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Stiles exited the building, slamming the metal door so hard the handle had broken off. “Dammit” he yelled at the top of his lungs. Ethan walks over to Deaton, “I’ll get him out of here so he can calm down!” Deaton looked worried, “He only has three nights till the full moon, you guys will have to help him get through that night!” The doctor said informatively. Ethan looked at Stiles, he knew what was ahead. “I remember the pain he’s going to go through, I will be there for him, he is my family now!” Alec looked at Ethan, “He is both our family now!” Ethan looked the young mans face, he could see a strong Beta, they each reached for the others forearms, and with that grip, sealed their friendship, their trust, and most of all they were now family as well.

Alec walked over to Stiles, “I know what your going through, Lets go home, and figure out our next move, okay?” he asked and said to Stiles. Alec looked at Deaton, “I’ll see you on Monday Doc.” Deaton nodded, he looked at both Stiles and Ethan, both still in their uniforms, looking as strong as could be, then he looked at Alec, he know this one was very strong, but he wasn’t sure he was ready to help someone learn about controlling themselves during their first full moon, he didn’t envy these two men for the task that laid ahead of them.

Stiles walked over to Ethan, “Could you follow us home, I wanted to talk to Alec a bit?” Ethan grinned, “I completely understand, I get to drive the Batmobile again!’ Stiles looked at the ground. Ethan pulled him close. “Hey we are gonna get through this together, after all you have done for me, I’ve got your back!” Stiles stood back “Thank you” Ethan added “Plus I think that kid right there adores his big brother!” Stiles glances over at Alec who gives him two thumbs up and a goofy grin. Ethan laughed, “Yep, He is a Stilinski!”

Alec started the jeep and pulled out. Stiles mind flew in twenty different directions, this jeep was a big part of his life, it had been there in some of the most important events in Stiles life, and he was happy it was still apart of someone else’s adventures. Then it dawned on him, “How the heck did you know my real name?” Alec only smiled, “Dad told me all about you.” Grinning hugely “He is going to be so happy that your alive, and back!” Stiles looked worried, “Wait what, did you all think I had died?” Alec started tearing up, “Honestly we didn’t know, the military kept saying your whereabouts were Classified.” The young man got mad, “It seemed that “Classified” was their favorite word to use.” Stiles looked angry. “Ethan and tried for four months to get information on our missing friends.” Alec snickered, “Let me guess, it was “Classified.” Stiles only had to raise his eyebrows in confirmation.

Turning slowly into the driveway, Stiles looks at the house, it had a different paint job than before. “Dad always wanted that color, but mom said no!” Stiles then looked at Alec, “Wait what’s going on?” Alec grinned, “Lets go in and I will tell you everything.”

At that moment Ethan pulled in. “Dude you’re a speed demon!”Stiles glared at Ethan, “He isn’t a speed demon, you just drive like a grandma!!!" Walking through the grass, Stiles had a strange feeling, “Something is off here, I can’t Put my finger on it!” Alec opened the door, as Stiles walked in what he saw confused him. None of the furniture that was in the house at this time belonged to his father, if he recalled he believed that it actually had belonged to Derek. Then the question becomes "Why is Derek's furniture in my house?" Looking at Alec, “I don’t smell dad here at all not a trace!” Alec walked to the kitchen, returned with a bottle water. Stiles and Ethan gave him a look, “Ok here is the short version.” He pointed to the chairs as a signal that the two men should sit down.

“On my nineteenth birthday Dad informed everyone that he and Mrs. Martin were getting engaged, and that he would be moving into the Martin house. Stiles smiled, “He always liked Mrs. Martin, I’m happy for him, she is a good lady.” As he finished his sentence, “EW Lydia and I are, wow Lydia is going to be our step sister!” Ethan laughed at Stiles, “Dude you kissed your own sister gross.” Stiles punched Ethan in the arm, “Shut up.” He snapped. “We weren’t related then, or even yet!” He looked at Alec for confirmation, “Not till October.” He nodded.

Alec started walking towards the kitchen, “Dad, oh I’m sorry, forgive me, how insensitive, Noah let me….” Stiles cuts him off the three men had made their way to the kitchen. “What are you doing?” Stiles put his hand on the younger mans shoulder, “You have known him as dad for years now, my presence doesn’t change that, You are a member of this family, and I’m thrilled to have you as a brother!” Alec almost cried, but stiffened up and continued, “Dad let me stay here under three conditions!” Alec pulled of an obviously old post it note from under a magnet off the refrigerator. Holding up to read each
of the conditions out loud.

“Condition one, He still owned the house, his rules!” “Condition two, I was to support myself.” “Condition three, and this was his most important rule of all, Any one could live here, as long as we didn’t change your room."

Stiles shoulder fell, and his mouth went from a grin to a frown. “It’s the way he was when Mom died, he wouldn't change anything in their bed room, he was afraid he would lose a memory, he even slept in the guest room afraid her scent would go away!” Stiles tore off up the steps, he stopped at the closed door that led into his room, Ethan and Alec followed him upstairs.. Both men could feel his agonizing pain.

Ethan just now pulling off his head gear looked at the younger man, “Could you let me take this one?” Alec nodded, “Ill go down to the kitchen and get some sandwiches and stuff together, the guys will be home soon from being out, and I’m sure this will be a long night!” Stiles had slowly opened the door, he could smell his old self in this room. The thoughts and memories flooded his mind and he slowly sat down on the edge of his old bed. Ethan slowly closed the door behind him, “Hey Stiles, do you mind if I sit with you?” Stiles sat in silence. He looked around the room, it literally was just way he had left it in his haste to get to the airport that day for Basic training. Ethan reached over to his friend, he slowly removed Stiles head gear, folded and handed it to him.

Stiles looked his friend in the eyes, “They thought I was dead, and that whole time I thought I wasn’t wanted!” Ethan looked at the floor. “Stiles I’m not trying to get your pity or anything, but at least you had people looking for you!” Stiles felt like his heart was shrinking, “Dude I should not have been that was horrible of me, I’m so sorry.” Ethan thought to himself, “The thing is, if it hadn’t been you with us on that convoy, I wouldn’t had wanted to go on after being left for dead!”

Ethan looked at Stiles, his face was clearly giving his thoughts away, “Oh no buddy, come on, we barely got out of there with our lives!" Stiles stood up, the anger in his eyes shifted them to amber red again. "We made it out, can you hear yourself, we made out..... But they didn't, they are still there, And as far as I'm concerned that mission isn't over till they come home!" Ethan jumped up, grabbed Stiles head and stared him in the eyes as he tried to pull away,,, thats when Stiles eyes turned back to their warm lightly bourbon color again. He cried, "So yes I need to go back, I want to go back?”
Stiles stood still“Once I accomplish what I set out to do here, I’m going to find my Pack and bring them home.!” Ethen stood up, “Then I will go with you, from all that you and others have told me, Michael is a good man, and I know how much you cared for him, plus Petey is out there with him as well…” Stiles nodded "Oh God Petey's probably getting on Michael's nerves if Michael doesn't kill him first!" and then added, “Don’t forget about Jacobs to.” Stiles turns to Ethan, "The more and more I look at what happened from a different point of view, I can see things I hadn’t at those moments in time. There is a completely hidden agenda here, And now I have the upper hand!"

Alec knocked at the door, “Hey guys foods ready, and there are a few people you may want to come see, oh yeah and meet."

With overwhelming excitement and fear, both men felt like they were home, Stiles looked at Ethan with a big grin "All right bro are you ready for this because we can't stall anymore!" They hugged and exited the room to head down to most likely an exhausting night ful of reunions.

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