia two days prior to him leaving for Basic Training, this was also the same spot when Stiles first realized he was being erased by the HUNT. Stiles shook it off and glanced back up at Ethan who was still standing at the top.

"YOU KNOW, YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS!" A voice whispered in Ethan's ear.. Strangely Stiles thought he could hear Ethan's heart beat, it had increased substantially, but he also shook that of as his own imagination. Ethan closed his eyes tight, he knew that voice. Slowly he looked to his left and found his twin Aiden standing there, staring with a hateful grin. Ethan started to tear up. "OH NO TEARS PLEASE, BUT YOU WERE ALWAYS THE SISSY ..." Aiden said as he looked crossly at Ethan. "WHY ARE YOU HERE MY DEAREST BOTHER?" Aiden said as he started to wolf out. "I needed to find a release" Aiden looked at Ethan rubbing his eyes as he mocked his brother. "A RELEASE OH BOO HOO, ITS YOUR GUILT YOU NEED A RELEASE FROM " Ethan looked as Aiden as he walked down the steps, the memories of that night had all flooded back.

Aiden skipped every other step going to the bottom, Ethan slowly followed down the steps as Aiden turned around to taunt him some more. This though was not a memory! This whole situation was turning out very real. An arrow flew past Ethan towards a now present Oni, and he could actually feel the air rush by his face. The arrow had been sent through the air by a new presence, Chris Argent. The Oni had deflected the arrow with his sword, the arrow was now in two pieces on the ground near Aiden's feet. Aiden snatches the pointed end of the arrow. Stiles had been watching Ethan walk the whole area. Ethan had looked like he had been having an entire conversation with someone. Stiles was confused, who was he yelling at? This was a familiar feeling somehow, He could almost sense something or someone. Aiden rushed towards the Oni with the silver arrow in his hand, The Oni pushed his blade in Aiden's upper chest. The horrid black monster lifted him up as he screamed in pain.. "ETHAN HELP ME, PLEASE." As the likeness of Aiden screamed. Ethan was stuck in this horrifying moment. Aiden's body slowly started to slide down the blade towards the ground. The gravity was causing it to be sliced like butter on a hot knife. Aiden cried out again as Ethen fell to his knees. "Ethan..." Ethan stood there, he couldn't move, it was like his feet had been Glued to the ground.

Stiles traipsed to the other side. Aiden looked at Ethan his bloody tears that ran down his face. "BUT YOU STOOD THERE AND DID NOTHING AS YOU WATCHED ME PAINFULLY DIE DEAREST BROTHER!" Ethan looked around, "No this Isn't how it happened, This isn't how it happened at all, Your lying!" Aiden's voice had now changed, it was scratchy and malevolent. Again Aiden starts screaming again as his body slowly melts through the sword till his feet touched the ground. Using the silver arrow Aiden thrusts it into the Oni's chest and as the creature howled in pain and vanished in a cloud of black and green smoke. Ethan stood dumfounded, the sight of Aiden being killed was ripping him apart. Aiden now morphed into the Nogitsune now standing in the pool of blood. "ARE YOU STILL STANDING THERE, SO FEEBLE, AND APPALLING, YOU WERE ONCE A PROUD ALPHA , BUT YOUR JUST AND INJURED PIECE OF HUMAN SCUM NOW. YOU CANT EVEN HEAL YOUR PATHETIC INJURY!" The Nogitsune circled Ethan as he verbally bullied him. Ethan shouted "Your not real!" The Nogitsune screeched loudly, "OH BUT I AM REAL, I SHALL PROVE IT TO YOU." Stiles started towards Ethan, he still heard him talking but there wasn't a soul around but him. "Ethan what do you see, tell me what's going on?" Ethan just stood there horrified. "Let me help you, what's going on?" Stiles asked confusingly.

The Nogitsune started moving towards Stiles, as his body morphed into the Void, now the monster was all wrapped in gauze. He laughed as slobber accumulated around his sharpened teeth. With his hand raised above his head he barked at Stiles, "YES STILES JUST TRY TO HELP HIM, YOUR PATHETIC TOO," He looked at Ethan now. "HE COULDN'T HANDLE ME, HE WAS WEAK...!" Now looking into Stiles eyes, even though the man was oblivious to his presence. "STILES I'M SURPRISED YOU EVEN LIVED AFTER MY STRENGTH LEFT YOUR BODY!" Ethan glared at the image in front of him, he didn't know this entity. What did he have to do with Stiles? The form Void placed its hands on both sides of Stiles head. "Why are you doing this?" Ethan cried, as he closed his eyes the Void morphed into Void Stiles, it was the spitting image of the soldier, even down to the head gear and combat uniform. It sprinted to lay next to Stiles. Ethan finally opened his eyes, but it was a second to late. The Void Stiles sent a electrical charge through the air that had went around human Stiles back to his hand. From Ethan's point of view it had looked like Stiles had fired the electrical charge at the Void, confusing Ethan into believing that Stiles was the void, and the void was Stiles.

Ethan had had enough. No one was going to take another brother from him. The horror that had unfolded in front of him had released his inner wolf, causing him to uncontrollably wolf out. Stiles, in complete confusion stood there looking at Ethan as he charged him. His temper was aggressive as he growled. Realizing to late what was about to happen. "Ethan no..." was all Stiles could scream before Ethan plunged his wolf clawed hand into his side. He tightened the grip ripping and creating internal damage. Stiles looked at his uniform shirt as blood seeped through it. Stiles stood there, He felt mental pain, as much as physical pain, why is his best friend trying to kill him? Stiles looked into his friends eyes as he pushed a little harder, the Void on the ground laughed...

The last thing Stiles could see was a blurry image of Michaels face, as Stiles touched his cheek and he slowly combed his beautiful curly charcoal black hair out of his crystal blue eyes that were looking down at him, he was the one thing he had done right in his life Stiles thought. Ethan slowly pulled his hand out of Stiles , it had morphed back to his human hand. It was that exact moment he realized the costly mistake he had just made. "Stiles oh my God, what have I done?" Looking at the Void Stiles, "Who the hell are you, what do you want from me?" Pulling Stiles in close, he cries into Stiles hair. Stiles smiled, he thought he was in Michaels arms. Stiles slowly placed his hand on Ethan's chin, " Those eyes, I never told you I love those eyes." Ethan cried massive tears. "Michael, you're the best thing in my life." Ethan whispered "Stay with me Stiles." Stiles heard Ethan's words with Michael's Irish accented voice. Stiles closed his eyes. He was taking his weakening hand and moving Michael's ginger hair out of his eyes.

The Void Stiles was still laying on the pavement laughing. "YOU ARE WEAK, AND STUPID, NO WONDER YOU NEED AN ALPHA, YOU ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BE YOURSELF!" The Void's voice echoed in his ears. He was holding Stiles in his arms with his head between his shoulder and neck. The tears that had formed in Stiles eyes had run down his cheeks. Ethan glared at the Void, it had turned back into Aiden.. "OH LITTLE BROTHER THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART." Ethan yelled at the creature, "Your not my brother, you monster." The Aiden laughed again, "OH REALLY, WHO IS THE MONSTER HERE?" Aiden's words were now digging at Ethan's mental core. "YOU HELPED ME KILL OUR PACK FOR POWER, NOW NOT ONLY DO YOU HAVE THEIR BLOOD ON YOUR HAND, BUT MY BLOOD AND NOW STILE'S BLOOD TO!" Kneeling down with his eyes only inches form Ethan's the Aiden whispered in his ear. "I'LL LEAVE YOU WITH THIS, WHAT IS SO FRAGILE, JUST SAYING ITS NAME BREAKS IT?" Ethan just looked up in Aiden's face, his chaotic laugh caused Ethan to put his hands over his ears. "ETHAN, WHAT IS SO FRAGILE, JUST SAYING ITS NAME BREAKS IT??" Without warning Aiden turned to smoke and was gone.

Ethan had been sitting in the pool of blood by Stiles side. All wolfed out again, he closed his eyes and roared the loudest he had ever roared before. The fact he may have just killed a friend, a member of his family, and his pack was burning his soul. Lifting Stiles limp body up, he races up the stairs and through the empty parking lot towards the jeep. Ethan pulled the keys out of Stiles pocket and opened the back door. He realized the blood that was still seeping through the shirt was going to stain the jeeps seat. "Your going to kill me for getting blood on your new seats, but when you make it through this Stiles, I will replace them.." Ethan placed Stiles in the back seat of the jeep, he ran to the drivers door, got in, buckled in and drove off. Ethan's head was racing in so many directions at that moment that he finally thought to himself ( this must be how Stiles brain works!) Pulling in almost hitting an exiting car, he stopped at the ER entrance.

Looking in the rear view mirror, Ethan looks at Stiles, his eyes are open, "Stiles hang in there we are almost there!" Stiles closed his eyes trying to remember the event that put him in this situation, "Ethan what happened to you, why did you try to kill me?" Ethan looked at Stiles, What? You didn't see me fighting that guy, he looked like Aiden then he looked like you, he kept taunting me,, when I attacked you I sware I thought it was him, I sware!" Stiles says up straighter, "I believe you, what was he saying to you?" Ethan closed his eyes briefly, he kept taunting me with the same riddle over and over said once I figured the riddle out I would understand!" Stiles style sat there the moment he feared all these years was finally happening the Nogitsune, was somehow back!!! Ethan looked at Stiles whose eyes were closed again, "Hey, hey we're here."

Pulling in almost hitting an exiting car, he stopped at the ER entrance. He got out of the vehicle, ran to the back seat to retrieve Stiles. As Ethan moved Stiles shirt to see if the bleeding had slowed any, he stopped, what he found made his head hurt. He thought to himself, had he just imagined the whole event? Stiles' wounds had healed, looking to make sure it was the correct side he checked the other side, nothing. "What the Hell?" he shouted as Stiles winced in pain and raised up.. Stiles grabbed his side where he had been injured, he felt around for the puncture wounds.. Both men knew Stiles had been injured, both of their uniform's were soaked in Stiles blood. "Ethan???" Ethan looked at him. "Buddy I'm sorry, I'm not sure what happened?" "No Dude, there's blood on my new seats." Stiles yelled.

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