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"I don't know either, just keep driving, Im sure Deaton will be able to clarify things up a bit." Stiles yelled at Ethan, who was driving like a grandma. Ethan thought out loud, "You're assuming he is still there?" Stiles frowned, "I hope." he added under his breath. "Stiles I heard that you know," Ethan quipped back at him pointing at his ears, "Wolf ears remember?" Stiles rolled his eyes, then looked at Ethan in the rearview mirror, Ethan looked back with his eyes opened wide. "Did you say your hearing was back?" Realizing it "Yeah I did, it is, Dude, oh Im more confused now than ever!"

Stiles removed his head gear, rubbing his hand through his hair, he tries to put the pieces together, but there were so many pieces he couldn't keep up, not to mention there was so much going on in his mind right then because of his ADHD. Ethan drove a bit faster now, recognizing where he was at. "Hey Stiles we're here, but isn't that your old jeep?" Stiles replaced his head gear while he stared out the window, then jumped out the door just the instant Ethan put it in park. "Roscoe" He yelled as he briskly walked towards the baby blue Jeep Wrangler in front of him. Stiles reached his arms to hug the vehicle. He stopped the hug abruptly, he walked around to the front of the vehicle as Ethan joined him, he handed him a clean CDU shirt and t-shirt. "I figured you might want to get a cleaned up, also I think I owe you a new t-shirt." Stiles looks at him and grins. "You think? I appreciate it, thank you." Both changed into their clean shirts. Stiles snickered, "Old Roscoe." as he opened the hood and screams as if he had been in some serious pain. "What did they do to you?" He grimaced to his old vehicle.

The back door of the building slammed open, A twenty something boy dashes out the door. Hearing the commotion, Stiles looks around the Jeep. His eyes widened, the face he was now looking at was a young man he met a couple months before he left for basic training. Now that teenage boy he met those many years ago was an adult in his twenties. "Alec?" his voice cracks. Remembering his last words to the boy were, "LISTEN TO SCOTT, I HAVE TAUGHT HIM WELL."
He could almost feel a tears build up as he ran to the boy and wrapped his arms around him. Technically he was the first per he had seen since leaving. Stiles grinned as he looked at the young man, "Bro I haven't see you since the day you moved into the guest room at dads." Alec was speechless. After catching his breath he mumbled, "God Stiles I never thought I would see you again." As he held Stiles in a long hug. Stiles released the reunion hug and looked at Alec. "Alec your all grown up." He quipted. Looking at Ethan, "Forgive me Ethan," Putting his arm around the young man standing next to him, "This is Alec er um...." Alec stopped Stiles from his mumbling, "Stilinski, Alec Stilinski." Stiles looked at him dumfounded. "Did you just say Stilinski?" he questioned the young man standing next to him. "I knew dad was going to foster you, but......" Stiles whispered. "He did. Then he filed the adoption papers to make me legally part of your family right before you disappeared. In the beginning he used to tell me stories about you, when he did he called you Stiles but after about a year or so he started saying your brother, We couldn't locate you and even Derek and Scott couldn't since you anymore." Stiles looked very much confused, but it melted away quickly. "I even kept the fridge stocked with nothing but good food for Dad, like you did before you left."

Stiles stood there speechless. Something was scratching at the back of his mind, it was familiar and he couldn't shakes it. Then he heard a sound from his past, the horrible clicking sound of the Nogitsune. Then he heard the laugh, "SEE EVEN YOUR FATHER FOUND IT EASY TO REPLACE YOU!" Stiles hadn't heard that voice in years, was he imagining it? His head started hurting and his eyes squeezed shut. Click click click, that dreaded noise burned his mind. "OH DONT BE SO SUPRISED STILES, BUT I DO HAVE A LITTLE SECRET FOR YOU THAT SHOULD GIVE U HOPE...., IM NOT HERE FOR YOU, I HAVE ANOTHER TARGET!" "I HAVE A PHYSICALLY STRONGER TARGET , BUT MENTALLY A BIGGER WRECK THAN YOU WERE!" Stiles was overwhelmed again, he started having a panic attack. "A brother," the voice in his head was screaming click click click, "oh God no make it stop click click!" " I ah, can't breathe, can't breathe....." All of this was in a excitedly raspy voice that was barely audible neither men understood what was going on. Stiles eyes rolled to the back of his head and he started to fall , but Ethan quickly moved to put him down slowly. This was his first panic attack since week two of Basic Training. Kneeling on the ground Alec calmly talked him back to consciousness. His hand clutched his throat with his mouth wide open. Ethan started towards him, Alec placed his hand on Ethan's shoulder "Please let me." he asks and says at the same time.

Kneeling down he placed Stiles hand on the back of his head, and placed his on the back of Stiles head. Leaning their heads together after a few moments, he was able to calm Stiles to the point where he could breath calmly.. Ethan looked at him, "How did you know how to do that?" He asks as Alec helps Stiles to his feet. "I have had a dreams about it several times, its always some dark skinned lady I can barely see, but she always knew me, and right then it seemed like it was the right time to try." "Lets get inside, Deaton should be finished with Miss Hathaway by now, and wondering where I am." Stiles stood up on his own, it was as if nothing even happened. Hugging Stiles again with a huge smile on his face. "Boy is he gonna be surprised to see you." Alec announced as he led them to the door.

Stiles slowly entered the clinique. He had so many memories rushing to his brain about this very room.. Ethan could hear his heart racing, "Sti, Whats wrong?" Of all his memories of the clinique, The one that scared him the most was dying in a pool of ice, not only himself, but his best friend Scott and Scotts girlfiend Allison, It always reminded him he never wanted to find his fathers dead body. The three of them had been tasked with sacrificing themselve, after 16 hours they woke prior to a full moon. That event changed the three of them, Stiles had horrible nightmares, and could never figure out if he were awake or asleep, Scott was losing control of his inner wolf, and Allison kept seeing her dead aunt doing horrific things, but the event also changed the town with them giving the Nemeton the strength to release the power for the Nogitsune, which he felt that event in its self ruined his life.

"Stiles, Stiles!" Alec was trying to get Stiles attention. Alec yelled at Stiles with his real name "Mieczylaw Stilinski!" This jarred the man to regain his composer..
Ethan looked like he was gonna burst, "What did you call him, Mixelplic Stilinski?" Alec spoke up cutting Stiles off, " His mother named him after his grand father from Poland, Its a family name, You of all people should know about family.."
Stiles stuck his hand out between the two men, whencing from his aching head. "Hey Woo, that was below the belt, we are all friends here." Ethan looks at Alec then Stiles. "Then you better put your new sibling on a tighter leash." At this point no one had noticed Deaton walk in.

Deaton placed his hand on Alecs shoulder, "Why Don't you go lock up, and I will find out what brings my old friends by, ok." Alec knew he was being nicely asked to leave, but he bumped Ethan's shoulder on the way out. Ethan looked at Stiles as if Stiles should scold him or something, Stiles gave him a crooked grin and shrugged.

"Well young Mr. Stilinski, tell me what brings you to my office after all these absent years."

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