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Deaton watches as Alec leaves the room, "In the strangest way Stiles, he reminds me of a blend of you and Scott." Stiles smiled, he hadn't thought about Scott in days. Deaton continued, "Where he lacks the patience to learn in a organized manor, he excels in retaining the knowledge like a sponge." Deaton had grinned at Stiles, Stiles was tickled by his remark. "From you doc, I'll take it as a compliment!" Just the mentioning of his best friend's name Stiles couldn't help but feel alienated by Scott, he couldn't understand it, none of this made sense to him.

"And now, again what brings you by to visit me after all these years?"

Stiles looks at Ethan, then around the room. "Im not sure where to start?" he closes his eyes "And please don't say the beginning." Opening his eyes he realized it was exactly what Deaton was going to say, which left Deaton standing with his mouth open.

Ethan moved a bit to the side, he moved a file out of his way, then pushed himself on top of the exam tables to sit, as Stiles leaned against the wall underneath one of the small windows.


"My unit had just arrived in Tanzania by boat from our temporary base set up on the island of Pemba." Ethan started the story. "Since I was driving alone, they put PFC Cammel in the vehicle with me, and that's when I noticed Sergeant Stilinski, I mean Stiles, in the vehicle next to us." He winked at his friend.

The large truck advanced away from the beach on the tiny dirt road, with an identical truck and a camouflaged Hummer right on its tail. Both trucks were labeled with the American Red Cross logo on their sides. Staff Sergeant Stiles Stilinski was the driver of the escort Hummer with First Sergeant Michael Lasko in passenger seat next to him. Stiles was talking on the headset, "And it will be good to talk to you as well Ethan see you in a bit." Pushing the mic from his mouth to his forehead. Stiles chimed in with a smile, "Sweet." Michael looks at Stiles, "So you want to buy the land of this person "Hale" whom you haven't spoken to in over five years and you're not even sure if is he dead or alive at this point." Michael asked Stiles with a questioning look. "That's the plan!" Stiles said with a hint of humor in his eyes. "Ok then that's what will happen....!"

Specialist Ethan Stiener was driving the middle Red Cross truck with Sergeant Pete (Petey) Cammel as his passenger. "Wow so you've been stationed with him for four rotations and never once tried to get away from him?" Ethan asked laughingly. Pete was clearly upset at this point. "He has saved my ass more than a few times and I know he would give his life for mine as I would for him. You must not know Sergeant Stilinski very well or you wouldn't have asked that!" Ethan leaned back, Pete had put him in his place, "Okay so maybe I don't know Stiles all that well, tell me."

Corporal Jacob Wisckot was driving lead truck with PFC Brian Stouter as his passenger. "That Sergeant seems kind of a doofus." The PFC said snidely. "First off as you said that doofus is a Sergeant and is it appropriate that you would use that word to one of the people that commands over you?" The young Corporal questioned.


Ethan looked at his best friend, then to Deaton. For a brief second he had a smile on his face, which quickly disappeared. He knew this wasn't going to be easy for Stiles to tell.


"Stiles and I hadn't seen each other since defeating Monroe's Army here in Beacon Hills." Ethan smiled. "Boy we were both eager to get a break and catch up." Stiles continued, "It had been over twelve hours into the trip when it was decided to stop and refuel the vehicles."


"Ethan, boy am I glad to see you, its been so long!" Stiles yelled as he pulled Ethan into a big hug. Ethan stood back with his hands at the top of Stiles arms, "So much has happened since I left Beacon Hills!" Stiles smiled, "Tell me about...., wow how rude of me." Stiles placed his hand on Michaels mid arm, pulling him forward. "Corporal Ethan Stiener, this is my partner...." Michael kicks Stiles in the boot, as Stiles continues his quick introduction without missing a beat, ".... in crime, Staff Sergeant Michael Lasko." Michael leaned forward to shake Ethan's hand. "Nice to meet one of Stiles friends. We should chat later and compare notes." He smiled at Ethan as Stiles stood there with his eyes wide open thinking about the conversation the two men could have about him, trying to figure out if either one of them could tell the other something embarrassing.

Ethan smiled at Michael then looked at Stiles in a way you could tell his mind was slowly figuring things out. "Sounds like a plan Michael." Ethan said as he winked at Stiles. Michael smiled, "Then gentleman If you would excuse me, I need to check on our progress up front!"

Ethan eyes watched the Sergeant walk away and whispered, "Dude the blue eyes," He then looked Stiles in the eyes, "I ah, didn't know you.....were ah.... Spill!" was all he needed to say. "Not right now please, I promise when we have more time to talk ALONE." Stiles said to his friend with a worried face. "Deal" Ethan said as they walked towards the rest of the group.

The six men returned to their assigned vehicles, switching driving positions. Sitting in the escort jeep once again, Michael faced Stiles. Stiles felt his stare and injected, "Go ahead ask!"

Michael faced forward again. "Ask, Im not sure what your talking about!" He remarked in a snarky attitude. Stiles was getting agitated. "Yes you do, I can feal tension in the air." With a smirk on his face Michael looked back at Stiles, "Okay genius then answer the question you think I'm wanting to ask."

Stiles in a muffled voice whispered, "Yes, Yes he is supernatural!" Michael beamed with satisfaction, "See was that so hard?, Your friend seems like a nice guy." Stiles snickered, "There was a time I would have argued with you over that." Michael places his hand on Stiles hand which was sitting on the middle storage compartment "Sarge you need to trust me, no more secrets." Stiles rolled his eyes and embarrassment. "Again with the nickname?" Michael only smiled. "I know how much that promotion meant to you and you deserved it." Michael said as he squeezed Stiles hand and Stiles squeezed back. Michael turned back to Stiles, "Look at me." Stiles glanced over quickly. "Im not like your home town friends, Im not going to judge or leave you if you do something wrong." Stiles smiles as he asked, "Promise?" Michael squeezed his hand again, "Also remember if we ever get separated, I'll find my way to you!" Stiles looked at Michael, "I never thought I would say this to another man, But boy do I l...o...v........." His words never made it out of his mouth.
Before he could finish his sentence, the lead truck in the convoy exploded, sending the truck to the edge a cliff, just teetering back and forth. Ethan turned his truck to the left as another explosion is heard just next to where their truck had been. Stiles slammed on the brakes, "Holy shit!!" Michael grabbed Stiles by the shoulder, "Dont move, not yet, wait for it"


Stiles looks at Deaton, "Thats when the gun fire started." Deaton looked at both men, "You were ambushed." "Correct, our top secret convoy wasn't so top secret." Ethan continued, "The fighting lasted all to briefly!" We had all staid hidden until we felt the threat was gone." Stiles continued, "Ethan and Pete had managed to get the two injured soldiers out of the first truck, PFC Stouter didnt survive more than an hour longer, to many penetrating shrapnel wounds, he had bled out! Michael and I had managed to set up a makeshift barricade with pieces from the destroyed truck.


Stiles started walking around the area trying to figure out why this was a hit and run raid! He was searching in the area that the first truck had been. "Michael." Stiles started to say then, "Sergeant Lasko." Michael ran to where Stiles had kneeled, with PFC Cammel in tow. Stiles moved a pile of dirt to reveal half of a rifle. "What does this look like to you?" Pete grinned and said with out thinking, "A rifle" Michael looked at the PFC and shook his head. "Thank you captain obvious." Stiles glares at Michael, "Easy there!" Michael examined to weapon, "Sorry Pete." The PFC "after being around me for three rotations you can call me Petey." he smiled at Michael just glared "NO I will not, Stiles more specifcally I believe it to be a 50-caliber Berrett rifle."

Stiles glanced across to the barricade seeing his old friend, nodding his head towards Ethan, "Corporal Stieners and I had a friend at home who had one, but he said it had been outlawed due to it having enough fire power that a terrorists would be able to bring down an airplane with one shot." Michael had a horrified look on his face. Stiles could almost smell his anguish, "What is it?" Michael lowered his voice and his posture. "Someone knew these rifles were in this convoy, wether or not it was actually meant to get to its destination is to be determined."

Stiles closed his eyes, "So to someone those boxes in the convoy make us expendable!?" Michael looked at Stiles and placed his hand on his shoulder, "I may be reading things into this, lets get some rest and try to get out of here at dawn." "Stiles looked at the PFC, he knew the poor kid was now worried. "Come on Petey lets see if we can get some shut-eye.


Deaton shook his head, "You were set up?" Ethan closed his eye's, "No and yes." "Set up by a spy not our upper command." Stiled added. Stiles had become aggravated, "During the initial attack, they managed to destroy our communication gear, and simply took two of three boxes that were labeled "RATED 50 POINT GAGES" , and all but one the rifles that would have been in the destroyed third box." Stiles smashed his lips together and sighed, "Guerrilla sympathizer, could be anyone really." Ethan caught the scent of pain radiating off his friend as he sniffed the air.

Stiles slammed the door open to the waiting room, As he did he heard grunt of pain. "Alec you need to be quicker than that, or you will get caught evesdropping every time." Stiles calmly teased the younger man as he sat down and put his head in his hands. Alec looked at Stiles, he had only known him a short while before he had left for the service, but his adopted dad Noah had been telling him about the horrible things that had happened to his new brother for years now. He knew Stiles was very brave and he didn't want to see him so defeated. Alec carefully walked over and sat by his new sibling. "Stiles talk to me, whats wrong." Stiles looked up at his brother, "Its very complicated, I just am not ready to speak of it yet." Then he felt insensitive. "I promise I will when Im more comfortable" Alec's face saddened, "You mean when your comfortable with me!?" Stile stood and wrapped his brother in a hug, Alec held the hug longer than Stiles would have liked, but he felt a special bond forming, and he wanted Alec to feel comfortable. Stiles placed his hands on Alec's shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "You have to remember you have had five years of being my brother, and I have had about five minutes. Alec thought for a second, "Yeah i guess it is a bit over whelming!" The siblings sat down next to each other, Stiles quickly glanced at Alec, "Thank you." He said. Alec, gave a questioning look back, and just nodded his head. Stiles sat there with his face in his hands, he wasn't sobbing, but Alec could see his tears running through his fingers. Alec closed his eyes, "Stiles when your ready.....", Stiles just reached over and pulled his brothers head to his shoulder... "Your gonna be a great bother!" he whispered to Alec.

Deaton had been watching the conversation the two new siblings were having through the small window on the door. Ethan motioned for Deaton to come closer. "That night was the night I called the massacre.,!"

Ethan continued the story. "Stiles was sitting at the cliffs edge quietly talking to Pete trying to calm him down, and I was with Michael working on Corporal Wisckot's injuries. Then it hit me, for the first time in years I felt a wolf sence. I told Michael, " I need to talk to Stiles."

Ethan ran across to the ledge that Stiles and Pete were sitting on. "Hey Petey, can you give Stiles and I a moment?" Pete smiled and walked over to where Michael and Jacob were sitting. "Stiles I just had a wolf sence!" Stiles gave a questioning look. "Okay?" Ethan shook his head, "No you don't get it!" Its my first one since I left London!" Stiles repeated his statement in complete confusion "For the first time since you left, London?"


Deaton stopped Ethan, "Im confused, you had no wolf sensations, the whole time you were in Iraq or Africa?" Ethan stood up, "Correct, it was my first one, and it made me mad, I guess because I never missed wolfing out." Stiles had quietly entered the room and Alec was standing at the door behind him. "No, tell him the whole truth!" Stiles calmly interrupted. Ethan felt like a little kid getting scolded. "The truth was I didn't want to wolfout anymore!"
Deaton didn't understand, Stiles walked over to Ethan and placed his hand on his shoulder, "Ethan had a special bond with Aiden, then one with Jackson" Ethan sat back down, "I didnt want to be a wolf any more, and until that night it simply went away." Alec looked at Deaton, "I thought your wolf couldn't go away?" Deaton felt confused. "The wolf cant go away, it's forever part of you!" Ethan shrugged and Deaton thought outloud. "Maybe your wolf went into some hyper hibernation?"


Michael had walked over to Stile and Ethan standing at the cliff, "Could you include me in on whats going on.....", Before either man could answer the growling started. A large pack of wild golden colored dogs started appearing out of nowhere. Each dog had its fangs showing with saliva running out of its mouth, growling at the five men. Ethan's first instinct is to wolfout, "Stiles I cant wolfout, whats going on?" Stiles tries to maneuver towards Michael, But the animals force him further away.

Pete helps Jacob stand and try to get to the weapons they have teepee stacked five feet away.

Michael yelled to Stiles, "Where did they come from?" Stiles looks as more circle around him and Ethan, "I've never seen a pack of wild dogs this big before!" Deaton shook his head, "How many were there?" Stiles looked at Ethan, "At least twenty, but thats when the guerillas showeback up, They had started firing at us but not the dogs!"

The group of wild dogs surrounding Stiles and Ethan started to circle in closer, looking at both men, as were the dogs surrounding Michael, Pete and Jacob. Then the lead dog started towards Ethan, but Stiles threw himself in the front of him, as the dog grabbed his arm gnowling on it while they flew towards the ledge. Ethan ran toward Stiles and grabbed his hand the very second Stiles starts to go over the side. "Stiles hold on...." but at that moment The entire pack started attacking the remaining three men all at once. Stiles could see Michael getting mauled by another large dog. Ethan moved back but lost his footing, falling forward then over the edge. Both men hit with a thud, as Stiles pulled his knife out and impaled the dog in the neck. Stiles shook it trying to put as much pressure on the dogs neck. The animals blood was squirting everywhere. Finally he was able to look at the dog, Stiles could sware his eye had glowed Red, but he was in so much pain, he started to pass out. Ethan pulled Stiles away from the second edge and held him close, as he scooted all the way back so they couldn't be seen from above. "Damn I think I busted my knee!" Stiles mumbled something but passed out. "Dont worry buddy, I got you." Ethan held him close into the night, every now and then he would place his hands on styles arm to take his pain. Ethan didn't dare move till after it got quiet.


Alec walked over to Stiles and stood infront of him, and pulled him into a bear hug, as he stepped back you could see is tears, "What was that for?" Alec turned to Ethan a repeated the gesture. "Ethan saved your life, I would have really lost you Ethan looked at Stiles and back to Alec, "Well now you know how our family is, We protect our own, even if it means we don't make it!" Stiles ruffles Alecs hair, "Accept I wasn't able to help Michael!"

Stiles walked over to the wall and leans his head on it as he pulls a picture of him and Michael out of his pocket. "Stiles it wasn't your fault, it just happened!" As he stood up Ethan had an overwhelming feeling to goto Stiles as did Alec. Stiles had leaned against the wall and slid to the floor. "Alec stay with him, "I'll be right back." Ethan said as he walked to Deaton, "Show me where the cups are."

Deaton and Ethan walked through another door into the other surgical bay, "What hasn't been said here?" Deaton asked quietly, "Stiles lost Michael, at day break we climbed back up and every thing was gone!" Looking at Stiles and Alec through the window on the door, they were bonding he could fell it in his senses, he continued as he turned back to Deaton, "Michael, Jacob and Petey were all gone, as were our vehicles, We were left for dead, also strangely enough, even the dead dogs were gone.

Deaton and Ethan both looked at Stiles on the floor, "He hasn't had a panic attack in five years, today was the first time either of us have!" As Ethan returned to the room with a cup of cold water, Stiles raised his head, "Ethan your leg, how is your leg?" Ethan realized he wasnt having any pain walking now. "Bud its like I had no injury at all!"

Deaton looked confused, Alec stood and helped Stiles stand up "Ethan had screwed up his knee when we fell over the cliff, and it never healed itself supernaturally."

That was the point when something hit Deaton, "Stiles what type of dog do you think it was?" Stiles looked at Ethan, "We looked on line when we finally made it to an army camp, and the pack seemed to be Golden Jackles" Ethan walked over to Deaton, "Why did you ask?" Deaton closed his eye, "Were you bitten Ethan?" Ethan shook his head, "No, it was like they ignored me and went straight for Stiles," "And Stiles you said you were bitten?" Deaton asked as Stiles nodded, pulling his sleave up to show the doc. But in utter confusion, "Its like your claw wounds, its healed?" Ethan stood dumbfounded. "Wait look doc this is a picture of it, I was afraid it was getting infected!" Deaton looked at the arm and then the picture.

Stiles stood there a second then turned to Deaton as Deaton started to ask, "Stiles, what does Beacon Hills have that Africa did not?" Realization hit Stiles like a bullet and he turned and punched the wall, which caved in as his hand went through both pieces of drywall. "NO" Stiles moan, Deaton moved close to Stiles "I believe the proximity to the Nemeton has increased the change here for you Stiles, and the reason Ethan had no wolf abilities there..."

Stiles looks at Ethan, "So that explains why my body healed after our little visit with the Nogitsune!" Deaton turned to Stiles, " You seem to have left that out young Stilinski!" When Ethan heard Stiles getting scolded he jumped up and walked over to Deaton and said, "We went back to the underpass at the high school. I wanted to properly tell my brother goodbye, but what met us there was something completely different Stiles said he believed that it was this Nogitsune and the Nogitsune convinced me that he was Stiles and Stiles was him!" Stiles looked at Deaton he was so overwhelmed he couldn't see what was real and wasn't real!" Ethan grimaced, "That's when I tried to kill Stiles, I don't know what happened it just got in my head I was so confused about everything."

Alec was at the computer looking at the screen, Jackles, Golden African Wild Jackles. Alec realized and blurted it out, "WareJakels, you soldiers were attacked by a pac of WareJackles!..."
What the hell I left this town to get away from this stupid supernatural crap." Alec stood a step back as the other two men looked Stiles in the eyes, "Now your telling me out of the whole freaken world, it found me in Africa?" Again Stiles became enraged then he looked at the rest, Ethan pulled Alec back behind him. Stiles was sweating to a great extent now, and his eyes were bright Amber Red. Ethan looked worried, "Stiles sit down be fore you have another attack!" Deaton and Alec looked petrified.
"What the hell is wrong with me?

The other three men said in unison,
"Stiles your an ALPHA!!"

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