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Stiles look at Ethan as the two men started down the hallway towards the stairs. Stiles was scared, he had no reason to be, but his nerves caused him to stop in his tracks. Ethan stopped with Stiles and questioned, “Sti what’s wrong, these are your friends Bud!” Stiles kneeled to one knee, “Ethan they have moved on, who am I to come change all that?” Ethan reached up and touched Stiles head with his thumb in front of his ear, and the fingers wrapping around the back. “Trust me Stiles they will want this change, you were very important and very much loved my friend.” Ethan stood and extended his hand to help Stiles stand up.

As the two men started down the stairs the door bell rang, “Its open!” they heard Alec yell. The door opened and a familiar strawberry blond was standing turned around try to hand off several boxes of pizza. As the young lady turned around still holding the pizzas, she glances up at the two soldiers standing at the top of the stairs. Lydia dropped the pizzas on the floor. She stood there un able to move, that’s when her body started to shake uncontrollably. Jordan took his hands and placed them on her shoulders to help steady her. Stiles slowly took a step down, but each step he took the more Lydia slid down Jordan’s legs. Jordan looked at the rough edge soldier in front of him he softly touched Stiles scar in his eye. “Stiles" He whispered as Stiles stood next to him. At this point Ethan started down the steps. Stiles kneeled to enter Lydia's space, moved his right hand to cup Lydia’s face, she grabbed his hand with both of hers and leaned into it, her tears running down her face.

Parrish placed his hands under her arm, “Come on Lyd’s, stand up!” Before she was completely up she threw her arms around Stiles burying her face in his shoulder. For the first time Stiles noticed he could smell her happiness mixed with anxiety and he also realized this was a friend, who he loved and was very happy to see.
Jordan had kept his hands on Lydia’s shoulder the entire time, as she lifted her head she noticed Ethan had been standing behind Stiles. She moved to hug Ethan as Jordan stepped in to hug Stiles. Grabbing his head with both his hands, with his thumbs by both his eyes, “My God Stiles I am so proud of you, but when we didn't hearing from you we feared the worst!” Hugging Stiles again Jordan smiled, “Im very happy to see you, I'm sure your father must be so happy!” Stiles looked sad, “Wait, what, you haven’t visited your dad yet?”

Lydia interrupted in typical Lydia fashion! “Goodness you boys look hot in your uniforms!” She giggled. Ethan at this point had picked up the pizza off the floor, and had a slice dangling out of his mouth. Lydia got behind him and started pushing him towards the kitchen, “Okay Ethan, I see you still have your appetite?” Ethan mumbled back, “What?” He mumbled, “We haven’t eaten all day!”

Stiles was the last to enter the kitchen. He scanned the room seeing familiar faces and unfamiliar ones. The first eyes he caught were Liam’s. Liam had just grabbed apiece of pizza when he noticed Ethan standing there in a uniform, he looked and there was another uniformed person next to him. He looked into Stiles eyes and ran as fast as he could to get by the others. “Stiles …” was all he could say as he grabbed him in a bear hug and he stood there never wanting to let go. “Liam you look so grown up, my God I almost didn’t recognize you!” Stiles cried as he spoke, Stiles thought to himself, yeah when he was younger he loathed him for being a Sup., but they had grown into great friends before he left. “Well then Stiles remember you said that!” Liam took Stiles by the arm, “Let me show you something!”
Stiles walked over to the door leading to the back porch. Just beyond the concrete porch there was a swing set with two little kids on it. Stiles looked at the children, then back at Liam, “Those kids?” Liam smiled and frowned quickly there after, “A year after you left, we were in San Diego visiting Danny and his guy Peyton. I met Peyton’s younger sister Tia who was a Werewolf, she was being hunted by Monroe’s Army!” Liam’s eye’s seemed to darken, “I wanted to bring her here with the children to protect them…. Oh would you like to meet them?” Stiles looked surprised, “Of course I would love to meet them!” Liam got his grin back, “Give me a moment I will settle them down!”

Stiles watched Liam with the kids, “Wow he is almost like a Dad!” At that very second a hand landed on his shoulder, “He is their daddy in all sense of the word!” Stiles turned to see Danny standing just behind him, “Danny it’s so good to see you!” Danny looked exactly as he did in school. “You have not changed a bit since you left!” Danny had such a huge grin on his face now, “You Stiles Stilinski have, you are HOT!” Stiles stood there and even with his tanned face you could see him blush.
Stiles quickly changed the subject. “So is your guy Peyton here with you?” Danny looked somber, “No, He and Tia were on their way here, they were in the car that was practically destroyed during a drive by shooting!” Stiles jaw dropped, “My God with kids in the car?” Danny sat down on a stool, "Monroe didn’t care about kids, she wants all Sups gone, We got there only seconds after it happened, I lost Peyton and Liam lost Tia!” Stiles was angered, “How did the children get out?” Liam whispered “They were down on the floor board!”

Liam put his hand on Stiles shoulder, “Come on, they are excited to meet you!” Stiles looked across the room where Lydia and Jordan were chatting with Ethan. “Sergeant!” Ethan looked up, acknowledged Stiles, “If you would please excuse me, I’m being summoned!” He smiled as he stepped away from the couple.

Liam walked to the swing set and called the twins who were chasing fireflies. “Jacen, Jaina” he quickly looked Stiles in the eye’s, Stiles laughed, “Wait a second…” Liam finished his question, “Yes, their mama was a big Star Wars fan, but didn’t want it to obvious!” Stiles smiled, “I’m pretty sure I would have liked her!”

“Daddy.” The twins said in unison. “Children I would like you to meet your Uncle Stiles, and Uncle Ethan!” Both men kneeled down to be face to face with the twins. Jaina walked over to Stiles and gave him a huge hug, “Untle Siles,” Stiles smiled and looked at Liam, his heart was feeling rich at the moment and he was falling in love with these to children, “Yes Jaina ,” Stiles couldn’t help but smile. “Are you and Untle Efen gonna be in owr Pack?” Ethan whispered in her ear, “Only if you want us too!” The little boy turned to Liam, “Daddy we do.” Liam laughed,” Hold on then,” He walked to the door, “Lydia could you get everyone out side please!”

The sheriff’s suv turned down Woodbine Ln., he was familiar with this street, of course being his old street before he moved in with Natalie Martin. But his adopted son asked to come to the house for a last minute get together. “That kid is something else, he is full of surprises, like all the time!” Natalie looks at him, “He loves you and his friends, I’m pretty sure he would have liked.. oh crap!” Noah looked at her, “Its okay, I know he would have loved Stiles!” Noah didn’t cry, he was far over crying. Every fiber in Noah made him push forward, like when Stiles mother died, he concentrated on Stiles happiness, so now he has made sure Alec was happy. Pulling up to the drive way, which is full, Noah parks in front of the drive way itself.

The group had gathered in the back on the patio. Liam had everyone join them back there. Stiles was standing by Liam, “Before you do this, you need to know something first, I’m talking to everyone!” Liam looked at Ethan, then to Lydia and Parrish, for a hint of knowledge. Stiles stood forward, “I have had a change in my life, well several changes to be exact.?” He started stammering as he did when he was younger. Ethan felt his pain and walked next to Stiles and encouraged his friend to continue. “Its easier if I show you!” And closing his eyes He concentrated on his eyes, opening them they glowed amber red. As Stiles eyes started to tear up, his memory shifts back to the second he goes over the side of the cliff watching Michael being attacked by the creatures that turned him the way he was.

The large group all had questions for sure, but politely stood to listen. Lydia grabbed his hand as Stiles slowly lowered to the ground, at that second Jaina grabbed Stiles in a big hug as he let go of Lydia, “Untle Siles are you our Alpha?” Parrish runs to the side yard real quick, after seeing Noah and Natalie heading there way but was a second to late. “Where are my babies?” Noah yells as he comes around the corner, Jacen runs up to him, “Papa Nowa, Untle Stiles is an Alpha!” Noah looks at the boy. “He is, huh?” Noah looks at the group, everyone is overwhelmed. “How do you know that Jacen?” The little boy points at Stiles who is slowly standing up. Noah starts to feel light headed, but Parrish puts his hand under Noah’s arm as does Natalie on his other side


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